13 Best Law Of Attraction Books To Read in 2020

Hi there! Thank you for stopping by for another article on QuickManifest.com.  Today I am going to be covering a question I get asked a lot especially through Instagram… What are the best Law Of Attraction books out there? Luckily for everyone who is interested… I am going to answer that question right now!

The books I am going to list are ones that I have personally read or know someone that has and received amazing results from it! There will be some familiar titles on this list but hopefully some you’ve never even heard of as well! So let’s begin shall we!

Ask and it is given

Ask And It Is Given

I think every Law Of Attraction book list has this one toward the top.  The book is called Ask And It Is Given and is written by Esther and Jerry Hicks about the teachings of Abraham.  For those of you who don’t know what Abraham is I recommend searching YouTube for “Abraham Hicks” and you’ll soon become familiar! The reason this book pops up on my list is because it really does discuss the true nature of life and the Law Of Attraction. The message is simple… Ask for what you want and relax knowing it is on the way to you.

In other words, it talks about living a life filled with joy and ease and doing that will get you to your desires quicker than stress and worry.  The book speaks truth to anyone who might be going through rough patches in their life, suffering from conditions like anxiety or anybody who just wants to live a much more relaxed lifestyle.  It is the Law Of Attraction at it’s most positive and basic form and I would 100% consider checking it out if you haven’t already!

👉 Ask And It Is Given Is Available @ Amazon.com


The Secret

You could have guessed this one would be on here right? The Secret of course is the book that began many peoples introduction to the Law Of Attraction. Since being released in 2006, this book became an instant bestseller along with its film attachment. If you are new to the Law Of Attraction and are trying to grasp it and get down the basics of it… this is definitely a good start.

It’s filled with a lot of great beginner information including excerpts from great Law Of Attraction experts like Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield.  Whether you are a Law Of Attraction pro or just starting out… if you haven’t checked out The Secret yet.. it’s a MUST!

👉 The Secret Is Available @ Amazon.com


The Joshua Diet

Many people (even LOA pros) might be twisting and turning their head at this one because they’ve never heard of Joshua before.  Joshua is still up and coming and doesn’t have near the popularity as Abraham Hicks, however, the power of Joshua’s message may be even bigger than that of Abraham’s.  Like Abraham, Joshua is a group of channeled energies speaking through a man known as Gary Temple Bodley.  Joshua teaches almost all of the same concepts as Abraham Hicks but really takes it up a notch.  Joshua is much more specific when talking about fears and limiting beliefs.  Their most impactful discussions in my view are about negative emotion and how our fears are only based around not wanting to feel anything negative.

The Joshua Diet is kind of a diet book but not really.  There’s no nutrition plan to follow or exercise regime.  The diet that is discussed in this book is more like a LIFE diet.  How to live your life to your full potential using the power of the universe as your guide. Joshua touches on the difference between rational and irrational fear and really inspired me to create my Overcoming Fear To Activate The Law Of Attraction course that’s available right now on Udemy.  Overall, the Joshua Diet is probably my favorite Law Of Attraction book and if I were you I would keep your eyes peeled for more Joshua content because any day now they are going to become massively popular.

👉 The Joshua Diet Is Available @ Amazon.com


Manifest Your Ex Back 

Probably one of the biggest questions I get online is how can someone manifest an ex-boyfriend back. I will personally tell you right off the bat I have not read this book myself but a colleague of mine did and she said the information in this book can really help you manifest that person that might have gotten away! This is a relatively short book (92 pages) written by Amanda Walters. It isn’t available anywhere except her website, however the information in it should not be ignored! The book covers exercises like boosting confidence, feeling sexier, visualizing, deep breathing, and affirmations all relating to getting back your ex.

While this book is a little off the beaten path when it comes to the Law Of Attraction, I included it in my list because there are many people out there who truly are looking for the information that this book provides.  It is one of the only books written about using the Law Of Attraction to get an ex back and from the information I’ve heard and gathered… it is short, sweet and to the point.  Plus at less than $10 and being able to instantly download it… there’s no reason not to give it a shot!

👉 Manifest Your Ex Back Is Available Here


Wealth Beyond Reason

This is the first Law Of Attraction book I ever read and is still one of my favorites! Bob Doyle, who you may recognized from The Secret, provides incredible information on how you can manifest unlimited wealth into your life.  He teaches about energy, visualization, letting go, and staying disciplined when it comes to waiting on the universe to send you the money you seek. He provides real life examples from his own life and how he goes about certain situations to continue to attract massive amounts of wealth into his life.

One of my favorite parts is when he talks about tuning into the frequency of your thoughts and when you do that enough it will start to become your reality. It’s a fun book that will give you all the information you need to put some more dollars in your pocket through The Law Of Attraction.  In addition to the book which is available on Amazon.com, Bob Doyle also has an incredible online Wealth Beyond Reason course where his videos and lectures will teach you step-by-step methods to master the Law Of Attraction and attract mountains of money!

👉 Wealth Beyond Reason Online Course Is Available Here


Wishing Well

Wishing Well by Steven Hall is another e-book that not many have heard about but I believe it is hands down the best step by step manifestation guide there is.  I used the techniques in this book to manifest a trip to Las Vegas last year when I had hardly any money in my account.  It allowed me to manifest extra money at work, free airline tickets, and a hotel rate of only $20 a night at a brand new hotel on the Vegas strip.  I know from personal experience this book is amazing and it works! There are lots of other positive testimonials and reviews on this book and many people have been able to manifest things as big as houses and cars! For less than $10 Wishing Well is an amazing step-by-step Law Of Attraction manifestation book that is worth checking out for yourself! As of this writing, on the Wishing Well website if you purchase Wishing Well you also get 3 other free Law Of Attraction E-books as well including Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill! It’s probably around $50 worth of books that you get for the one price of $9.99.

