How To Manifest Instantly In 7 Simple Steps

How to manifest instantly! We’ve all heard the saying that the Universe likes to do things fast! However, some of us struggle to really see this as being true.  I know I was definitely one of those people! We want the money, the houses, the cars, the mates, yet we are sitting here without any of that.  If the Universe really wants to give us everything we desire than why is it taking so long? Is it even possible to manifest instantly?

The truth is, it is very possible to manifest instantly.  The only thing keeping that from happening is your fear and limiting beliefs.  If you had no limiting beliefs and no contradicting thoughts you would encounter no resistance and all of your wants and dreams would manifest one after another before your very eyes.

Keep reading and I’ll talk a little more about what I know about manifesting anything instantly!

Write It Down And Read It

A thought that we want to manifest will first take it’s physical form when it gets put on paper. That is the very first step in manifesting instantly.  You need to get that thought out of your head and into this physical reality.  By writing down what you want you bring it to life and start the process off in a very powerful way.  Writing things down yourself is a subjective process that engages the subconscious mind and that’s our goal here.  Engage our subconscious mind enough with the things we want manifested until it becomes our reality.  Read what you wrote morning, noon and most importantly at night!

If you read your desires right before you go to sleep, and think about them as you are drifting away, you will then think about them as you sleep.  While you sleep your conscious mind turns off and only your subconscious mind is awake and that’s when the magic happens! Your subconscious mind is far more powerful than your conscious mind and with the extra energy powering the thoughts of your desires, you are going to start seeing them pour into your reality very quickly!

Check out this video for more on reprogramming your subconscious mind…

Calm Your Mind

This is an important first step in the process because instant manifestation simply cannot work if your mind is going 10000 MPH in every direction.  You need to have a calm and focused mind in order to hone in on what it is you want and make it your reality.  You have to clear your mind of all that chatter.  99% of the thoughts you are having in a day have to do with work, stresses, and chores.  “I have to pick up the kids from school at 1pm”, “I need to make sure I finish this project at work today”, “I have to remember to buy cheese the grocery store”.  That just leaves 1% of our mind to think about what it is we want to manifest.  That’s just not powerful enough.  We need to take some of that extra noise in our minds and calm it down so our thoughts that we wish to manifest will have more energy behind them.

The best thing you can do to remove some of that extra racket in your moment is to take a moment and breathe.  Try it now.  Stop reading for a moment and take a big deep breath in and then out.  You should start to feel a little bit of relief and calmness.  This is your natural state and how you should feel all the time.  When you feel like this you can drop a thought or idea into your mind and it will manifest in no time.  Practice breathing deeply as well.  I like to breathe in for 8 seconds, hold it for 2 seconds, and breathe out for 6 seconds. This calms me down in a matter of just a few breaths and declutters my mind almost instantly.  No matter what, just make sure you are feeling calmed and relaxed before moving on to any of the next steps in the process.

Believe You Can Have It

This is one of the most important steps when it comes to instant manifestation.  You must believe you are worthy and can have anything you want! This was hard for me to grasp at first because I’ve always thought that money and education showed how worthy you are to have things.  Turns out I was incredibly wrong.

Just the fact alone that you are here on earth, a creation of God, and have a soul of immeasurable value means you are worthy of all that you desire.  It’s not hard to get anything in this life.  Just your limiting beliefs are holding you back.  Suspend your limiting beliefs and change them to ones of confidence. Instead of saying “There’s no way I can do that” or “There’s no way I can afford that”, say instead, “I can and I will do that”, “I am deserving of that!”, “I can have everything that I need exactly when I need it!”.

This change of thought from negative to positive will shift your entire reality.  Your limiting beliefs will soon vanish and any fear that comes out you will embrace the discomfort and know that you can overcome anything.

Act As If It’s Already Yours

When you want something, acting as if you already have it will permanently change your vibration and attract that very thing into your life instantly.  So how exactly do you act like you have it if you don’t? Well think about how you’ll feel when you have that something you want? Close your eyes and imagine it? It feels good yes? It makes you feel happy? It makes you feel fulfilled? Good! So you’ve just now felt that feeling of having that thing before you even had it! You’ll realize that everything we experience in this life is based on feeling.

I use to be stuck thinking that things happen to us and that causes us to react certain ways. You get cut off in traffic and you automatically feel bad, you get a job promotion and you automatically feel good. Through my studies of the Law Of Attraction I’ve come to find out that we create our own reaction based on the perspective we take when things happen to us.  In other words, we have the choice to be happy, sad, excited, mad, whenever we want to.  If we get cut off in traffic we can be angry or mad or we can take a moment and realize that the only reason we are feeling mad is because our ego has taken over. Maybe if we didn’t get cut off we would have driven next to a different car that would have ended up changing lanes and hitting us a mile down the road.  Maybe us getting cut off was the best thing to happen to us in this situation? You see how you change your perspective and all of the sudden your feelings change on the subject?

