How To Get Rid Of Overwhelm Using The Law Of Attraction

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Feeling like you just can’t keep up on life? You are definitely not alone as more than 90% of the population have felt this exact feeling before and most do on a regular basis.  Luckily, you don’t have to keep on with your life feeling this way.

You can turn to the powerful Law Of Attraction to aid you in overcoming this feeling of being overwhelmed once and for all.

Keep reading and we’ll discuss what exactly the steps you can take to relieve some of this feeling and go back to feel content and relaxed!

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It’s All Self Imposed

It’s important that you understand that these feelings of being overwhelmed are completely self imposed.  You are actually choosing to feel this way. You are choosing to look at your situation and stress out about certain situations because if you feel like you don’t control it, it won’t turn out the way you want it to. 

Remember, you get to create your whole reality through the thoughts that you think. You can choose thoughts that limit your experience and make you feel stressed out, or you can choose empowering thoughts that keep you feel happy and relaxed.  It doesn’t matter what thoughts you choose, but I’m assuming empowering thoughts and relaxing thoughts are going to make you feel much better than stressful ones!

So take some time and really think about why you are feeling overwhelmed. What thoughts are causing you to feel this way? Start there and then you can begin replacing those thoughts with ones that feel better to you, maybe ones that relax you a bit more.

Everything Is Happening For You

I love reading all of the books from the Teachings Of Joshua because one big thing they preach is this idea that everything in life is happening for you, not to you.  What that means is no matter what event transpired in your life, it doesn’t matter what, it is leading you to everything you ever wanted.

Even if something that you perceive as very bad takes place, it only feels bad because you have placed your own judgement on it.  If you were to remove that judgement, you could actually choose to feel good about everything that happens in your life.

Maybe you have a big test coming up in school and you are feeling overwhelmed by all the studying you have to do. The truth is, no matter what happens on the test, it is going to be for your highest good.  If your score is high or low, either way it is going to help inspire new ideas which will end up taking you to the next levels in your life.

Any other way of looking at your life will cause more self imposed stress and with the Law Of Attraction you will attract even more stress into your life. So take a breath and rest easy knowing that no matter what happens in life, it’s for your benefit and will keep you on the path to the life that you truly want.  

Try Some Meditation

One great exercise that is great with calming anxious and resistant thoughts is meditation.  The benefits and practicing of meditation can be traced back for thousands of years.  Pretty much every single popular religion on the planet promotes some type of meditation process.  Meditation is powerful because it allows us to slow down our thoughts and observe them instead of judge them.  

When we are no longer judgmental towards our thoughts we can simply watch them come or go without any attachment to them.  Without any emotional attachments means stress cannot be created.

Meditation calms our anxiety, stress, and allows us to experience life in bliss. Below is a great step by step method of meditating that I’ve shared from

Find a comfortable place to sit. It’s best to find a quiet location where you won’t be disturbed. There is no need to sit cross-legged on the floor unless that is comfortable for you. You can sit on a chair or sofa or on the floor with your back against a wall. You may support yourself with cushions, pillows, or blankets. The goal is to sit as upright as possible while still remaining comfortable. 

We all have different anatomies and you want your meditation experience to be enjoyable, so make your comfort a priority. Lying on your back is usually not recommended because most people fall asleep in this position, but you can try it if sitting is uncomfortable for you. The most important rule is that meditation can be practiced anywhere, as long as you’re comfortable.

Gently close your eyes and begin by taking some deep breaths. Try taking a few “cleansing breaths” by inhaling slowly through your nose and then exhaling out your mouth. After a few cleansing breaths, continue breathing at a normal relaxed pace through your nose with your lips gently closed.

Do not try and stop your thoughts or empty your mind.  It is human nature and normal for the mind to wander. Do not try and stop your thoughts or “empty your mind.” Whenever you become aware that your attention has drifted away from your breathing to thoughts or any other distractions while meditating, simply return to silently focusing on your breath.

If you are someone who feels overwhelmed often, I would recommend incorporating at least 15 minutes of meditation a day.  As soon as you begin practicing, you’ll start feeling the benefits after the first session. 

