How To Manifest A Phone Call Using The Law Of Attraction

The funniest thing happened to me the other day.  I was putting gasoline in my car at a nearby gas station and I started thinking about a time about 20 years ago when me and a friend of mine would walk to the very same gas station to get ice cream, snacks, etc when he would stay over at my house.  This friend, whose name is Mark, I had not spoken to in over 5 years because he moved away after we had graduated high school. 

In any event, that thought popped up in my head, my friend Mark popped up in my head, then I turned my attention back to filling up my gas tank and that was it.  It wouldn’t be more than 30 minutes later that my phone started ringing… I looked down and across my screen read, “Incoming call: Mark”. 

Did I actually just manifest this phone call? There’s no way! Of course, I answered it and caught up with Mark since it had been half a decade since we had really connected.  I asked him, “Why is it that you called me?”.  His response was, “Honestly, I just randomly thought about you and knew it had been awhile since we spoke.” 

After the wonderful phone call had concluded I really sat back and thought about what happened.  How is it I thought of someone and then a few minutes later they called me? I could only think of one thing… it was the powerful Law Of Attraction at work! I thought what better way to learn more about this subject than write a blog post for you all to read.  So let’s jump right in to how exact you can begin manifesting phone calls using the Law Of Attraction.

In order to manifest a phone call it’s important that you set your thoughts into motion and then you let go of the outcome just like I did.  If you can follow this formula, you’ll be able to manifest a phone call pretty much at any time you want. 

Keep reading and we’ll dive deeper into the subject and some additional steps you can take to manifest phone calls.

Put Yourself In The Right Vibration

In order to manifest a phone call from someone it’s important to put yourself in the right vibration for receiving.  Abraham Hicks specifically calls this the “receiving mode”.  You are going to want to relax and calm your mind as much as you possibly can. 

I know if you want a phone call from a specific person that can make you feel a little anxious but understand that sometimes these emotions create resistance and make it harder for your manifestations to happen.  Just take some deep breaths and feel yourself becoming relaxed.  If you have your phone nearby, now is a great time to pick it up.

Hold your phone in your hand, close your eyes, and imagine the call that you desire happening right now.  Smile and feel the feelings and emotions as if it were happening right now as we speak.  This is putting you in the perfect vibration to receive the phone call that you want.  You aren’t stressing out about anything… you are calm, relaxed and vibrating to the frequency of receiving the phone call. 

“The only thing that matters is what you are doing right now in your vibration.  And you can tell what you are doing in your vibration RIGHT NOW by the WAY YOU FEEL!”

– Abraham Hicks

Continue Visualizing

Now is a great time to take your visualizing power to a whole new level.  Start imaging hearing the sound of your ringtone go off.  Smile again because of the excitement of a new phone call.  Look down at your phone and see the name of the person that you desire.  Smile again as a jolt of excitement flows through your body… this is the call you’ve been waiting for!

Imagine hearing the person’s voice on the other end and play around with what that feels like.  This should make you feel happy, exhilarated, content, and a whole bunch of other positive emotions.  If you can actually feel these emotions, you know that you are attracting that phone call right to you.

“Holding on to anything is like holding onto your breath. You will suffocate. The only way to get anything in the physical universe is by letting go of it. Let go & it will be yours forever.”

~Deepak Chopra

Detach From It All

Now that you’ve laid all the groundwork in place to manifest the phone call you want… it’s time to put the phone down and move on! Remember, the most important part of the Law Of Attraction is letting go of the outcome and allowing it to come to you when the Universe is ready to give it to you.  Remember in my story about my friend calling me?

I thought of my friend and then I moved on and started doing other things and completely forgot about it.  About 30 minutes later is when I received the call.  I didn’t even know I was manifesting because I had detached so much and wasn’t expecting anything to happen.  This needs to be the point of attraction that you need to get to.

If you continue looking at your phone to check your calls or start getting frustrated that the call hasn’t happened yet, you are making everything work against you and are keeping the call from coming.  You are showing that you have a lack of trust in the Universe and are not open to receiving anything that you want. 

So go find something else to do to distract yourself.  Distract yourself so much that you forgot about the phone call all together.  When you get to that point is when you are going to get that phone call that you want!

Phone Call Manifestation Activity

Here is an easy activity that you can do to help you really feel the emotion of receiving the phone call that you want and putting you in the right vibration.  Go into your address book in your phone and select your closest friend.  Change your friend’s name in your phone to the person (or company, etc) you wish to receive the call from.  Now send a quick text to that friend and ask them to call you. 

Place your phone on screen record mode.  Now when that friend calls you, the name of who you want will show up on your phone as if they are actually calling you so you can actually see it with your own eyes of how it will actually look. 

If you recorded the screen, you can now playback what it looks like over and over again and really get it set in your mind.  Now you can practice even more with feeling the feelings of the phone call coming through with a visual aid right there whenever you want to.  This is an extremely powerful exercise!

Quick Step By Step:

1. Open the address book in your phone
2.Select one of your close friends
3.Change their name in your phone to the name of the person you wish to receive the call from
4.Ask that friend to call you
5.Click the “record screen” button on your phone
6.Watch your phone light up and ring with the name of the person that you want
7.Go back and watch the recording of the call coming in as much as you want to put you in the perfect vibration

Wrap Up

So hopefully this article gives you some idea as to what it takes to manifest a phone call. Remember after you’ve put in all the steps it’s important that you let go from it all! The manifestation of your phone call can be instant or it can take a couple days because there is a lot of factors in play.  But if you start worrying about the timing, that is a sign that you are attached and that’s probably why it hasn’t happened yet. 

So put in the steps we talked about and then just allow the call to come to you when the timing is right.  Put your full trust in the Universe and now sit back, relax, and watch in amazement as your phone starts ringing off the hook!

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