Get Rid Of Acne For Good Using The Law Of Attraction

What do you think about when you hear the term “Pepperoni Face”? I think of it as an old nickname of mine! This was just one of the many names I was called several years back when I suffered from horribly bad acne.

I tried anything and everything to cure my zits from topical treatments to pills to dermatology lasers and nothing seemed to work.  In fact, most things made it worse.

It wasn’t until I discovered the Law Of Attraction and begin using its power that I finally saw my skin becoming clear.  After about 3 months I was completely clear and cured from my horrible acne.

In order to get rid of your acne for good using the Law Of Attraction you need to stop using all those crazy chemical face washes and focus on feeling good in order to vibrate at a much higher frequency.  When you are in this high frequency will start attracting the clear skin you desire!

It’s a simple as that really so read along and I’ll explain the steps that I took get rid of my acne for good.

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Why Do We Get Acne In The First Place?

In order to get rid of acne you first need to understand where your acne came from in the first place! For those of you who are acquainted with the Law Of Attraction then you are probably familiar with the term “Thoughts Become Things”.

What you think about will end up manifesting if you put a lot of power behind it.  Acne is no different.  The way I see it, acne is a result of built up negative thought that we have about ourselves.

Maybe these negative thoughts are based on insecurities like not feeling attractive or good enough, or just flat out fear to move forward in life.

I know my negative thoughts had to do with the fact that I cared way too much about what people thought of me.  So when I showed up to school/work with a face covered in pimples I took to heart what people thought and said about me.

I saw it as being the truth! Thoughts that don’t feel good to you will end up manifesting into things you don’t want.  Things like acne! So now that we have an idea of where our acne has come from (our negative thoughts)… we can take a big step toward getting rid of it once and for all!

Give Up Trying To Control Your Skin

This was the first and maybe the most important step I came across when curing my acne… I had to give up trying to control my skin.  Every moment I looked in the mirror I wished I looked different! I wished all my pimples and scares were gone.  I felt like I looked ugly and I wanted so badly to change all of that.

I tried doing treatments like Proactive and Exposed Skin Care which made my face burn and become worse.  Then I did treatments that my dermatologist recommended that still did nothing for me.  It wasn’t until I discovered Law Of Attraction that I realized why none of what I was doing was working.

I was stressing and trying to control what my skin looked like. When it didn’t look good enough to my liking I would become frustrated and upset.  This was the feeling I was putting out to the Universe and therefore Law Of Attraction responded (because energy attracts like energy) by making my acne even worse.

Law Of Attraction recommends you stop trying to control the situation you’re in and let the Universe handle it.  Basically you need to trust that the Universe has you best interest at heart and plans on giving you everything you want in this life. Therefore, I stopped caring so much about my skin and I started focusing on other things about myself.

I stopped doing all the treatments and I started washing my face just with water in the morning and at nighttime.  I let my skin do what it wanted to do and I gave up control all together.

Relax Your Thoughts and Meditate

One thing I began doing each and every day is mediating.  Mediating really calmed my mind and turned off a lot of the anxious thoughts I had about my acne and what people thought of me.  When I was constantly stressed out about how my face looked all the time it would cause so much chaos in my day.

Stopping my thoughts for just 15-20 minutes a day by doing meditation from the Headspace App completely changed my responses to negative thoughts and allowed me to choose not to react to them.

I believe this is key when trying to overcome your acne.  If your negative thoughts are the very thing that is causing your acne to surface then it’s time you slow down those thoughts and enjoy the peace and calmness of meditation.

Clear Skin Affirmations

Now that your mind is clear and relaxed from meditation it’s time to throw some new positive thoughts towards it.  What I’m talking about here are positive affirmations having to do with clear skin.

That’s what I did! I picked a few of my favorite affirmations and I recited them to myself several times a day… in fact, you should recite them as much as you possibly can.  The result will be a shift into a higher vibration and you’ll begin to attract what you feel in physical form.  Here’s a list of some of great clear skin affirmations from FreeAffirmations.Org:

My skin is clear

My skin is healthy

I am healing my acne

I always take proper care of my skin

I eat healthy food that is good for my skin

I am gentle with my skin

I direct blood flow and nutrition to my face

I always wash my face at the end of each day

My skin is beautiful

Others admire my clear skin

I will clear my acne

I will make healthy choices that help to clear my acne

My acne is starting to clear up

My skin is beginning to look smoother

I am noticing that my skin is feeling healthier

I am developing healthy skin habits and routines

I will wash my face regularly

I will take great care of my skin

Others are starting to notice my beautiful complexion

I am transforming into someone with perfectly clear skin

I can clear my acne

My skin is naturally clear

I have naturally healthy skin

I enjoy taking proper care of my skin

Clearing acne is easy

Beautiful skin is my natural right

A life free from acne can be achieved

I have total dedication to clearing my acne

I can direct positive healing vibes to my skin

Clearing my acne will be a massive improvement to my life

Ignore Your Acne

Yes you read that headline correctly, in order to clear your skin you need to ignore your acne problem all together. This goes a little hand in hand with what we talked about above when you need to completely give up control when it comes to your acne.  When you focus on an aspect of yourself that you don’t like you put out a negative vibration and begin attracting what you don’t want right back to you.

