How To Get The Guy You Want Using The Law Of Attraction

Probably one of the most asked questions I get each day through email from most of my female followers is how they can use the Law Of Attraction in order to get the guy they want.  I decided instead of going through and answering each message individually, I would just write a post so anybody interested would be able to utilize these techniques.  While I will be writing this for women to be able to attract men, this can be used in any fashion.  So if you’re a gentleman trying to attract a certain lady into your life… a gentleman trying to attract a gentleman or lady trying to attract a lady…this will work for you too!

In using the Law Of Attraction to get the guy you want you’ll need to first be happy with your own self.  Keep a positive outlook on life and don’t get attached to the outcome.  When you begin obsessing over this guy that you want… you’ll ruin your chances of getting them!

Keep reading and I’ll explain a little more…

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Fall In Love With Yourself First

The key to attracting any type of love interest in your life is loving yourself first.  If you truly are confident and love who you are, you are going to be sending out high frequency vibrations all day long.  These high vibrations are what is going to attract even more love into your life. You simply cannot look at life thinking by attracting the guy you want will make you love your life or yourself more.

That’s not how life or the Law Of Attraction works.  You need to love yourself first… and then the person you desire will begin to surface into your life.  A wonderful quote by Louise Hay is:

“When people start to love themselves more each day, it’s amazing how their lives get better. They feel better. They get the jobs they want. They have the money they need. Their relationships either improve, or the negative ones dissolve and new ones begin.”Louise Hay

So how can you begin to love yourself more? I love to use positive affirmations.  To me, affirmations are the most powerful technique that the Law Of Attraction has to offer and can often change your vibration in an instant.  Below are some of my favorite affirmations about self love from Louis Hayse. I would recommend reciting these as much as you possibly can to begin re-wiring your brain and attracting what you preach!

Visualize and Feel!

The next step after you’ve truly began to love yourself is to start the process of visualization.  Remember, you aren’t visualizing to create, you are visualizing to FEEL.  You want to create the feeling of having the guy that you want before you actually have it.  When you reach that feeling Law Of Attraction is going to begin responding to that vibration.  So pick a time that is convenient for you and try to do at least 10-15 minutes of visualizing a day.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself with the guy that you desire.  Dig deep into the visualization and imagine you’re doing something fun together.  What color are his eyes? What is he wearing? What is he saying? Get as specific as you can. The more specific you get the better the whole process works.  The more you visualize the more you begin to feel.  Again the key is feeling the emotion.

Milk the emotion for everything you possibly can! How does it feel to be with him? Do you feel happy and fulfilled? You can play around with this as much as you please as long as you are creating happy and exciting emotions from it, then it’s working!

Be As Happy As Possible

In order to continue vibrating at the high frequency we talked about above you need to be happy as much as you possibly can. Being happy and feeling grateful allows you to vibrate at an extremely high frequency which causes you to attract more amazing things in your life.  If for one week you decided to be as happy as possible every single day at the end of that week your life would be changed completely.

You would attract so many incredible experiences and you’d wonder why you ever chose to feel any negative emotion in your life to begin with! A great exercise that works for me in being as happy as possible is making a list of everything in my life I feel happy and grateful for! I keep this list inside my cell phone and anytime throughout the day I may start feeling tired or negative emotion arise, I pull out the list and read through it.

Law Of Attraction With Heart

This instantly shifts my focus on things that please me which gets me back up in the higher vibrating frequency.  By continuing to stay in this high vibrating state throughout your day, you’ll end up attracting so much more than the guy you want! The money, health, passion, and well-being you desire will also start flooding into your life as well! So make sure you leave plenty of room in your day for fun, relaxation, and happiness… those emotions are the gateway to getting anything you want!

Let Go Of Expectations

So now that you truly love yourself and you practice daily visualization… it’s time to let go! What this means is you cannot attach yourself to the outcome.  In other words, you have to not care if you get the guy you want or NOT! How can this be you might ask! Let me explain… If you are so attached to an outcome and are holding onto it so tightly, you aren’t open to receiving anything new into your life.

The Universe has your back.  The Universe is going to give you what is the BEST option for you…even if you don’t see it! That means if the guy you desire isn’t actually a good fit for you, you aren’t going to get him.

But don’t let that turn you off to the Law Of Attraction and powers of the Universe because even though you may not get the guy you want…. You are going to get one that is BETTER!  That’s why you should sit back and trust the Universe.

Trust it is going to deliver to you the guy you want or even one better. Trust and never doubt! When you have that mindset there is nothing you can’t manifest or attract in your life. Check out this powerful video below of Leeor Alexandra as she followed the “Letting Go” step perfectly and ended up manifesting the exact guy she wanted!

Take Action If It Feels Inspired

When it comes to any type of manifestation using the Law Of Attraction keep in mind action may be required.  Many people think that by following the steps no action should be necessary, however that’s not how the Universe works all the time.

While it is definitely possible to manifest without doing anything physical, you need to understand that sometimes it is essential! If at any point during this process you feel inspired to do something regarding the guy you want, you should do it! Maybe you randomly feel inspired to send a text to him or give him a call.  Maybe you see him out and about and feel inspired to go speak to him.

If you feel a nudge to do something and feel some excitement from that nudge, it means the Universe is telling you to go do it! It’s these little actions that we take will get us closer to achieving the manifestation we desire.  So don’t automatically assume you can just sit in your house by yourself and practice being happy and visualizing.

As I said, sometimes that works! But have an open mind and understand that sometimes in order to get what you want, the Universe is going to have you take some action regarding what you want!

Wrap Up

So as you can see, using the Law Of Attraction to get the guy you isn’t as hard as many think it is, but it requires a little self-love and persistence! Once you start to feel love for yourself is the moment you begin to attract the love from the other person you wish to have. I love this quote from Jim Carrey about the subject…

Remember the Universe gets to pick the timing of how things transpire so don’t feel anxious if it takes a couple weeks for things to begin moving into motion! Just relax with faith knowing that the guy you desire (or one better) is on his way into your life and could arrive at any moment.

Here’s a quick rundown of what we talked about in this article!

How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Get The Guy You Want:

  1. Love Yourself
  2. Practice Visualizing and Feeling Emotion
  3. Raise Your Vibration By Being As Happy As Possible
  4. Let Go!
  5. Take Inspired Action

Comment below and let us know your own story about manifesting the guy you want!

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