How to Manifest Height and Grow Taller by SCRIPTING! [LAW OF ATTRACTION]

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Alright, so scripting, this idea of scripting… What is scripting? Mean, I would get just a brief overview of this idea of scripting because it’s kind of exactly what it sounds like. So imagine if you’re an actor, whoever that might be… Let’s say George Clooney, for some reason, he’s the first actor… I always think of George clone, he’s playing a certain character in a movie, he’s not replaying himself in a movie, unless like a documentary on get into that, but he’s always playing some sort of character and a movie, whether it’s like a super hero, whether it’s Danny oscan S-11, there’s a certain character he has to play and he has to become…


He becomes that character through a script, somebody sends him a piece of paper with words right now, if that say, This is who you are, this is who you are for the next two months while you’re filming whoever it is… Whoever this character is, and he has to read that, and whatever he reads, he will become… He’s gotta become… That characterizes the script. He will basically become what the script says, now, some actors have taken a step further intentionally and unintentionally and have actually become the person on the script, you might have heard there was… I forgot the Accra, and I’m so sorry. But who played the Joker? And it just said The person who played the joker in the recent Suicide Squad movies, he literally had to become the Joker even when the camera was not filming anymore, he was still in character, like he embodied that he actually became this sinister character as a Joker, all the time, and it took him a little bit after they were on filming for him to break out of that character because he read the script over and over and over again, the swans swim this way, Imam and he became that.


But for us, in this case, we wanna manifest high, hopefully not to… They come the Joker and try to just go from city… We want to script, we wanna write a script. Being that new person, we wanna be with the ideal height that we want, that’s our job when we script it out, we get out a pencil, a piece of paper, we get out our computer and we start typing, this is who I am now, who are you? What’s this new script of your life, what does your life look like now that you are your ideal hike, you wanna write it out as specific ’cause you possibly can using certain emotions. And we’ll talk about that. And then when you read it to yourself, you solidify, this is me right

Now, this is my life right now. This is what’s happening right now. And when we do that enough and we think about it enough and we feel it enough, we become what’s in that script, that script will come true. It’s very powerful in so many levels, even as basic, powerful this idea that we’re getting our desires out of our mind and we’re putting them in the physical, just through writing, at least we’re getting them out of our mind and we’re making them physical… And that’s the first step in manifesting the actual physical form is putting them into words, and so when we do a script, when we write out what it is we want, who it is, we are… It’s


Very important to use it in the present tense. I am 6 foot to… I have this physical change that physical change, whatever it is, I am this now, here’s what I’m doing now. Here’s how I am feeling now. Okay, now it’s not. Yes, in the near future, I’ll be my ideal Highfield be spot. Everybody will love me, know I am six, but two now I am filled with confidence now, people around, heads are turning, when they look at me, I’m reading with confidence, they see how tall I am, be whatever it is, but it’s gotta be in the now.


Secondly, it’s gotta be clear and detailed, I like to put myself in a physical scene, like where am I, where am I right now? What would I be doing if I’m my ideal height and I’m walking around, and I walk in downtown in the city where people looking at me… Am I at a concert? And people are saying, Hey, down in front of Kane, ’cause you’re so tall. Where are you? But describe that feeling, describe that place with the feelings in it, and you’ll start to actually create it when you get very, very specific for a… And you can even go as far as I feel the wind in my face, okay. Maybe you’re drinking a water or something, you can feel the cold water going to put yourself in the scene as if you’re writing a script, family, very, very descriptive, and it’s also important to express how you are feeling, let’s say you’re out with friends and you’re scripting, seeing whatever it is, how are you feeling when they’re noticing you’re tall or all of a sudden… Whoa, how did you do that? What’s going on at… Are you taking medication? What’s going on…

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How are you able to do that? You have a surgery or something, and you’re just going down… No, no, I use this, I use my thoughts. He’s the power of my mind. And then what are you giving me? The reaction, that feeling you get to that reaction and walking tall, walking confident, walking, proud. That’s what you want, that’s the feeling. Do you wanna conjure up as much as you can in the script, and


Then the last two kinda tie together, but let’s express gratitude through your script, again, you’re feeling… How grateful do you feel now that… Sure, that I deal like how grateful do you feel that you’ve got friends by your side, how grateful you feel that people see that confidence, they feel it radiate enough you… They feel that vibe. How do you feel… Thank the universe for what it’s brought to you think you get in that state, that mental attitude of gratitude as you put it in your script, and


Then the last one is just to make sure that this is believable for you, and I think that’s very, very important we talk about belief a lot on this channel when it comes to manifesting physical change, manifesting at… You got believe it’s possible.


So if you’re writing the script and you’re kind of reading it through and you’re like, Oh, this is really not gonna happen to me now, there’s no way I can grow 3 inches… No, no, no, I don’t really have friends at all, so this was… It’s not gonna work right.


Or basically smashing down everything you just did, so it’s very, very important to make this believable for you, and I hope that means you can write whatever you want, because understanding you could believe anything you want in your beliefs shape your reality, you have that from… So I hope you still write anything that you desire, knowing that could be a belief, but if you just wanna start out a little bit, if you’re not sure you can grow 3 inches, five inches, you can start out growing an inch or half an inch or half an inch taller and kind of start and ease yourself into it, make sure your script is believable for you, so when you read it, you can feel like this is you now, this is happening now it’s inevitable, you can see all the emotions you’re feeling, you can see yourself, who you’re with, you’re expressing gratitude throughout, and it’s just a positive, awesome

Paragraph, two paragraph, page two pages, whatever you feel, but understand what you put on this page will come true. And again, a couple of things you wanna include, how does it feel, how does it feel to be tall, that feeling of confidence, completeness. Make sure you use those powerful emotional words like that… Again, how do I act when I’m taller? Are you with your friends, you feel more confident, you feel like you can speak up more… Put


That in your script a little more situations, if you’re a male and you’re walking up to a female, you feel more confident, maybe you’re playing in sports basketball or something, you’re feeling confident, you can block more shots, whatever it is. Okay, but how do you act of… What’s different now that you’re tolerant but that in your script. Again, same kind of thing, what things do you do now that you’re taller, are you going out more… Seeing people more, again, acting more courageously. Now, what types of things are you doing now that your taller… And again, what we talk about, where are you? Where are you going now that you’re taller. Who are you with? Are you with certain friends, are you in a relationship now because you gain more confidence, you’re able to ask somebody out, put all that in there, put all that in your script… Very, very powerful.


I’ll do a video sometimes where I’ll go through, maybe we can write a script together, I won’t do this, I’m in this video ’cause it’s kind of an introduction to scripting, I think you kinda get a general idea though, there doesn’t need to be a ton of rules to this, but really, how am I feeling? How does it feel to be tall?


Great. We’ll put yourself in a situation. Write out the script, who are you? How are you feeling? I am this, I’m feeling this, my friends are here with me, I’m feeling confident, I’m feeling complete, I’m feeling passionate, whatever it is, but really narrow down those feelings, really narrow down the situation, and before you know it, I’ve done scripting where I’ve just wanted to do a paragraph, maybe a couple hundred words, and all of a sudden it’s like 1500 words because I just get so excited and it’s so fun for me to do this, so have fun with it when you’re writing your script up and understand what you put on the page. Well, you’re making a physical, and that’s the first big step in manifestation, making something physical before it will become the actual physical thing, your hike. Scripting is very, very powerful. So write your script, have fun, read it through, believe it and watch it, take place.


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