How to Manifest What You Want By Taking ZERO Action

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Alright, so to manifest taking zero action. Yes, it is absolutely possible. The

Only reason this is not possible for a lot of people is because their own beliefs limit that, so yes, it is possible to sit in a room, close your eyes, think about money, feel the money, and attract it, or sit in a room thinking about a car, visualize it, smell the car, feel the leather on your hands and manifest it… I’ve seen that happen. I’ve seen someone actually win a car by doing that, like a free car

Myself, experienced money, where I’ve had checks from the IRS randomly come and be like, Sorry, we… It didn’t give you your full refund back here, 600, and it’s like, Huh? So yes, it absolutely is possible, when you match the frequency of the thing that you want, you will attract it, energy attracts like energy. Now, the only reason again, is that doesn’t work for a lot of people, is because their beliefs limit that even if they have the smallest belief that this is not possible, that I’m not really sure if you can just manifest by doing nothing. Guess what? That will be their dominant vibration that will take place, that will be their reality that they create… Remember, we create our own reality to the thoughts, we think, anything we think that will be our reality, that will be our truth. So for the people that go online and say, No, it’s not possible. No, you gotta take massive action. Now you gotta do that. Yes, that’s true. That’s very true. It’s true for them, because they believe it, right, they’re Rite and blogs about it, they’re posting videos about it, they know you gotta take action, you gotta do this stuff.

So for them, that’s their reality, that’s their truth, they must take action in order manifest everything, but if your reality is I can manifest without taking action, that is possible for me in my reality, that will happen. That will become your reality. It, you’ll be able to manifest without taking any action whatsoever. And again, it comes back to that idea of just energy attract like energy, this is an energetic world, there’s no physical… Even though we feel like physical, even though the walls feel physical, it’s not in, it’s all energy vibrating at certain frequencies, and all energy, it’ll attract. And so when we can match the frequency of what we want, basically feeling as if we’re already that which we want, we will attract it. And I’m telling you, throughout my life and stuff in my businesses and things like that, I’ve started to notice the less effort I put in, the less struggle I put in, the better… Everything goes for me, like the less action I take, so to speak, the better things happen. When I first started this channel, I was doing scripts, I was doing research, I was doing all this stuff, I was spending eight to 10 hours on one video, on one video, working really, really hard, and I’d post that video and I’d get three views, like three or four views, and that’s it.

After working 10 plus hours on one video, and it’s like now it takes me 30 minutes to make a video, I click play, I talk to you, I upload the video, I chopped the beginning in the end, and I upload it. It takes about 30 minutes for one video, and these videos take off 500, 600, 100, 15000 on one of them, I have crazy stuff, but the less action I take, the better results I get by just embodying what I already want… Embodying bean. I am that YouTuber that gets a lot of views, I am that law of attraction coach that attracts a lot of people. That resonates with a lot of people. I am already that, so I can do that without taking a whole lot of action, now obviously, I need to make videos and things like that, so I’m taking some sort of action it obviously, but this action talking to you doesn’t feel like action, it feels like life it feels like exhilaration. It feels like excitement. There’s another message I get to share, someone knew I get to reach out to, or already my awesome loyal subscribers, I get to talk to you even more.

That’s not action to me, and so that’s what a lot of people will call like inspired action, there’s a lot of different names for it, but when you match up to the frequency of what you want.

If there is some sort of action that is required to take you will know and you will take that action, but it will not feel like action… And that’s so important. It will not feel like action. Making these videos does not feel like action, if there’s a day I wake up and I don’t wanna make a video, I won’t make it, I just won’t do it because I know that it’s pushing myself to take action that… And the video probably won’t be anything that I wanted to be and probably stumble a lot on my words and I just won’t turn out the way I want it to be because I’m pushing against the manifestation, I’m forcing action, enforcing after creating resistance and gonna manifest the video that has a lot of resistance around it, and so that’s absolutely key that I just want you to remember with anything that you manifest.

Yes, it’s possible to do it without taking any action, match up to the frequency of what you want, visualize it, feel it is if you already have it, feel it, feel it, feel it, generate those emotions that’s already me, I already have that stuff. I already have it, I can feel it, I can see it in my mind’s eye. Play around with it, play scenarios in your head where you’re with your desire, whatever it is, you’re with that life that you want already, you’re with that make you an already… Whatever it is, play around with it and generate those feelings, and what you feel on the inside will begin reflecting to the outside with no other action required, and again, the moment action is required, it will be so inspired that it won’t feel like action, it’ll be joy it’ll be happiness, it’ll feel like when you’re hungry and you just go and grab some food and need it, that doesn’t feel like action, that’s just something you just kinda do, that’s exactly what this action will be if it’s required.

So I just wanna clear the air with that in your reality, if you believe that you can manifest without taking action, that will be your reality, you will be able to manifest without taking action, if you read other people that say No super Action is required. No, you must do this. No, no, no. That’s their reality. Good for them. They’ve created a reality where they need to take action, but how about you create a reality where you don’t have to… How about you create a reality where the stuff that you want, you can match up to it and it starts drawing to you, that’s the type of a reality that you can create freedom, that you create, love that you create exhilaration every single day. Have that be your reality. I think that sounds much, much better than anything else out there.


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