How To Manifest A New Phone With The Law Of Attraction

With the Law Of Attraction, all things are possible.  One of the most well known LOA quotes is in fact, “If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.”  That means we are very powerful creators and are able to do this based on the power of our thoughts.  When it comes to manifesting material items like a new phone, the same principles apply.

In order to manifest a new phone, you need to match up the vibration of it. If you can get to this point, the Universe will literally bend over backwards in order to give you the phone that you desire.

Keep reading and we’ll back down the steps you can take to get your thoughts and beliefs to this level.

Ask For Your Phone

In order to begin the manifestation process on your new phone, you’ll need to ask the Universe for exactly what you want.  Most people ask by simply writing down what it is they want on a piece of paper.  Others might just speak it out loud and call it good.  Do whatever feels the most powerful for you. The important thing is you need to be as specific as possible in this step. 

If you just simply say, “I want a phone…” you might find yourself seeing a lot more pay phones turn up in your life.  The Universe loves when you are specific because it can go to work to quickly provide you with what you need.  Tell the Universe exactly what type of phone that you want! For instance, “I want the brand new space gray iPhone 11 Pro with the 6.5 inch display and 512 GB of memory.” 

When your request is specific like this it doesn’t allow for any confusion. The universe knows exactly what you want, and now the new phone that you want is yours, all you have to do is believe that it is coming to you.

Raise Your Vibration

The Law Of Attraction is all based around vibration.  Your thoughts vibrate at a certain frequency and attract things and situations that have similar frequencies.  When your vibration is high, that means you are thinking thoughts that make you feel positive, confident and all around wonderful.  When your vibration is low, that means you are thinking thoughts that make you feel worried, stressed, mad, and all around negative.

What vibration do you think your new phone is? If you said a higher vibration, then you are correct! Think of it this way… if you were to receive the new phone you desire right in this very moment how would you feel? Pretty darn good right? Excited, thrilled, happy, are just a few emotions I’m sure! That feeling is basically what the vibrational frequency of having the phone feels like. 

So in order to get the new phone through manifestation, you need to match up to that vibration. In other words, you want to feel the feelings of having your new phone before you actually have it.  If you can feel the emotion of having something before it actually comes to you, then you will match up to it’s vibration and it will manifest in your life sooner than you think.

So how can you start feeling the feelings of having your phone? Anything that works for you! One thing you can do is look at pictures of the phone you want online and affirm to yourself “this is mine”.  If it’s an iPhone that you want, you can go visit an Apple Store and actually touch and hold the phone. 

While you do this, pretend like it’s yours and just feel what that emotion is like.  You can even just close your eyes and picture yourself with the phone and play around with the feelings of it. Imagine telling your friends about the new phone that you got and showing it off to everybody.  Imaging seeing the screen light up with text messages or going to the App Store and downloading a fresh set of games on it.  

Keep playing with these scenarios and feel, feel, feel them! Anytime you feel a positive emotion while doing this means you have matched up to the vibration of receiving the phone and it’s only a matter of time until it gets to you.

Don’t Doubt Anything

Many people are really great with the steps we just spoke about above, however, if some time has passed and they still have not received their new phone that might start to become doubtful.  The vibration of doubt is extremely low and puts you in a place of not receiving the things you want.  In fact, doubting something makes you attract more things to have doubts over. 

So you could have been absolutely perfect with your vibration up to this point, but as soon as doubt and worry start creeping in, you’ll start losing all that momentum you had.  So how do you not doubt? It’s not easy for sure.  You need to just flat out trust that you are being led down the path to the new phone that you want.  You have put in the request with the Universe, and now it’s just a matter of waiting to receive it.  It would be like if you placed an order with 

Once you click the Order button, you don’t sit around and refresh the page and check every 5 minutes if it’s been shipped.  No, you click Order and you sit back and know that the thing that you want will be delivered to you.  It’s as simple as that.  Abraham Hicks is famously quoted by saying that the thing that you want is close! “Just don’t worry how close it is.  Distract yourself in the meantime and get ready for amazement as it comes.”

The part of distracting yourself simply means to turn your attention to things that make you feel good so you can keep your vibration high and continue to attract incredible things.

Receive Your Phone

Now is the fun step of receiving the new phone that you want! You need to be open to receiving it in any fashion possible.  Maybe it’s very obvious that you’ve received it because you won a contest or a relative gave it to you as a gift.  However, there are other ways you could be receiving it and you don’t even know! You could have gotten a raise or a bonus of some kind at your job and received an extra $1,000.

Many people may not realize that the Universe may have given you this money specifically so you could get the phone that you want.  Maybe an opportunity presents itself to you that gives you steady pay for a few weeks, that again could be the Universe presenting you with a way to get your new phone.  Maybe you discover some old electronic devices in your basement and you realize if you trade them in, you’ll have enough for a down payment on a new phone. 

The important thing is you keep your eyes and mind open to receiving your phone in many different forms.  While it is possible, chances are you won’t wake up one day and the new phone will just be sitting on the kitchen table in your house.  The Universe has certain laws and pathways that it follows and will find a way to bring you the new phone that you want but you need to be completely open to receiving it in whichever way it brings it to you.

Wrap Up

With this information, you should now have a pretty good idea on how to manifest a new phone.  It really comes down to keeping your thoughts in check. 

Make sure you are keeping your vibration high by thinking positive thoughts and feeling the emotion of already having the phone you want.  If you can hold yourself there for long enough without starting to doubt yourself or the situation, your manifestation will be guaranteed to happen. It may just be a matter of time until you are playing with that brand new phone of yours!

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