The Law Of Attraction Daily Routine That Will Change Your Life

Law Of Attraction Daily Routine

Implementing a Law Of Attraction daily routine is life transforming to say the least! I know once I started doing it I started seeing all my goals and desires flowing right to me without much extra effort at all!

The fact is, it’s important to have a daily routine in which you can start your morning visualizing in order to get your energies aligned with the universe.  From there go about your day being present in each moment, living peacefully knowing the universe is on your side and conspires to give you everything you desire. Finally, in the evening wrap up your day by calmly meditating and setting your intentions for the next day.

This is the exact daily routine I adopted which I learned through my various studies on manifestation and the Law Of Attraction. I have to say it really does work, and it works well.  It gets me excited to wake up and keeps me energized through the low energy moments in the afternoon.  Let’s dive a little deeper into my daily routine so you can get a better grasp and understanding of everything.

My Law Of Attraction Daily Routine

In The Morning – Visualize 

The first thing I do in the morning when I wake up is a lay in bed for about 5 minutes or so and do some visualizing.  I am a big believer in visualizing with my heart and my not with my mind because the energy that surrounds your heart is hundreds times more powerful than the energy that surrounds your head.

So what I’ll do is place my hand over my heart and immediately I feel the warmth of the energy.  I begin to visualize my goals and my desires as if I have already achieved them.  I evoke as much emotion as possible and really feel it with my heart.  Remember, you are visualizing not to create, but to feel. You want to feel the emotions as if everything you desire is happening now.

When you do this you begin to align yourself and match with the energy of having it, and that of course is where manifestation begins to take place because energy attracts like energy.

Again I do this for about 5 minutes and it just gives me a great refreshed energy and gets me excited to start my day.  It also gives me the peace of mind knowing I am beginning my day aligned with the great energies of this world.

Check out this video below and watch Aaron Doughty, a fellow Law Of Attraction teacher perform a meditation guided by your heart.

In The Gym – See Myself As Already Fit

I myself love to workout in the morning, but regardless what time you do, these techniques can still work.  When I workout I imagine myself already having the body I desire.  I continue to visualize it every time I look in the mirror at the gym.  It isn’t always easy and it takes practice but by doing this you truly are attracting a better body and the hunger and drive it takes to get a better body.

I find when I do this I can do more reps or last a few extra minutes on the treadmill.  It’s a really fun mind trick that works.  I use affirmations also when I workout that help me push through some of the pain.  I’ll repeat to myself in my head “I AM UNSTOPPABLE!” or “I AM A WARRIOR!”, these affirmations attract a powerful energy into my body that really make me feel like an unstoppable warrior! And obviously an unstoppable warrior can easily add on a few extra reps!

In The Shower – Money Affirmations

After the gym I take my shower to finish getting ready for the day.  In the shower I use that time to practice my wealth affirmations (or incantations if you’re allowed to make noise).  The money and wealth affirmations I use come from Tony Robbins.  I am a huge fan and follower of Tony and if you aren’t familiar with his work I recommend you check him out either on his website or on YouTube! But here is the money affirmation I repeat in the shower.

“God’s wealth is circulating in my life.  His wealth flows to me in avalanches of abundance. All my needs, desires and goals are met instantaneously by infinite intelligence.  For I am one with God and God is everything!”

This affirmation is extremely powerful for me and really gives me a feeling of faith and fulfillment.  After I started reciting this on a daily basis, not only did I start attracting more money but I also started seeing God’s wealth shine in other places like my family and friendships as well as my hunger to change lives and help people.  Which happens to be one of the reasons I decided to create this website!

If you don’t have to worry about waking other people up or staying quiet in the morning you can make these affirmations 10 times as powerful by making them into incantations.  Incantations are when you speak them aloud and proclaim them! Once you get your voice, body and movement into it and you can instantly feel how much more powerful it is.

Check out Tony Robbins’ video below on what the difference between affirmations and incantations are!

