How To Manifest A Divorce Using The Law Of Attraction

Getting a divorce can be both a terrifying and freeing experience.  Obviously, the entire process is the scary part but if you are truly unhappy with your marriage, the end result means more freedom and happiness for you. So if you are someone that wants a divorce but have no idea what to do or how to approach it and are absolutely terrified of what might happen, then I would take the route of manifesting your divorce.

It is possible to manifest a divorce using the Law Of Attraction. It really all comes down to putting full trust in the Universe to make your divorce happen in the smoothest way possible while at the same time keeping your vibration high and feeling good as much as you can throughout the divorce process.

If you have some time to keep reading, we can dig a little deeper into the subject of manifesting a divorce and I’ll share with you a few other ways you can speed up the process while keeping the whole thing simple. 

Please keep in mind, this article is for people who actually WANT a divorce and want to manifest themselves out of a marriage.  If you are someone who is looking to save their marriage and avoid divorce, this article may not be for you.


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Understand That Divorce Is Ok

Society has a way of trying to tell us what is right and wrong and how we are supposed to live our lives.  We can try to block this out as much as we can but when we hear something over and over again, it creates a power over us and no matter how hard we try, we are going to start believing it. 

Most of us have grown up with the idea that divorce is a bad thing.  Prior to me understanding the Law Of Attraction, I personally always felt that divorce means that you’ve failed at marriage or simply didn’t try hard enough to make things work.  Now that I feel like I’ve become a little more enlightened about things, I understand that these thoughts were nothing further from the truth.  Everything that happens in this life is for our benefit. 

It is all a stepping stone to get us to the next level of where we want to be.  In other words, it’s impossible to fail and it’s impossible to do any wrong.  Everything we do, leads us to the next step that we want.  Even if we feel like something goes incredibly wrong for us, it is not wrong at all, it’s just the perspective that we’ve chosen.

Everything that happens (good or bad) is for our benefit and is leading us to the ultimate version of ourselves.  The reason I want you to understand this is because getting a divorce or wanting a divorce is not a bad thing at all no matter what anybody says, it is simply the next step in your expansion. 

The current marriage you are in, no matter how terrible it may have been was 100% necessary for you for one reason or another.  It has taught you great lessons and shown you many things about yourself that you will be able to use throughout the rest of your life to feel so much more happy and fulfilled. 

So don’t feel like you are doing anything wrong when you are trying to manifest a divorce.  If you feel like you need to do it, then it is totally for you and the next step in your expansion.  Remind yourself this on a daily basis as this is going to be important in keeping yourself feeling good and keeping your vibration high.

Get Clear On What You Want And Ask

Remember everything you’ve learned about the Universe throughout your personal studies with manifestation and the Law Of Attraction.  The Universe loves when you are very specific with your requests.  Your own mind also loves when you are very specific!

With that being said, you need to sit down and really write down what it is you want.  Why do you want a divorce? Don’t be vague and say “I just want to be happy.” Even though that may be true, that’s just too vague. What do you really truly want out of this? Here is an example of what one might say that’s a little more specific:

“I would like a divorce out of my current marriage so I am able to live a life of freedom and discover a true soulmate who I can share my completeness with each and every day. I want my divorce to be as easy and smooth as possible with minimal hardships and resistance throughout.  I would like the divorce to be mutual and not feel like a surprise to my spouse.”

Notice how this is very specific on why they want the divorce to take place.  This is crucial for both you and the Universe to understand.  After you’ve written out exactly what you want, read it aloud so you can declare it and officially ask the Universe for it. 

Keep in mind, it’s ok to not know how to approach your divorce or what to do next.  It is very ok to be scared!  If this is you, have that be part of your asking of the Universe.  Let the Universe know that you are terrified of the idea of a divorce and how no idea what to do next.  Ask the Universe for guidance on every step of the way. 

Don’t be shy in your asking! This is an abundant Universe and everything you ask for will be given! Once you have completed this step, the Universe is now going to put things in place for it to happen.

Put Your 100% Trust In The Universe

Now that you’ve set the energy in motion to manifest your divorce, you need to be confident and trust that the Universe is going to deliver it to you.  This step is crucial because the last thing you need to be doing is worrying about if the divorce that you want is coming or not. 

I always relate this to ordering a package from Amazon.  As soon as you click the Order button, you never worry about where your package is every single step of the way.  You feel relaxed and you know that the thing that you want is coming to you.  It might not be today or tomorrow, but it is coming 100% for certain.

