Law Of Attraction Activation – Finding Ways To Feel Good

Good morning everyone!

Today it’s time to affirm once and for all… I AM GOING TO FEEL GOOD!

Now why is feeling good an important part of the Law Of Attraction? Well it’s the basis of the Law Of Attraction!

Remember we are like a magnet and the signal that we put out attracts back to us.

So, if we are sending out a signal of worry, guilt, uneasiness, we are going to receive those feelings right back to us.

However, if we practice the feeling of Joy, the feeling of Happiness, the feeling of Ease every chance we have, that’s exact feelings we’re going to attract back to us as well.

So when we think of our biggest desires whether it’s the money that we want, the car that we want, the house that we want, the relationship that we want, we want those things because we think it’s going to make us feel good.

So essentially by being as happy as we possibly can NOW we have already attained the feeling of having those things without actually having them.

When we attain the feeling of something without having it, the physical form has to come to us… It’s the law!

Make A List Of All The Good Things In Your Life

So how can we find ways to feel good now when we may feel predominately unsatisfied?

The easiest thing to do is to make a list.

Right now, you can get out a pen and a piece of paper and write down the things that you truly are grateful for or the things that are working out for you.

This can be anything from being proud of your son or daughter

This could be that you’re grateful that you have a job… It might not be your dream job but it’s a job nonetheless people out there don’t have jobs.

It could be that you have legs to walk.

It could be your eyes that enable you to read this article.

It could be the oxygen that you breathe, the pure air that gives you life.

Even the smallest things we take for granted but in reality when we actually think about them we realize how much of a blessing they actually are and how grateful we are for them.

So make your list as big or as small as you want but truly take the time and think about the things that are working for you.

Even if they aren’t the most perfect form that you want them to be, still put them on your list.

So now that you have your list you can take the time and go through it one by one think about each item. Take 10 to 20 seconds on each item and really feel the appreciation for what you wrote on there.

You can do this once a day, twice a day or a hundred times a day it doesn’t matter.

I keep a list of things I’m grateful for in my cell phone.  Anytime I start to feel a little bit of worry or uneasiness I start going through it and it puts me back at ease again.

It may just seem like a silly list, but this list is life-transforming when used correctly.

Don’t underestimate the power of gratitude!

It really is the most dominant vibration you can put out.

Nothing new can come into your life unless you’re grateful for what you already have.

Turn Your “Hows” Into “Whys”

Another way you can find ways to feel good is by not getting too ahead of yourself when it comes to figuring out your future.

Sometimes we get these goals and these “wants” in mind and the first thing that comes to our head is: “Well yes, I want that but HOW am I going to get it?”

The word “How” is what brings on the feeling of worry because we feel like we need to have every single thing figured out in our lives.

The truth is, we have to give up the needing to know how something’s going to work.

We need to let go and trust that all the answers are going to flow into us at the right time.

An easy why to do this is by simply shifting your vocabulary just a little bit.

Change your “Hows” to “Whys”.

If there’s a really awesome career paths but you want to do … Let’s say you want to be a motivational speaker but you’ve never spoken in front of an audience in your life, you don’t know how you would ever get to that point, maybe you don’t have the proper education.

So, you get excited with this thought about being a motivational speaker but then the question of “How?” comes in your mind.

“How am I ever going to become a speaker?

I don’t have the proper education

I’ve never really been good with speaking in front of crowds

I live in a city where the population isn’t too big

I don’t know how I can get myself out there…”

Try changing your “Hows” to “Whys” now….

I want to be a motivational speaker…

Why? Because I love helping people…

Why? Because it makes me feel good..

Why? Because the idea of people’s life changing and transforming because of my words makes me feel so fulfilled inside!”

You see how you start generating this feeling of why you want something and your desire behind something and the worry doesn’t get tangled in it?

The feeling that you’re generating is shooting out to the Universe and Law Of Attraction is going to shoot it right back to you in True Form.

Find The Good In Everything

In some situations, it’s really hard to find the good feeling. I’ll be the first to admit I struggle with it at times but I always find a way to feel good even if it’s a little bit of a battle at first.

The other night it was Christmas Eve and me and my wife went out to have Christmas Eve dinner.

We had been looking forward to it for a very long time.

We got into the restaurant and the host sat us at this table that was literally right in the middle of the walkway where the servers and the bussers walk to get from the kitchen to the tables.

So, about every 5 to 10 seconds there was somebody that was either walking right in front of us, behind us, to the side of us… it was just a constant traffic area where we were sat.

At first, I sat there and I thought:

“Out of all the places we could have sat on this special night why did it have to be here with all these people walking by?? It’s so distracting!!”

However, before these negative thoughts really took over I stopped myself and I just thought:

“Things are always working out for me, nothing negative or bad ever happens to me, so let me look at the good reasons why I’m sitting here… let me see the good in why I’m sitting here.”

And then I noticed where I was sitting I had a good view of decorations in the restaurant and how beautiful they were especially the lights and chandeliers! They were really really stunning!

I noticed that there were a lot of families around us there were having a really nice time on their Christmas Eve and it was making me feel good!

I noticed that the lighting where we were shined perfectly on our table and made my wife look even more beautiful than she already is!

Since our table was so close to the kitchen area our waitress passed by many many times and because of that we never had to ask for any refills, or anything extra for a table. She literally attended to our every need.

It really was the perfect spot to sit after all!

When I started noticing all these good things, honestly, I never once noticed all the staff walking around us at all.

The good completely outweighed the negative 100%.

Finding The Good In The Worst Of Times

I know that’s just a small example of a lot of the big problems that can happen in life but even with our biggest problems there’s always some positive aspect we can dig out and shift our focus to.

Everyone has been through the struggle of dealing with a death in the family.

Many might say: “How can you possibly find the positive things in death??”

Not saying there is a lot of positive aspects of a death in the family but we can sometimes shift our awareness to something else.

Instead of thinking about your family member being gone, maybe you can start focusing on the wonderful life they lived and all the memories you’ve shared together.

That’s the beauty of our memory and the beauty of our mind.

I lost my father when I was 19 years old, but if I close my eyes I can still see him, I can still remember talking to him, I can still remember all the fun times we had together.

When I do this I start smiling and feeling good, and it generates the feeling inside me of him still being here.

It makes me realize that even though my father may seem gone, he’s never actually gone.

Wrap Up

Finding joy in every moment can sometimes be a difficult task to conquer.  It’s not something that will happen over night but you can start practicing and trying your best one day at a time to shift your focus to positivity.

Find things to feel good about.

Make joy, make happiness, make easy, make fun be your #1 priority in this life.

When you do that, Law Of Attraction will respond quickly and before you know it, finding joy will simply be natural.

Nothing will be able to put you down and everything that you ever wanted that makes you feel happy will start flowing into your life in avalanches.

I hope you enjoyed my post for today!

Thank you for all the love and support you’ve been showing me.

I’ve been getting a lot of great feedback on the website and on Instagram and it truly means a lot to me that I’m able to spread this message of good news to everyone that it resonates with!

Until next time…

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