37 Best Abraham Hicks Quotes That Will Change Your Life

I think I can speak for most of us when I say that I discovered the Law Of Attraction by watching the movie The Secret. Upon finishing though, I still had a lot of questions.  I still felt like there was a “secret” to The Secret that I couldn’t wrap my head around.  After doing some further research I found the secret missing piece to it all!

It’s really the person (or energies) that started it all… I’m talking of course about Abraham Hicks! Abraham talks not only about Law Of Attraction but about love, appreciation and fulfillment in this life.  Their message is not only uplifting and beautiful but really makes you see life in a completely different way.  I complied some of my favorite Abraham Hicks quotes that have really been life changing. If you use these daily I guarantee you’ll start seeing incredible miracles and transformations your life too! I hope you enjoy!

Your work is to get ready for what is already ready for you. All is well. You are loved.Abraham Hicks
You are not here proving your worthiness. You are here being your worthiness.Abraham Hicks
Appreciation is the secret to life.  Become a person who appreciates, and you will thrive.Abraham Hicks

Nothing is more important than that I feel good.Abraham Hicks
It is not through struggle and effort that resistance is released, but through distraction and relaxation.Abraham Hicks
If you focus on the thing that is going well, everything else will fall into place.Abraham Hicks

The money isn’t the means to a happy life. The happy life is the means to the money.Abraham Hicks
The closer you are to alignment with what you want, the calmer it feels.Abraham Hicks
If you will allow it, you will feel the Love that flows to you and through you. You are always seen, always understood, and always loved.Abraham Hicks

Money can flow into your experience through endless avenues.  It is not the choice of craft that limits the money that flows – but only your attitude toward money.Abraham Hicks
Your work is to relax and allow, relax and allow, no matter what.Abraham Hicks
Be easy about all of this. Life is suppose to fun, you know. It is our powerful desire that you return to your state of self-appreciation. We want you to feel love for your life, for the people of your world, and most of all, for yourself.Abraham Hicks

The Universe is asking: Show me your new vibration, and I will show you miracles.Abraham Hicks
Sitting and contemplating pleasurable thoughts is the most productive thing you can do.Abraham Hicks
You’ve got to stop noticing its absence, and start feeling the satisfaction of its becoming.Abraham Hicks

No matter what you think you’re fighting against, you’re always only fighting against yourself.Abraham Hicks
Non-reaction is the key to maintaining alignment.Abraham Hicks
Do you believe that it exists? Then get happy and let it show itself to you.Abraham Hicks

The more intense the positive feelings, the faster it comes to you.Abraham Hicks
Choose a thought. Pretend that it has already happened. Get excited about it. Watch what happens.Abraham Hicks
The better you feel, the more you allow.Abraham Hicks

Don’t go looking for your path.  Prepare yourself vibrationally so it appears beneath your feet.Abraham Hicks
When you find the emotion of it, you have nailed the vibration of it.Abraham Hicks
Laughter may be the most profound state of alignment that exists.Abraham Hicks

A belief is only a thought I keep thinkingAbraham Hicks
Happy where you are and eager for more – the perfect point of attraction.Abraham Hicks
The most valuable skill or talent you can ever develop, is that of directing your thoughts toward what you want.Abraham Hicks

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