You’ll start to see when events and situations take place in your life you are less judgemental toward them and they have less of an effect on your emotions. 

This gives you more mental clarity and power to start deliberately creating the thoughts and life experiences that you desire.

There are many great free meditation tracks out there if you aren’t a DIY type person.  I will leave a video below of my favorite meditation from The Teachings Of Joshua.


Detach (Nothing Needs To Happen)

Here is an important step in using the Law Of Attraction to get rid of that feeling of being overwhelmed in your life is to detach from all outcomes of your life. 

You see, all of these “outcomes” that you have created or things you think that need to happen are all illusions that slip you into a low vibrational state because you think you aren’t able to feel good unless you see a certain outcome. 

You came here into this physical experience not to feel worried or stressed all the time, but to expand through joyous experiences! You never intended to come here and feel stressed out due to self imposed reasons! 

So if you look at life in the way of a complete freedom seeking being, you can see that there is no reason to create outcomes or make yourself believe that a certain happening must take place for you to feel good.

The priority in your life should be to feel joy and have fun. As long as you are vibrating high on your spiral, it doesn’t matter what happens to you because you are fulfilling what you intended to come here for and the Law Of Attraction will handle the rest. 

Check out this quote from Joshua, Channeled By Gary Temple Bodley about detaching from outcomes:

“You need to release an attachment to an outcome. You are driven to this attachments to outcomes… and this attachment to outcomes is only going to dip you into a negative or limited state of being. It will connect you to a consciousness of fear and lack and will release you from your true power. 

There is nothing that needs to happen, there is the divine timing of everything, there is the perfection in every moment. When you have an attachment to something you think you want, you’ll use that as an excuse to feel good when you get there.

Anytime that you perceive that things aren’t going the way you think they should go… its your indication that you are attaching value to some result and from your perspective, seems like the preferable result but yet you do not know all the inner workings and you do not have the information…. Eventually without knowing exactly how… everything will turn out perfectly. It always has.”

The moment when you have truly released your attachment to all matters in your life is when your stress will disappear because there would be no reason to ever worry, or feel overwhelmed about anything.  Nothing really matters and nothing needs to happen. Understand that and your whole life will change in amazing ways.


One of my favorite Law Of Attraction practices are reciting affirmations.  Affirmations are positive statements that you say to yourself either verbally or nonverbally that help you keep a positive, successful mindset and overcome any negative thoughts about yourself or your situation.  

They are fantastic in stopping the feeling of being overwhelmed.

When you continually repeat your affirmations, you start to believe them and you’ll see these positive changes take place in your life. It’s important that you remind yourself why you are here in this physical reality and that you are in complete control of your life.  

Below are some amazing affirmations that promote a more relaxing and at-ease lifestyle. These affirmations were shared from

  • I am relaxed    
  • My mind is slowing down
  • My tension is melting away
  • I am letting go of all my worries
  • My body is relaxed and at peace
  • My mind is calm
  • I am centered and quiet
  • My muscles are relaxed
  • My thoughts are calming down
  • I release my concerns for the time being
  •  Being in a peaceful state is normal for me    
  • I love relaxing
  • Slowing down feels good
  • Finding time each day to relax and unwind is important
  • I have a naturally peaceful mind
  • Relaxing my body is easy
  • People see me as someone who is balanced, calm, and centered
  • Letting go of the tension in my life is rejuvenating
  • I can effortlessly let go of any thoughts, concerns, or worries
  • I enjoy nurturing myself with deep relaxation

I would recommend going through the list and choosing 5 of your favorites, write them down and recite them at least 3 times a day.

If you can do it more, then do it more. The more you recite them the quicker you will begin to believe them and the faster the Law Of Attraction will start working in your life to overcome all the stress imaginable.

Wrap Up

So as you can see, that overwhelming feeling that you feel is not any outside circumstance, only your internal thoughts.  When you deliberately take the time and practice to focus your thoughts on a way that serves you instead of works against you, you can start living a stress free life.  

It all starts and ends with you! Once you get a little more momentum going, the Law Of Attraction is going to take over from there and you’ll begin to attract more stress-free thoughts and experiences into your life.

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