So instead you need to ignore your acne problem and focus on things that make you happy! Find other parts of your body that satisfy you and put your undivided attention in that.  Maybe you like the looks of your eyes, your stomach, your smile, your hair. It can be anything.  But pick something about yourself that you do really like and continue to focus on it as long as possible.

I began focusing on my legs. I have been into running my whole life so I have always had nice toned legs and muscular legs.  Whenever I felt a little bit down about my face I would check out my own legs (sounds silly but it works!) and feel how proud of was of them of how good I looked!

By doing this it’s going to alter your vibration to a much higher frequency you’ll begin attracting more physical aspects to your body that you will love… like clear skin!

Make A List Of Things That Make You Feel Good

Again, the goal here is to feel as happy and grateful as possible with your life.  The easiest way is to get out a pen and paper and write down some of the current things in your life that make you happy.  This list could include anything from your job, your kids, or maybe even just the air you breathe or your eyes to see.

Compile up a list of at least 10-15 things and have that be your everyday anchor on what to focus on.  Whenever you are start to feel yourself slip into a low emotional state you can pull out your list (I keep mine in my phone) and go through each item for a few seconds and really feel the appreciation for it.

This may seem silly to some of you but this really can be a life transforming exercise because you are instantly changing your vibration to a much higher frequency. When you are up in this higher frequency you start to attract the positive changes in your life that you are looking for.

Try A Step-By-Step Program

Many people get confused when it comes to manifestation and all of the steps they need to take.  With our busy lives how can we possibly remember everything and keep up? Maybe even you’ve tried all the manifestation steps above and you still aren’t getting results.  Thankfully there are step-by-step programs out there that can walk you through what to do each and every day if you need to be a little more organized.  Some of them even guarantee clear skin!

With just a simple search of Google I found this program online called Acne No More that guarantees to cure your acne or they’ll give you your money back! There are a lot of testimonials on the website also of people who used the program and found success.

You can check out The Acne No More website by clicking here (Opens a new tab). As I said, sometimes the Law Of Attraction requires you to take action to get the thing you most desire.  If nothing else has worked for you, maybe trying this program along with the other manifestation steps in this article is exactly what you to start getting rid of your acne once and for all.

My Results

So as I said it took me about 3 months from the time I really started taking the Law Of Attraction seriously to clear up my skin for good.  I did the exact steps I talked about above and really just focused on feeling as good as I possible could.  When a negative thought slipped into my mind I just ignored it and re-focused my attention on something positive.

When it came to my face, I just let my skin do what it wanted to do and I didn’t judge it. To be honest, I didn’t even look at myself in the mirror that much during this time because I made a promise to myself I wasn’t going to care what other people thought of me.  I kept my attention on the things I loved about myself and my life and I started feeling so much more powerful!

It took a couple weeks for me to start seeing some changes to my skin, in fact at first it seemed like it was getting worse.  I didn’t give up though and after the first month doing this I saw a huge improvement. Then as I said, after 3 months my skin was beautiful and clear! The main key is just to not give up and keep doing your best every day to feel as amazing as possible!

I wish I had a better before and after picture to show you but to be honest I didn’t take a lot of pictures when I had super severe acne. I had just a few of them and I was going back and trying to them but many of them got erased several years ago when my computer crashed.

I did find one pic of myself when I was about 2 months into practicing the Law Of Attraction.  At this point a lot of the acne on my cheeks and nose had cleared up but I still had quite a bit that appeared on my forehead.  I wanted to share it with you so you can see the difference 1 month made during the process!

The top photo was taken in June of 2015 and then bottom photo was in July of the same year. (I was in a swimming pool and it was sunny which is why I’m squinting and my forehead looks all wrinkled…sorry…😂)

Wrap Up

So there you have it! These were the exact steps I took in order to clear my acne completely.  It took roughly 3 months doing this but I am proud to say my pimples have never returned since.

As you can see acne really has to do with the negative thoughts we think that have built up overtime… but thankfully we can easily change those thoughts which will clear up our face! Here is a quick break down of the Law Of Attraction Clear Skin steps we talked about above:

  1. Stop using crazy face washes and medication
  2. Let your skin do what it wants to do and TRUST it will get better
  3. Mediate and calm your negative thoughts regarding your skin
  4. Use affirmations to change your thoughts about your skin
  5. Pick something about yourself to focus on that you like
  6. Vibrate high and keep your emotions positive as much as possible
  7. Try a step-by-step program like Acne No More

Feel free to comment below and share your results with everyone!

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