The Secret Santa: How To Manifest An Unforgettable Christmas

Last year was the best Christmas I ever had in my life! I had an idea in mind of what I thought the ideal Christmas would be and I manifested it straight out of thin air thanks to the Law Of Attraction. There are many people out there who get so stressed during the holiday time so I wanted to share with you the steps I took to manifesting the best Christmas of my life!

To use the powers of the Law Of Attraction to manifest an amazing Christmas you need to alter your focus to joy.  You need to find joy in each moment in order to begin attracting more and more of it. Gratitude, remembrance, a calm mind, and the action of helping others will also aide you in attracting the most ideal Christmas of your life.

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Be Grateful

I can’t tell you how often I say this in pretty much every single post I write but gratitude is the key to making the Law Of Attraction really work for you.  When you are thankful and feeling grateful for all that you have, you send out a powerful signal to the Universe and Law Of Attraction response by giving you even more things to feel grateful for.  With this in mind, last Christmas I decided to feel gratitude for everything I possible could.  Instead of dreading family members calling me or coming to visit, I started looking at all the positive aspects of them and feeling how grateful I was to even have them in my life.

Even on certain days when I started feeling the stress of the Christmas season come down on me, I switched my focus to my breath and felt how grateful I was to even be alive right now and how wonderful it felt to breathe.  I said “Thank You” for the littlest things every single chance I could and it begin making my days feel wonderful and exciting!

Joy To The World… And To You!

My favorite quote from Abraham Hick is, “The standard of success in life is the amount of joy that you feel.” This couldn’t be more true.  We think in life we want the money, the big houses, the fancy vacations, the husband/wife… but in reality we want those things for the feeling of them.  We think they are going to make us happier when we have them.  The fact of the matter is, we can actually feel better and be happy now without all that stuff.  By feeling joy and happiness right in this moment we will have mastered what life is truly all about!

So I set out to find as much joy in Christmas as I possibly could. I milked every single situation for as much joy as possible.  Going into town and looking at all the Christmas decorations, going to local Christmas concerts, listening to Christmas music, decorating my own house, watching classic Christmas movies…anything I did that was Christmas related I sparked as much joy as I possible could from it.  By doing this I started attracting even more things that made me happy including winning a radio contest with free tickets to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra play at our local arena.  The more joy I practiced in every moment possible… the more I attracted!

Remember What Christmas Is All About

I think with everything that has gone on with the world as we know it, we sometimes forget what Christmas is all about to begin with.  Last year I wanted to make sure I remembered every single day what the reason for the season was. Every day I made it a habit to read a few bible passages relating to Christmas and the meaning behind Christmas. It really reminded me that miracles are possible and each and every day we are truly blessed to have been chosen to be alive.

Christmas is a time to celebrate life and love.  It’s a chance to recognize all the blessings in our life and take the time to be truly thankful for them.  Christmas can mean a lot of things to different people.  Take some time and find out what it means for you and continue to focus on that.  Your vibrations will begin to raise and you’ll attract more amazing situations and feelings into your life this holiday season!

Meditate To Calm Your Thoughts

I love meditation! I believe in meditation so profoundly because it changed my life when I started practicing it daily. You should consider looking into meditation if you haven’t already especially to help you get through the holidays.  Sometimes things can get a little crazy and stressful around this time as we know it and meditation is an exercise you can use to really put you back in the present moment.

Meditation calms your anxious thinking and allows you to think more clearly and feel much more relaxed.  I like to use the techniques found in Seven Minute Mindfulness which is a great program to show you how to get in a relaxing theta brain state in just 7 minutes.  By doing this daily I feel I have much more control over my days and far less anxious when things I don’t expect transpire.

Help Others

Another way to raise your vibration around Christmas time is to help others.  Remember that all the love and joy we get a chance to feel on Christmas isn’t felt by everyone.  There are some people who are in need out there and so many opportunities for you to help them out! Whether that be volunteering at a local shelter, donating to a toy drive, taking part in a giving tree, or simply helping out a friend or someone close who made need a little extra assistance during the holiday season.  Whatever way you can help… you should help!

Remember the more you give the more you will always receive. Doing this is not only great for the person you are helping but is great for you too.  Helping people feels good and remember that’s the whole goal you are trying to accomplish this holiday season… raise your vibration and feel as good as you possibly can!

Just Let Go And Celebrate!

All in all when it comes to the holidays you should just let go of all expectations and celebrate! Enjoy and have fun! Anytime you feel a stress or anxious thought just ignore it and continue to feel joy for the season.  If you set up expectations of how you want things to be and you hold on to them and they don’t turn out that way, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Nothing really ever seems to play out exactly as we expect so instead just release all that and have fun.  Bake cookies, decorate the tree, sing Christmas carols, donate to a toy drive, watch classic Christmas movies! Do all that you want, milk all the good feelings, and then do it all over again!

Wrap Up

You now have all the information necessary to manifest the best Christmas of your life.  Remember that feeling joyful in each moment is the key to success.  You want to vibrate high up on the frequency spiral as much as possible in order to attract even more miraculous things back to you.  Everything you do this holiday season, do it with love and happiness in your heart.

Feel grateful to be alive and able to experience another year of life with your family and friends.  I guess the only thing left to do is wish you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!! May it be filled with love, joy and laughter and I sincerely hope that by using the information above you’ll be able to manifest your best Christmas ever!

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