How To Cure Hemorrhoids Using The Law Of Attraction

Suffering from hemorrhoids can be an extremely painful situation.  For some, every single time they need to “handle their business” they know they are about to inflict a lot of pain on themselves. 

This is no way to have to live each and every day. Thankfully with the Law Of Attraction, it is possible to get rid of hemorrhoids for good. 

In order to cure your hemorrhoids using the Law Of Attraction, you need to understand the basic principles that all pains or disease in the body have to do with the thoughts you think.  When you choose soothing thoughts instead of stressful and anxious thoughts… your body will heal itself.

Keep reading and we’ll talk about it in a little more detail.

All Diseases Of The Body Are From Thoughts

All diseases and complications in the body begin and end with one thing… your thoughts.  When you have an imbalance in your thoughts, it is going to reflect via something in the body. So why did you attain your hemorrhoids in the first place? You need to trace it back by thinking about your thoughts.

Have you been worried about something lately? Have you been feeling stressed? Feeling anxious? Feeling sad? All of these emotions are in very low vibrational states.  They cause you to vibrate at levels that will attract dis-ease into the body like hemorrhoids.

You don’t need to pinpoint the exact thoughts that you believed had caused your hemorrhoids, but you need to accept the fact that they are completely self imposed and can be cured by a change in your thoughts. Instead of thinking uncontrolled negative thoughts, you are going to start thinking more positively about things.

As Abraham Hicks is famously quoted for saying: 

“Any disease could be healed in a matter of days – any disease – if distraction from it could occur and a different vibration dominate.”

In other words, the moment you begin ignoring your hemorrhoids and shifting your focus to things that please you, your hemorrhoids will disappear in a matter of days.  Again, this is because your thoughts, focus, and vibration have all shifted to a higher vibrational state and you will attract things equal with that vibration.

Having hemorrhoids is definitely not in that higher vibrational consciousness and therefore they will go away.  So starting today, start deliberately monitoring your thoughts.

Anytime you might feel a negative thought coming along, change it out to something positive. Write out a list of things that make you happy and that you are grateful for. This could be anything from a family member, your favorite TV show, or the color of your eyes.  It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it makes you happy when you think about it.

During your day if you start feeling yourself slip into that lower vibration, pull out the list and read through it. You should feel your vibration begin to shift momentum upward. When that happens that is you pulling yourself out of your low vibration and taking the most important steps to curing your hemorrhoids once and for all.

Become An Allower

Chances are, since you are experiencing hemorrhoids, you may be having trouble allowing things to be in your life. In a way, you are blocking the life you really want coming in because you are trying to avoid certain actions and situations to occur in your current life.

You aren’t just letting things be and this may have manifested into it making it hard for you to release waste from your body.  It’s time to adopt the mindset of an allower. When you are an allower, you have complete trust with the Universe, God, the Law Of Attraction, or whatever it is that you believe that is your higher power. An allower believes that everything that comes into their life is happening for their benefit.

An allower believes that there is no wrong, anywhere in the world. Something only appears to be wrong because we place our own incorrect and limited judgement on it.  This is a life without any dis-ease or resistance. You are never worried or ever stressed, you don’t try to avoid any situations and run and hide, you just let life be the way it is and you give up all control.

Here is a great quote from the Teachings Of Joshua on being an allower:

“If your feeling of dis-ease continues, it will, through the Law Of Attraction, manifest into your physical reality in the form of pain, irritation, sickness and actual disease…

The reverse is also true, If there is little or no resistance to the way things are happening in the moment then there can be no disease, only well-being. If you can come to trust that the universe is working on your behalf to bring you all that which you desire, you can relax and let the flow of life bring you to wherever you want to go.

It is trust in the universe that will give you peace. You have nothing to fear but your own untrained imagination”

So from this point forward, practice just allowing things to take place in your life.  Try to go the next 24 hours and just allow things to come into your experience without any resistance. Accept what comes into your life as a blessing since life in itself is a blessing.  Even if you hit every red light on your drive home or you accidentally burn the food you’re cooking.

Just allow those things into your life without angst or frustration or trying to change them/wishing they were different.  If you can master this you’ll soon find that dozens of amazing things will begin to flow into your experience simply because you stopped resisting and began trusting the process and flow to life.

This is also where you are going to start seeing your painful hemorrhoids disappear as well because your vibration is completely cleared up.

Positive Affirmations

So now that we’ve figured out that you need to start easing up on life and become an allower, you can get a nice jump start on this by using positive affirmations.  Affirmations are positive statements that you say to yourself either verbally and non-verbally that actually begin to rewire your brain into believing that they are actually true. 

When your mind believes completely that something is true, it will become true! Here is a list of some affirmations below having to do with relaxing your body, mind and your digestive system as a whole.

  • My mind is calm
  • My body is free from tension
  • My digestive muscles are relaxed
  • I am free from stress and worry
  • I send relaxing energy to my stomach
  • I regularly go to the bathroom
  • My bowels function with ease
  • My bowels are strong and healthy
  • I digest any food with ease
  • I am totally relaxed and at peace
  • I let go of all stress and worry
  • My body is feeling very relaxed
  • Each day My body feels more relaxed and free from stress
  • Going to the bathroom is feeling easier and easier
  • Being relaxed comes naturally to me
  • When my mind feels good, so does everything else
  • My stomach muscles are naturally relaxed
  • Digesting food is easy
  • I can soothe my stomach by taking time to relax and unwind

I would choose 3-5 of your favorites and recite them as much as you want throughout your day or at least right before you have a bowel movement.  The more you recite your affirmations the faster they will begin to work amazing wonders in your life.

Just Have Fun!

At the end of the day, if you forget everything that we’ve talked about in this article, please take away this one thing… have fun! It’s time for you to enjoy your life more! Stop taking life so seriously and make fun your highest priority.

Abraham Hicks says:

“We want you to know, finding fun is the most responsible thing you can do. Find as much fun as you can find in a day, and do anything else you have time for. Find as much fun as you can!”

Why is it important to have fun? Because when you are vibrating the frequency of “fun” you are feeling absolutely no resistance whatsoever.  Fun is completely resistant free. And what happens when you have no resistance in your body? Your body is at complete ease and can heal your hemorrhoids. 

So again, make it a priority to just have some fun and enjoy your life, every single day as much as you can. Laugh in the face of negativity, be silly and act like a child.  The only thing stopping you is you!

Try A Step-By-Step Program

Many people get confused when it comes to manifestation and all of the steps they need to take.  With our busy lives how can we possibly remember everything and keep up? Maybe even you’ve tried all the manifestation steps above and you still aren’t getting results.  

Thankfully there are step-by-step programs out there that can walk you through what to do each and every day if you need to be a little more organized. Some of them even guarantee to cure your hemorrhoids with no special procedures or anything!

With just a simple search of Google I found this program online called “Hemorrhoids No More” that guarantees that it will cure your hemorrhoids or they’ll give you your money back! There are a lot of testimonials on the website also of people who used the program and found success.

You can check out the Hemorrhoids No More website by clicking here (Opens a new tab). As I said, sometimes the Law Of Attraction requires you to take action to get the thing you most desire.  If nothing else has worked for you, maybe trying this program along with the other manifestation steps in this article is exactly what you need to start getting rid of your hemorrhoids once and for all.

Wrap Up

You now have everything you need to know in order to get rid of your hemorrhoids using the powerful Law Of Attraction.  Remember, it all comes down to choosing thoughts of ease and relaxation. You want to start putting your trust in the Universe and practice living life as an allower.  Once you can master this, you’ll allow for the healing of your hemorrhoids to take place and all of that pain will go away.

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