If there are extra steps you need to take along the way to receive your order, Amazon will email you and let you know what you need to do.  At the end of the day, your order always is delivered right to your front door without you needing to lift a finger.  This is exactly the mindset and the amount of trust you need to have about your manifestation. 

You’ve put in your order to the Universe of wanting to get a divorce.  Now don’t sit around and worry about it! Live your life to the best of your ability and do the things you usually do and just understand that what you want is on it’s way to you and the Universe is bending over backwards for you to make it happen in the exact way that you asked for it.

Raise Your Vibration – This is key!

Now that you’ve asked specifically for the divorce you want and how you want it to happen as well as put your 100% trust in the Universe that it’s going to happen, it’s time to make a commitment to yourself that no matter what, you are going to feel as good as you possibly can every single day of your life. 

Why is this important? Because feeling good raises your vibration! When your energy is vibrating at a very high frequency, you are attracting everything in your life that you’ve ever desired.  Everything that you’ve ever wanted in your life from a small toy when you were a child to a nice car when you’re an adult is desired because you think it’ll make you feel good if you have it. 

So if having that thing makes you feel good then in order to attract it, you want to match the vibrational frequency of it.  In other words, you want to start feeling good now before you have the thing you want! In your case, you want to feel good now! Before you even have your divorce.

If you are waking up each day and starting your day off with worry or doubts or sadness, you are dipping yourself into a very low vibration and attracting more things in that low vibrational consciousness which will probably end up being more of a marriage you are dissatisfied with.  So as you can see, feeling good is crucial to manifesting your divorce. 

So again, make a commitment to yourself that from this point forward you are going to feel good no matter what.  Moments when you feel negative emotion, you are going to turn your attention to something that makes you laugh and smile. You are going to keep doing this more and more until it becomes your habit of thought. 

When you reach this point, you’ll attract more than just the divorce you are seeking.  You’ll receive the money you want, the job you want, the lifestyle you want.  It’ll all start flooding into your life faster than you can imagine simply because you chose to start feeling good!

[Bonus Manifestation Activity] Thought Transference

There is another extremely powerful method that you can use to manifest a divorce as an alternative or in addition to what we’ve discussed above.  The idea behind this method is you are actually going to transfer the thought of getting a divorce to your spouse.  This method is known as Thought Transference.

In order to use Thought Transference effectively you’ll need to find what is known as a “point of contact”.  This is some type of object that is directly related to your marriage.

It can be anything from a photo of you and your spouse together, your wedding ring, a marriage certificate, or anything that you feel like represents you as a couple.

Now take that object and hold it in your hand and follow the steps below:

  1. Close your eyes and picture your spouse coming to you and asking you for a divorce, but being calm and easy going about it.  Fill yourself with positive emotion when thinking of this moment.  Your goal here is to raise your vibration as much as possible while doing this.
  2. With your point of contact item in your hand – really feel the energy flowing from the item.
  3. Repeat out loud or to yourself: “I have a burning, passionate and fulfilling desire to ask [your own name] for a divorce”.  The reason you are stating your own name in this part of the exercise is because you are creating that thought and sending it your spouse.  You want to use your own name so they receive the thought and recognize without a doubt that it is YOU who they are thinking about.
  4. Really feel the emotion of the idea that they’ve received that thought and they have a desire to move forward with a divorce from you in a mutual sense. This should feel really good! Play around with this feeling for a couple minutes.
  5. Now take 3 more slow deep breaths… in and out…
  6. The exercise is now complete!

Again, you can do this Thought Transference exercise along with everything else we’ve discussed as long as it makes you feel good when you do it. If for some reason this exercise makes you feel anxious or any type of negative emotion, it may not be for you and that’s ok! 

Wrap Up

So that about puts a bow on everything I wanted to share with you on manifesting a divorce.  Again, the main objective is to be clear on what you want, have complete trust in the Universe, and then just go about your life feeling as good as you possibly can. 

If you can master these steps, the divorce you are seeking will happen faster than you can imagine and in the form of the path of least resistance.  That means you can throw out your worries of a messy or emotional divorce and instead look forward to one that will include an easy and smooth process. 

If you want to hear about a divorce manifestation success story, check out the Podcast below from Jennifer Blanchard and how she followed the similar steps above to manifest a divorce from her husband in just a few weeks.


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