7 Steps To Manifesting Your Dream Home With The Law Of Attraction

By using the Law of Attraction, you can truly manifest the beautiful new home of your dreams.

When you think, feel, desire, intend and live in alignment with the universe, there are no limitations to the realization of your positive, pure and purposeful manifestations.

Stick around we we’ll discuss exactly how you can go about manifesting your dream home starting today!

What the Law of Attraction Is and How It Will Work for You

The Universal Law of Attraction simply states that like attracts like in life. Practicing the seven different laws that compose this Law will not enable you to assume complete control of your life.

However, accepting a way of life that is based on all parts of this Law will make you a dynamic part of the universal energy, movements, events, actions and outcomes that create the path of your life, day by day. As an individual, you are part of the universe and its manifestations.

By making your desires and intentions positive and well-focused, you will attain greater influence on both major events and minor occurrences in your life. Living and working in sync with the Law of Attraction is an ongoing process. It is a positive, empowering way of life.

When you practice positive thinking, persistence and patience on a daily basis, your intentions will have greater vibrations and force, enabling you to achieve your ideals, goals and dreams as tangible manifestations.

Practicing the Law of Attraction is not based on magic, it is a natural science. Many studies have been made of different types of manifestations, all based on this group of dynamic laws.

For example, groups of people using meditation and visualization techniques centered on this Law have reversed disease symptoms, reduced crime rates and inspired builders to create new inner-city housing.

Steps to Manifesting Your New Dream Home Using the Law of Attraction

If your strong intention and desire are to manifest your new dream home, practicing the Law of Attraction daily can satisfy and even surpass your expectations and dreams. The following seven laws form this universal, positive and empowering Law:

1. Unwavering Desire. You must have a steady, enduring desire for your attractive, spacious new home in a highly appealing setting. It is your focused, relentless and positive desire for a new home environment and lifestyle that will work to manifest your beautiful new residence and healthy way of life.

2. Conceptualization and Imagination. When operating in harmony, your conscious and subconscious mindsets are an unbeatable pair in helping you visualize and accept your intent and desire for a new house, condo or apartment. First, let your conscious mind create and visualize a mental image of your new home. Then, let go of this image, allowing it to move into your subconscious where it can be strengthened, developed in detail, enhanced and stored for ongoing use.

3. Affirmation. By creating positive statements that affirm your determined intent and desire for a gorgeous, healthy new home, you will program your conscious mind to persevere. You will start to think and take actions in alignment with the universal Law of Attraction. Your subconscious mind will accept these positive statements and start to work toward their manifestation. You will be on your path to attaining your dream home.

4. Focus with Confidence. Concentrate with complete confidence on the beautiful new living space that you dream of having. Look around your current home, focusing on its good, positive qualities and features. It is important not to dwell on the negative, undesirable aspects that it may have since you do not want these negative features to manifest in your new home. Remember that like attracts like when using the Law of Attraction for manifestations.

5. Profound Belief. You must have a powerful, unwavering belief in your commitment and desire for a new living space. The stronger your belief, the more vivid the image of your dream home will be in your conscious mind. At the same time, this image now stored in your subconscious will be reinforced, growing more empowering, effective and enduring.

6. Gratitude. Feel and express gratitude for the home you now have. This is extremely helpful toward receiving the manifestation of your dream home. Regardless of problems and annoyances that you may be experiencing in your existing home environment, you want to focus directly on its good, helpful and attractive features and be thankful for them.

7. Manifestation. This stage of the Law of Attraction is a culmination of the six previous ones. When you devote full attention to practicing the first six parts of this universal Law, your intent and desire will be clear and realized. Your beautiful new dream home with all of its fine, healthy and empowering features will be manifested.

There is Enough Abundance in the Universe for Everyone

When you manifest for anything new and positive in your life, it is essential to remember that there is sufficient abundance in the universe for everyone. If every human being on earth, and perhaps members of the animal world as well, affirmed their individual intents and desires strongly all at once, manifesting simultaneously, each and every manifestation could be realized. Every positive dream could come true.