After all of this is complete I am feeling vibrant and energized and ready to smash anything the day puts in front of me!  I put on my manifestation bracelet which keeps my body filled with the natural energies of this planet and I head to work! >>Click here to get your FREE Manifestation Bracelet!

Commute To Work – Listen To Law Of Attraction Podcasts or Videos

In the morning on my commutes to work I enjoy listening to Law Of Attraction YouTube videos.  I pay for the premium version of YouTube so I can can download videos and listen to them while my phone is locked. My 2 favorite people to listen to are Abraham Hicks and Les Brown.  Abraham Hicks is great for understanding the power of our thoughts and Les Brown is great for understanding how we can push through tough times and become our best by doing little by little each day.

Listening to audios like this will control the spirit of your day, especially if you do listen within the first couple hours of waking up.  Listening to these positive messages every day will begin to shape your mind and cut through any resistance you may be feeling about your life. You’ll begin noticing any immediate difference about your attitude after doing this a few days in a row.

Morning Recap:

  1. Lay in bed and visualize with your heart
  2. Get up and workout using powerful affirmations to energize your workout
  3. Take a shower and recite money and wealth affirmations
  4. Get dressed, put on your manifestation bracelet and get ready to take on the day!
  5. On your commute to work listen to Law Of Attraction/motivation videos and podcasts

In The Afternoon – Positive Energy

This is where many people star to get lazy with their Law Of Attraction routine. It’s very easy to stick to things in the morning and evening but in the afternoon, especially during a work day it’s very easy to begin to feel that mid-day crash.  What I do to help me through these times is embrace that feeling and turn it into a positive energy.

Great Conversation Between Co-Workers

I try to be the vibrant energy in my workplace and spread some extra positives vibes.  I will share positive conversations and comments with others and try to spread my good energies everywhere.  You’ll notice when you do this on a daily basis, it wakes everyone up from that afternoon crash!

End Of Workday/Late Afternoon – Practice Mindfulness

I will continue to go about my day being present in each moment.  We all tend to get ahead of ourselves at times and it’s important to notice this and calmly bring yourself back into the present moment.  Feel gratitude and be grateful for who you are and where you are.  Remember you are unique and there isn’t anybody else like you out there.

Through various times I will repeat some of my wealth affirmations and do some mindful visualizing, but this is only when appropriate.  My main focus of my whole day regardless of if I’m at work or not is just to be mindful and peaceful.  What I want to try to avoid at all times is feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious. It’s when we put out those feelings that we start to attract them back to us.

Whenever I start to feel this way I just take a breath, let go and allow. I let the feelings come into me and they instantly disintegrate.  This is because anxiety and stress are created by us trying to avoid them or make them go away.  Instead of trying to avoid them and make them go away, let go and let them in.  Once you do that they lose all power over you and they disappear.

Afternoon Recap:

  1. Turn your tired energy into a positive energy
  2. Engage in positive conversations with co-workers
  3. Spread your good energies around
  4. Practice peacefulness and be present in each and every moment
  5. Don’t get caught up in anxiety, let go and allow

Evening/Night Time – Gratitude And Intentions

In the evening I take a few minutes to reflect on my day and feel gratitude.  Every day no matter what happens, you can always find positive things that took place that you can feel grateful for.  Even if it was a cookie that you had at lunch time, it can be anything! Some people like to make a journal of this so they can go back and read after a couple months of doing this, but it’s completely up to you.

After I reflect on my day I close my eyes and I set my intentions for the next day.  I imagine myself waking up and feeling very refreshed, having a killer workout and having a fast and easy day at work.  If I have something else going on like a dinner with my wife or a get-together with friends I envision myself having the time of my life and enjoying every moment of it.

Law Of Attraction With Heart

By setting these intentions you’ll notice your day turns out a lot like you visualized! This is because you are following the most basic steps of the Law Of Attraction process.  You visualized and allowed the universe to do it’s work. Yesterday, I visualized myself writing this article to all of you and having the words and ideas just flow out of me and so far I’ve been writing for about 45 minutes and I’m already 1,800 words deep in this thing! So I am pretty confident setting your intentions for the day ahead words every time!

