How To Alter Your Appearance Using The Law Of Attraction


How to alter your physical appearance using the Law Of Attraction is a common question that comes up in emails and social media messages I receive. 

Is it really possible to change the way you look by simply using basic Law Of Attraction techniques?

The truth is, anything is possible with the Law Of Attraction. 

Altering your physical appearance, no matter what it is you want different about yourself is possible only if you truly believe it’s possible.  Nothing is more important and has a greater impact on you than what you believe and think about.  As long as you think positive thoughts and believe it’s possible for your appearance to change… than it will… and it will quickly!

Stick with me and I’ll walk you through some steps…

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Believe It’s Possible

No matter what it is you want to change, whether it’s your weight, your hair, the size of your teeth, the rash on your skin, the scars on your body just to name a few. It’s can all be altered using the Law Of Attraction.  It all starts with believing it’s possible.  Remember, the Law Of Attraction is responding to our thoughts.  What we think about is what we attract back to us. 

So if you think something is not possible… it’s not going to be possible.  However, if we change our mindset and start believing that some impossible things do in fact seem possible, then it will come true in our reality.  No matter what it is you want changed about your physical appearance, start believing that you can change it with your thoughts. 

I recommend to use some daily affirmations to begin to rewire your brain into believing what it is you want to be changed.  Remember, a belief is only I thought that you keep thinking.  So begin your day using affirmations like:

My mind most powerful tool, with it I can change _______

Everyday my ______ is changing for the better

I feel more and more satisfied about my ______ with each second that goes by

It’s so easy to get ________

You can start making up your own as long as it’s possible and relates to the belief that you want to have. 

I’ve shared this video before on one of my previous posts but feel like it’s important to share it here as well.  Take a minute and watch it so you can see the power when you believe something is possible.


Once you begin altering your beliefs on the subject it’s time for some fun! It’s time to really visualize what it is you want changed about your appearance.  Start looking at yourself in the mirror with your mind’s eye and seeing what it is that satisfies you.  Do this on a daily basis as much as you can. 

A few years ago when I really wanted to gain some muscle definition in my arms I began practicing this on a daily basis.  I would start looking at myself in the mirror and flex as if I had great arms.  Throughout the day I would touch my arms and imagine them being a size I was satisfied with. 

I even went as far as when I worked out to try to do at least 1 rep of a very heavy weight (even if I had to use 2 arms to lift it) just to show myself that it was possible for me to lift such a heavy weight with my arms. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a big supporter of visualizing in order to change your physical appearance.  He says that’s how he became Mr. Universe and landed big movie rolls by simply visualizing what he wanted to look like each and every day.  Below is a video about Mr. Schwarzenegger’s support of the power of visualizing!

While you visualize, it’s important that you feel the emotion that comes along with it.  Remember, we are all beings of feeling and all we are ever doing is feeling emotion.  When we don’t like something we feel bad, when we do like something we feel good.  We like to feel good more than we like to feel bad so we go through life trying to find things that make us feel good!

Obviously, the changes you want to make to your physical appearance are going to make you feel good (or so you think) which is why you wish them to happen.  But if you can feel the feeling of having what it is you want without actually having it… what you desire must come to you. 

That’s the basis of the Law Of Attraction.  When you visualize the physical changes you desire try to feel what you would feel like also.  Think about what you would do once these physical changes were complete. 

Maybe you would go to the beach to show off your new body, maybe your confidence would grow and you’d be open to dating more men/women.  How does it feel to be able to do that? Keep amplifying those feelings as much as you can and feel them as much as possible.  The more you feel them, the faster the Law Of Attraction is going to start working for you!

Speak What You Want Into Reality

It goes without saying… if you are believing something is possible and visualizing that’s it’s possible.. the next step is speaking it into your reality.  In other words… talk about it! Talk as if what you want is already happening.  Say positive words about the changes you are making in your appearance. 

This reminds me of a story pastor and motivational speaker Joel Osteen told of a guy he went to high school with.  This guy was very muscular, captain of the football team, and always dated the best looking girls.  However, his attitude was quite sour.  Every time somebody asked him how he was doing his response would be “Old, fat and bald!”. 

Even though he was the exact opposite of that he always jokingly said that.  Well about 15 years later Joel ran into the same guy at the mall and what do you know… he was no longer muscular and healthy looking… he looked old, fat and bald. 

This man literally spoke the words and they ended up altering his appearance and became his reality.  This is what you need to do except be a little nicer to yourself.  Speak positive words about the changes you want to see in your life and before even know it changes will begin happening in your life!

Watch Joel’s video below to hear the story I just told you.  The video should begin playing right when the story begins.

Act As If It’s Already Happened

Hopefully you start seeing a little bit of a pattern with being positive and believing things are possible.  With that it’s important to act and make decisions as if what you want has already taken place.  When you begin acting like this way you are going to change your vibration to that of a higher frequency. 

You are going to start feeling more and more satisfied and therefore the thing that you want is going to become your reality.  So for instance, if you want to lose weight, start buying clothes in the ideal size that you wish to be.  If you want put on muscle, start buying more shorter sleeve shirts that show your arms off or start buying larger type of dumbbells for exercise. 

Whatever you have to do and whatever decisions you must make in order to really make it so your brain believes you already have what it is you want is key in this.

Let Go

The final step in the process of changing your physical appearance using the Law Of Attraction is to let go of the outcome! You have to not care if your physical change happens or not! It’s a total detachment of the results you wish to have.  This sometimes is the hardest for people to conquer but once it is mastered, the results you desire will come so fast before your eyes. 

The idea here is we want to keep our vibration high and put our full trust in the Universe.  If you are constantly worried about what it is you want and are stressing over it, it’s going to tamper with your vibration.  You are going to start vibrating at a very low energy and that’s the exact opposite of what you want. 

You want the high frequency vibrations! Those are the ones that are going to attract the incredible things into your life.  So follow all the steps above and then let go and relax and then watch as the changes to your physical appearance begin!

Try “The Secret Mirror” By Joe Vitale

For those of you who have watched the movie THE SECRET, then you’ll know of one of the main stars, Mr. Joe Vitale.  Vitale is a life long practicer and teacher of the Law Of Attraction and has manifested some incredible things including changes to his physical appearance.

Joe Vitale created a program known as The Secret Mirror that helps a person manifest everything from abundance to changes in their appearance by using a normal mirror in your house.  Visit the link and watch the video and learn exactly what the program is all about, I promise it won’t disappoint!

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Wrap Up

By following all of the Law Of Attraction steps above you can easily alter your physical appearance.  All it takes a little bit of believing, positive thinking, keeping your vibrations high, and not worrying about the outcome.  Be confident that the changes to your physical appearance that you desire is already on it’s way to you. 

All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the unfolding!


  • Believe it’s possible
  • Visualize the results you want
  • Speak your desire into reality
  • Act as if it’s already happened
  • Let go and detach from the outcome
  • Try The Secret Mirror by Joe Vitale

Prefer to Watch Instead Of Read? Checkout my YouTube Video below!

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