Since the universe provides for all populations of every kind, there is truly enough abundance to go around, sustaining and serving all living beings and their needs or desires. Most people are taught as children to give to less fortunate people, aiding all who are sick, homeless or needy. For this reason, many individuals feel guilty about asking for more than they already have.

Before you can fully believe in your affirmations for a new home and know that you are worthy of receiving its manifestation, you must accept the natural principle that universal abundance is limitless and can provide for all. Only then can you focus strongly on your own intent and desire without any doubts, qualms or feelings of guilt about being greedy or depriving others of what they want, need and deserve.

Manifesting Your Ideal New Dream Home with the Seven Laws of Attraction

Using the different laws or stages that make up the universal Law of Attraction, you can manifest the new home of your dreams with strong, unfaltering intent, desire and confidence.

1. Build Your Unwavering Desire

Putting aside all negative or self-defeating thoughts, build a strong, unwavering desire to have and inhabit your beautiful, healthy new home. Envision your attractive and inviting new residence.

Mentally, move yourself into this warm, inspiring and nurturing new living environment. Picture and sense different aspects of its interiors and surroundings, allowing yourself to feel renewed and vitalized by the positive energy that abounds in your new living spaces, indoor and outdoor.

2. Use Focused Conceptualization and Imagination

Next, expand on your newly created image of desire. Sharpen the focus on your visualization of your new home and its surroundings. Examine all of its positive, attractive features and be thankful for them. See and delight in the unique beauty and quality of each feature and its application or use.

Imagine your new daily life when living in this supportive, healthy, enhanced new environment and feel a sense of joy, peace and fulfillment from its pure, abundant energy and vitality. Mentally follow a day spent in the welcoming warmth of your newly realized home. Experience happiness and contentment.

3. Create Empowering and Effective Affirmations.

Create positive affirmations using strong, active words that you can easily remember. Repeat these affirming statements throughout each day. By stating your affirmations every morning when you first awaken, you can make them work toward your new home’s manifestation during your busy days at work, school or in your home life.

When you repeat these words with conviction before you sleep at night, you will help them to take action, moving you closer to the realization of your goal while you rest. Write out your affirmations and carry them in your pocket or bag during the day to reinforce your intent and desire to move to a new, beautiful and nurturing living environment.

4. Focus with Steady Confidence.

Focus strongly and steadily on your intent and desire for a new home place, strengthening them with each new affirmation. By now, your new residence is no longer a mere dream. You have created a well-designed and strongly-built visualization of your “ideal new home.” You can even call it “my perfect home” if you like.

Because you have designed its image in exact alignment with your personal preferences, needs and occasional whims, it is now your perfected conceptual and visual blueprint. You now have definite plans for your new living spaces to perfectly match your intent and desire. Focus happily, relentlessly and confidently on this vital plan.

5. Cultivate Your Profound Belief.

Develop and strengthen your unwavering, profound belief in the manifestation of your new and highly desirable home of perfection. When your belief is fortified and free of doubts, you will move closer more rapidly to realizing the object of your focused intent and desire.

Repeat each affirmation with conviction and purpose, knowing that the Law of Attraction will work to manifest your goal. Be creative with your affirmations. Try chanting them, singing them or dancing to them, if you like. The more creative energy you enliven them with, the more dynamic the results realized will be from these vibrant, empowering words. Always be affirming and believing.

6 and 7. Realize Your Manifestation and Express Genuine Gratitude.

Rejoice in the amazing realization of your manifestation. Express your heartfelt gratitude to the universe often and with genuine feeling. Be thankful for the strength and effectiveness of your expressed intent and desire. Rejoice in the positive power of focused visualizations and affirmations. You are experiencing the profound energy and results of letting the Law of Attraction work to manifest your major goals and most vivid dreams.

Wrap Up

You now have all the information to offer genuine gratitude for the generous and endless supplies of abundance available to you as an active and essential player in the ongoing theater of life in the universe. You can now live abundantly in your gorgeous new home of perfection, while being forever grateful.

Enjoy the many essential benefits of the Law of Attraction as you bask in the beauty of your newly manifested home.

Check out this video below from Abraham Hicks to learn even more about manifesting your dream home!


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