Winding Down Before Bed – Read A Book

The most powerful weapon in existence is information.  There is no better way to grow and expand your knowledge and your consciousness than by reading a book.  Reading not only is a great tool to keep your mind active but also a great stress relief.  Most Americans read only 1 book a year if you can believe it.  But imagine if you set aside just 10 or 15 minutes an evening and read a Law Of Attraction book.  You’d be surprise that within 2 weeks or less you would easily finish a book.  It’s important to continue to feed yourself information if you want the Law Of Attraction to keep working miracles in your life.  Reading books will motivate you to try new things when it comes to manifestation.  There are truly countless benefits which is why I always set aside at least 10 minutes before bed to dive into a book.  If you need some suggestions for some amazing Law Of Attraction books, check out my article of my 13 Favorite Law Of Attraction books!

When You First Lay Down In Bed – 10 Minutes of Mindful Meditation

Before bed each night I love to put on a 10 minute Headspace Meditation.  Headspace meditations are great because they relax my body and mind within moments of putting them on.  Meditations help cut through resistance and put an ease to all your thoughts.  This allows for the Law Of Attraction to work much faster in your life.  Many people like to mediate for 30+ minutes and some also prefer to meditate in the morning.  The truth is, it doesn’t matter how long or what time as long as you are able to squeeze in a little meditation as part of your day, that’s all that matters. Mediating before bed also sets the stage for our my final step before going to sleep… visualizing!

Right Before Sleep – Visualize

When I close my eyes to sleep I begin to visualize my desires again like I do in the morning.  The reason I do it at night also is because what you think about when you go to sleep you continue to think about while you sleep! Haven’t you ever had something you were extremely nervous about and you went to sleep and had dreams about the very same thing? Same principles apply here!

When you go to sleep thinking and feeling the emotions of your desires and what you want to manifest in your life, you continue pushing out those energies even when you sleep.  That means for an extra 8 hours you are perfectly aligned with the like energy to create the reality you desire.  In other words, you are going to start manifesting what you want very very quickly!

Check out this video below by Law Of Attraction Teacher Eric Ho about the power of visualization while you sleep!

Nighttime Recap

  1. Take a few minutes to reflect on your day to feel gratitude
  2. Set your intentions for the next day
  3. Read a Law Of Attraction book
  4. Mindful Meditation
  5. Go to sleep while visualizing your desires

Wrap Up

So there you have it my friends! That is my daily Law Of Attraction routine that I do every single day.  The key with anything is to practice until perfect.  When I first started doing it there were times it was tough and I didn’t complete every single step.

There is nothing wrong with that.  The only wrong thing you can possibly do is just giving up all together when that happens. Just do a little bit day by day and build up to the entire process and routine and before you know it, it will become a daily habit!

Below is the full step by step breakdown of what we talked about above.  Feel free to print it out or save it in your phone as a cheat sheet to look at throughout the day.

Morning Recap:

  1. Wake up
  2. Lay in bed and visualize with your heart
  3. Get up and workout using powerful affirmations to energize your workout
  4. Take a shower and recite money and wealth affirmations
  5. Get dressed, put on your manifestation bracelet and get ready to take on the day!
  6. Listen to Law Of Attraction videos and podcasts on your commute

Afternoon Recap:

  1. Turn your tired energy into a positive energy
  2. Engage in positive conversations with co-workers
  3. Spread your good energies around
  4. Practice peacefulness and be present in each and every moment
  5. Don’t get caught up in anxiety, let go and allow

Nighttime Recap

  1. Take a few minutes to reflect on your day to feel gratitude
  2. Set your intentions for the next day
  3. Read a Law Of Attraction Book
  4. Mindful Meditation
  5. Go to sleep while visualizing your desires

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  1. That money affirmation is 100% Joseph Murphy. Used to love Tony until it was revealed (on video!) how badly he treated that woman. That is not a high vibrating person lol. Thankfully there is Abe Hicks – my go to source for Source!! 😀🎆🎉

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