👉 Wishing Well including 3 Free Bonus Books are Available Here!


How To Get What You Want

One of the original Law Of Attraction books, How To Get What You Want was written by Orison Swett Marden in 1917.  The book covers exactly as the title describe… how to get exactly what you want and the steps in doing so.  Success is greatly discussed in the book and how you can apply it to everything you do to attain amazing results the first time around.  There is just one problem with this book though.  It was written such a long time ago that in some cases it may require some translation to really squeeze all the juicy Law Of Attraction goodness of it! However, there is a read along version of it done by Joe Vitale of The Secret. Joe goes through with you and describes each chapter of the book and relates it to our lives today.  I recommend going with Joe Vitale’s version of the book in order to get the full understanding experience of this great novel. The nice thing is you can get the read along version and the full book in one combination for $10.

👉 How To Get What You Want Is Available Here


Power Of Now Book

The Power Of Now

The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle takes a little bit of a different approach to the idea of the Law Of Attraction.  I don’t think this book actually mentions the word “Law Of Attraction” the entire time but the whole premises behind the book is releasing resistance by living in the present moment which is what the Law Of Attraction is all about in many cases.  Tolle is an extremely talented spiritual leader and it shines through in this book.  He will teach you how to stay present in each and every moment by focusing on things like your breathing and also taking a 3rd party approach to your thoughts where you can just sit back and watch them instead of engaging with them.  

The book is pretty incredible and has saved many lives from suicide, depression, and every day fears.  The Power Of Now is an excellent choice if the whole idea of the Law Of Attraction is a little far fetched for you and you like things explained a little more in laymen’s terms.

👉 The Power Of Now Is Available @ Amazon.com


You Are A Badass

If you are a Law Of Attraction follower but have yet to hear about Jen Sincero’s book entitled You Are A Badass it’s time to get out of the cave you are hiding in! You Are A Badass has taken the word by storm as of late and became a New York Times Bestseller the year it was released.  This book takes a modern day approach to the Law Of Attraction and manifestation and gives many real life examples of how to become your best self in a negative world.  It’s especially great for people who may be caught up in the rat race of life and are just going through the motions.  

The book is a reminder of how much potential we actually have and should be using that potential every single day to live our dreams.  It also touches on the Law Of Attraction and how to trust the Universe to bring all your dreams to life.

👉 You Are A Badass Is Available @ Amazon.com


The Secret Of Making Wishes Come True

This book along with its supporting books are Law Of Attraction books made for kids! Law Of Attraction kids’ books are not something you see every day, in fact, they are extremely rare to come by! That’s exactly why I wanted to put this one on my list.  This is another book that cannot be found in stores, it is only available on the author’s website.  It breaks down the Law Of Attraction for kids and explains the idea of the Universe being a great big genie.  

I got the opportunity to look through this book a few months ago and it made me smile the entire time.  I would 100% recommend if you have kids and are looking to teach them the Law Of Attraction in a way they can easily understand and utilize it! You can find this book a few other like it by going here.

👉 The Secret Of Making Wishes Come True is available HERE!


You Can Heal Your Life

This was the very first Law Of Attraction book I ever read, long before I knew what the Law Of Attraction even was.  This amazing book by Louise Hay pulled me out of a depressed state I was in while dealing with Retroactive Jealousy.  You Can Heal Your Life is about how you can literally heal yourself by just using your words and beliefs.  Depending on what you are suffering from, Hayes has an affirmation for it.  If you use this affirmation as much as possible and believe you are healing, you will be healed. 

It is a very beautiful book that has a lot of real life case examples in it as well.  Definitely worth checking out if you are new to the Law Of Attraction or want to get a different perspective on it.

👉 You Can Heal Your Life Is Available @ Amazon.com


The Success Principles

If you want to talk about a Law Of Attraction book that is beloved by the public, look no further than The Success Principles by Jack Canfield.  Canfield of course is the co-creator of the Chicken Soup For The Soul series as well as star of the film The Secret.  This book talks about the power of visualization and affirmation which are the main steps behind using the Law Of Attraction.  Canfield’s own story is he would visualize having a $100,000 a year salary lifestyle every morning when he woke up.  After one year he of doing just that he made over $93,000.  The Success Principles talks about what it takes to be successful and the exact daily steps that must be taken to achieve the greatness that you seek.

The book itself receives raving reviews on Amazon.com and other sites as readers really feel a connection to what Jack Canfield has to say.  It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or experienced when it comes to the Law Of Attraction, The Success Principles can be a very valuable asset to your book collection.

👉 The Success Principles Is Available @ Amazon.com


Laws Of Success

One of my personal favorite motivational speakers is Mr. Les Brown.  Les is a perfect example of someone who pulled their life out from the trenches using the powers of the universe and now he shares his story with the world every single day through his speeches.  Les talks about overcoming fear, living all of your dreams, and trusting the universe to deliver all that you desire.  In his book, The Laws Of Success Les Brown lays out a 12 step plan in order to turn your life around and begin living to your full potential.  The steps are straight to the point and you can start utilizing them today.

Much like Jack Canfield, Les Brown has a proven record of success by using the Law Of Attraction and isn’t afraid to show everything he has learned.  That’s what makes The Laws Of Success such a great and powerful book that can literally be life changing when you read it!

👉 Laws Of Success Is Available @ Amazon.com


I hope you enjoyed my list of what I believe to be some of the best Law Of Attraction books! Please feel free to comment below and tell us your favorites as well!

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