How To Grow Bigger Breasts Using The Law Of Attraction

Is it possible to grow the size of your breasts using the Law Of Attraction? The short answer is, yes of course!

Growing your breasts using the powers of the Law Of Attraction is without a doubt something that can be done.  It does require that you put into some daily practice but it definitely can be done, as can anything with the powerful Law Of Attraction.

Read on and we’ll discuss exactly what you need to do in order to grow bigger breasts using the Law Of Attraction. 

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In order to attract bigger breasts, you first need to visualize yourself with them.  You can either do this by looking in the mirror or by closing your eyes. If you are going to visualize with the mirror, you need to start practicing looking at your breasts and feeling good about them. 

When you see yourself in the mirror, no longer see yourself with small boobs. Imagine them bigger and exactly how you want them to be. Arnold Schwarzenegger made this technique famous when he explained that anytime he wanted to get in shape for movies, whether it was gain weight or lose weight or put on muscle, he would look in the mirror and see himself as the outcome he desired. 

If he needed to gain 10 pounds of muscle… he looked in the mirror and saw it already. He didn’t allow himself to see anything different. He had a 100% success rate on getting the results he wanted every time that he did this. This is the type of mindset you need to adopt when you look at your breasts in the mirror.

Even if you have to play around with it and put things in your shirt to make them appear bigger, then do it! It might sound silly but the whole idea is to trick your brain into to seeing you with bigger breasts already.  Once that happens you’ll start to actually attract them in your life.


Be Prepared For It To Happen

As we discussed above, when you start visualizing on a regular basis and seeing the results in the mirror before they actually happen, that is when the Law Of Attraction really begins to kick in! So you also need to start acting and making life choices as if you already have the bust size that you desire.

That means you should start buying bras and other clothing items in bigger sizes.  Show the Universe you are very serious about this desire. If you don’t have the money to spend, at least go to the store and shop in those bigger sized sections just to look around and get an idea of what’s to expect, even try some things and take pictures in the dressing room.

Get into the mindset of “this is going to happen and I need to be ready for it” and watch as the Universe starts bringing it right into your existence.

Be Happy With Your Breasts As They Are Now

Instead of fighting against the current size of your breasts, you need to accept them how they are.  Accept them as part of your beautiful self. Accept them because you are unique and nobody else in the world has these boobs, only you.  As soon as you do this you can feel your resistance levels drop and you start a more accepting attitude toward your breasts in their current condition.  

When you have a more positive attitude toward your current breasts, they will begin to take the shape into a size that you desire. People think that if they accept how they look now, nothing will change but the opposite is true.  

Accept how your boobs look now, you will alter your vibration to an allowing state, and the changes that you desire will come. You have to keep in mind that the Law Of Attraction is responding to how you feel right now in the moment.

If you look in the mirror and you aren’t happy with the way your breasts look you are going to feel a negative emotion. That negative emotion is a powerful signal that gets sent out into the Universe and you attract back more negative things in your life.  Instead look in the mirror and be proud of your boobs in their current condition. 

Feel love, gratitude and acceptance that you even have a bobs to begin with and all the amazing things they do for you. You don’t have to take your thoughts even further than that. Those positive thoughts are enough to begin attracting the bigger size bust that you desire.


In addition to your daily visualization practices, reciting affirmations is an extremely powerful exercise that I recommend doing as well. 

Affirmations are positive statements that you say to yourself either verbally or nonverbally that help you keep a positive, attracting mindset and overcome any negative thoughts about yourself or your situation. In your case, the affirmations would focus on the growth of your breasts as well as loving the current state of your breasts.

When you continually repeat your affirmations, you start to believe them and you’ll see these positive changes take place in your life.

Below are some amazing affirmations that will help you grow bigger breasts. These affirmations were shared from FreeAffirmations.ORG:

I would recommend going through the list and choosing 5 of your favorites, write them down and recite them at least 3 times a day.

If you can do it more, then do it more. The more you recite them the quicker you will begin to believe them and the faster the Law Of Attraction will start working in your life to manifest the bigger boobs you want.

Present Tense Affirmations

My breasts are large

My breasts are beautiful

I am confident in my breasts

I am sending extra blood flow to my breasts

I am naturally enlarging my breasts

My body provides excellent nutrition to my breasts

My breasts are full and healthy

My mind is focused on increasing my breast size

My mind-body connection is aligned with the goal of enlarging my breasts

I am enlarging my breasts with the power of my mind

Future Tense Affirmations

My breasts are growing

I will increase my breast size

I will develop confidence in my breasts

I am starting to notice my breasts feeling fuller

Each day my breasts become bigger and bigger

Others are starting to notice my large breasts

I am transforming into woman with big beautiful breasts

My body is starting to store more fat in my breasts

My breasts are becoming healthier

My body is starting to send more blood and nutrition to my chest

Natural Affirmations

I have naturally large breasts

My body sends any extra body fat to my chest

Having big beautiful breasts is a normal part of my life

Other people are always admiring my breasts

I believe 100% that I can enlarge my breasts with positive thinking

I have total confidence in my breasts

My breasts are full and healthy

I can send extra blood and nutrition to my breasts

I have firm and healthy breasts

Excess body fat is always stored in my breasts

Try A Step-By-Step Program

Many people get confused when it comes to manifestation and all of the steps they need to take.  With our busy lives how can we possibly remember everything and keep up? Maybe even you’ve tried all the manifestation steps above and you still aren’t getting results. 

Thankfully there are step-by-step programs out there that can walk you through what to do each and every day if you need to be a little more organized. Some of them even guarantee to enlarge your breasts with no special procedures or anything!

With just a simple search of Google I found this program online called Boost Your Bust that guarantees that it will enlarge your breasts or they’ll give you your money back! There are a lot of testimonials on the website also of people who used the program and found success.

You can check out the Boost Your Bust website by clicking here (Opens a new tab). As I said, sometimes the Law Of Attraction requires you to take action to get the thing you most desire.  If nothing else has worked for you, maybe trying this program along with the other manifestation steps in this article is exactly what you to start getting increasing the size of your boobs.

Wrap Up

Hopefully by now you have a better understanding of what it takes to grow the size of your breasts by using the Law Of Attraction. 

Take time and put these steps into practice each and every day and you’ll start to see the results you desire sooner than you can even imagine!

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Prefer to Watch instead of Read? Check out my YouTube video Below!

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