How To Manifest Healthy Teeth And Gums With The Law Of Attraction

Did you know that Adults 20 to 64 have an average of 3.28 decayed or missing permanent teeth? It’s no wonder there are so many of us out there wishing we could do something about getting our teeth fixed without paying thousands of dollars on procedures! Luckily, you and I both know… there is a solution! The Law Of Attraction!

Is it possible to manifest new teeth using the powers of the Law Of Attraction? Absolutely yes! You just need to get rid of any limiting beliefs and truly believe it’s possible. Once you can master this belief, you will be right there on the path to manifesting new healthy teeth and gums and showing off your smile everywhere.

Continue reading as we will go through the exact steps you can take to begin manifesting new teeth starting today!

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Believe Without A Doubt You Can Do It

The Law Of Attraction all comes down to your belief system.  If you believe something is 100% possible without a shadow of a doubt, then it can happen to you.  The same can be said when you want to manifest better teeth.

There are so many studies, dentists and other professionals that tell you the only way to truly fix your teeth is to pay for all these different options and you must create or fix yourself by performing external procedures.

The truth is, the moment we think we have to go externally to fix something about ourselves is the moment we stop believing in the Law Of Attraction.  Your cells want to repair your mouth. They are chomping at the bit to do so (no pun intended!).

The only reason they haven’t is because you don’t fully believe that it is possible. You believe what society says about it being necessary to go “outside” to fix something on the “inside”. That couldn’t be further from the truth. It all starts and ends with the thoughts that we think. It all starts and ends with believing something is possible! Once you believe, you can receive. 

Remember, a belief is just a thought that you keep thinking. So just start thinking thoughts that resonate with the idea that you can manifest new teeth with the power of your mind. Once you truly believe that with every fiber in your being, it must come true! 

Check out this video below from Les Brown about the power in believing what is possible!

Smiling Affirmations

In order to “affirm” your beliefs that you can fix your teeth using the Law Of Attraction, it’s time to add some positive affirmations into your daily practice. Affirmations are powerful because if you use them enough you literally start to rewire your brain to believe what you are actually affirming. 

Like we talked about above, once you start believing in something, it must come true! Check out this list below of some affirmations having to do with your teeth and smile. I recommend picking 3-5 of your favorites and reciting them as much as you can throughout your day.

The more you can recite the affirmations, the quicker they will come true in your life.

These affirmations are shared from

Present Tense Affirmations
My teeth are clean and healthy
My gums are in perfect health
I always brush my teeth every day
I floss regularly
The circulation around my mouth is healthy and strong
My teeth are beautiful
I take great care of my teeth and gums
My teeth are strong
Other people admire my healthy teeth
I am focused on proper oral hygiene


Future Tense Affirmations
I will always have healthy teeth and gums
I will brush my teeth every day
I will floss my teeth frequently
I will do everything possible to maintain healthy teeth and gums
My gums are becoming healthier
My teeth are becoming stronger
The blood flow to my mouth is improving
Others are starting to notice my great smile
I will always take care of my teeth
Maintaining good oral health habits is becoming easier and easier


Natural Affirmations
I have healthy teeth and gums
I can improve the health of my teeth and gums
Remembering to floss is easy
My teeth are naturally strong
Oral health is important
I love the feeling of a clean and healthy mouth
Taking perfect care of my teeth and gums is something I just naturally do
I have a perfect oral hygiene routine
Flossing is enjoyable
Having healthy teeth and gums is essential to my overall health

Make A Vision Board

Remember, what you focus on expands, so the last thing you want to be doing is looking in the mirror and feeling unhappy with how your teeth and gums look. Doing that is just going to attract more of it which is the opposite of what you want! It’s time to change your point of attraction so you can start attracting the mouth and smile you want. 

You can achieve this by creating a vision board. For those of you who have never heard a vision board before, you basically want to find photos of the things that you desire, put them up on some type of visual board so that you can look at them and feel the feelings of having them already.

When you can feel the feelings of having something before it’s actually got to you, it must come to you! That’s the law! So find some pictures of some really great smiles that you admire. 

Maybe it’s a celebrity or a family member or photos of yourself from your past. Put them up on a visual board of some sort and spend at least 10 minutes a day looking at it and feeling the emotions behind having the teeth that you want.

Remember the key is to look at your vision board and feel the feelings of already having the teeth that you want! That is the vibration that will start to bring you want you want in real form.

Click here for some great examples of vision boards from Pinterest (Opens A New Tab)

Take Inspired Action

Many people get confused when it comes to manifestation if they are supposed to take action or not?  It’s important to note sometimes action is definitely required if it feels inspired. For instance, let’s say you go through all the steps above in order to manifest better teeth and gums and then you begin seeing commercials for products that help fix your teeth.

You need to pay attention to these happenings because this may be the Universe telling you to take action and try one of these methods.  If you see something or get an idea that feels really good and inspired, that’s the Universe telling you to go forth and take action on it!

You can even do a simple search around the Internet if you feel inspired to do so.  With just a simple search I found this program online called Freedom From Dental Disease that guarantees you’ll fix your teeth and gums without ever having to visit a dentist or they’ll give you your money back! There are a lot of testimonials on the website also of people who used the program and found success.

You can check out The Freedom From Dental Disease website by clicking here (Opens a new tab). As I said, sometimes the Law Of Attraction requires you to take action to get the thing you most desire.  If nothing else has worked for you, maybe trying this program along with the other manifestation steps in this article is exactly what you to start manifesting new teeth today!

Wrap Up

You now have all the info you need in order to start manifesting the teeth that you desire.  You’ll notice when you start putting all of this into practice it gets easier and easier.

Understand that these things do take time at first because you have a lot of negative barriers you have to get through, however, once you do, the sky’s the limit! Anything is possible if you believe it! 

Check out my own personal results, the photos have about a 4 year difference between them.

Article Recap:

  • Believe It’s Possible
  • Use Positive Affirmations
  • Create A Vision Board
  • Take Action If Necessary!

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