Lots Of Money

So you have the choice to feel how you want to feel.  If it’s a million dollars you want than act like it’s an easy thing to achieve.  Go around and talk with confidence.  Go around and feel good in everything you do.  When you do this million dollar ideas will begin to flow to you and in no time at all the money will be yours!

Rid Yourself Of Irrational Fear, Limiting Beliefs, And Contradictory Thoughts

This is an extremely important step in the instant manifestation process.  You have to get rid of all irrational fear, limiting beliefs, and contradicting thoughts.  Abraham Hicks says, “When you no longer split your flow of Energy with contradictory thoughts, you will know your power.”  This is similar to what we talked about above.

You may have an idea for a business and it gets you really pumped up and excited but then suddenly you start thinking about how much work you’re going to have to put into it.. how much time you’re going to have to put into it.. how nobody is going to believe in your idea.  This is thought contradiction and it will kill off all momentum that you have. You have to stop those contradicting thoughts by realizing they are based on limited beliefs and irrational fear. Then you must replace these thoughts with ones of confidence!

You can be, do, or have anything on this earth.  It’s so very true! The only thing keeping you from that is your thinking that you can’t.  You fear that you can’t achieve it and you’re going to fail.  You don’t want to fail because you hate the feeling of failing. Failing produces a negative feeling. So really the only thing you are scared of is a negative feeling.  Can a negative feeling kill you? Does it put you in danger of dying? Nope! It’s just a feeling! Just like happy is a feeling! So therefore the fear you have is irrational. It cannot kill you!

When you start to analyze your fears and negative emotions and trace them inward to see why you are really feeling like this towards a subject you realize that 99% of the things you fear you cannot die from.  You fear failure but you can’t die from it, you fear embarrassment but you can’t die from it, you fear debt but you can’t die from it.  Unless you are standing on the edge of a cliff or locked in a room with a big hungry lion (which, in this case it’s natural to feel fear!) you can literally prove to yourself that your fears are irrational and you can do anything you put your mind to!

Raise Your Vibration

Another crucial step in instant manifestation and something we’ve touched on a little already is the raising of your vibration.  Worrying, fear, laziness are all low vibration thoughts and feelings.  When you are in this low vibrational state you are going to attract more low vibrational thoughts.  While in this low vibrational state, you might be inspired to take a nap or sit and watch TV instead of working towards your dreams. You need to move up your vibrational spiral and begin to think thoughts that are in a higher vibrational state.  These are thoughts of confidence, power, happiness, and joy!

When you begin thinking thoughts in this nature you will attract more high energy thoughts.  If you are feeling confident about money or a business idea you will attract even better thoughts and ideas regarding this subject.  If you are feeling confident and excited about finding a mate, you will begin to attract more that perfect mate into your life.  Being high up in the vibrational spiral is the key to instant manifestation.  If you are stuck in a low vibrational state and have been for a while sometimes it’s hard to get some momentum to bring you up.

Try meditation and affirmations.  Meditation will calm the mind and reset your thoughts and the affirmations will begin to shift your momentum into a more positive area.  Be grateful for the incredible things you have already.  Maybe it’s not your ideal life, but you are alive, you have a roof over your head, and you have the eyes to read this article! Not everyone can say the same… so be grateful and you’ll begin to feel yourself go up the vibrational spiral.

Release Resistance

The only reason the things you want are not coming into your life is because you are resisting them in some way.  Many people get confused by this because they assume they want something so badly means they aren’t resisting anything… they are wanting.  That’s where the resistance actually comes into play is the wanting of something. When we want something bad enough we tend to start obsessing over it.  We tend to begin to stress over not having it and wishing our life was different.

We create a lot of resistance and bad vibrations around the exact things we want in our life.  So the idea here is instead of wanting something and going out and searching hard for it, we can simply relax and allow it to come without resistance. Be confident knowing the Universe is on your side and is going to deliver the very thing you wish to manifest. This is another powerful step in instant manifestation.

The more you detach yourself from the outcome of what you want, the more you stop wanting it so badly, the faster it comes to you.  Start being satisfied with the things you currently have in your life.  Nothing new can come into your life unless you are grateful for what you already have.

For an easier understanding of how this releasing resistance process works, check out my this video below from Eric Ho:


Hopefully some of this post resonated with you gave you a little bit of a better idea on how to manifest instantly.  It took me quite a while and a lot of patience to get to the understanding that I am now and believe me I still have a ways to go! However, manifesting instantly is possible but does take a little bit of work to get to that point.  It all comes down to the thoughts you think.  Clean up your negative fear-based contradicting thoughts and you will experience no resistance.  From that point everything you can will begin flowing into your life!

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