Manifestation Magic Review – I Manifested $2,127 In 24 Hours!

Stop! Are you thinking about trying the Manifestation Magic Program? Before you spend your money, read my review and see what happened to me when I used it! You might be surprised…

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Hey everyone my name is Jen and I am a single Mom with 2 beautiful daughters.

I am so excited to be able to be a guest writer on today and share with you my experience with the Manifestation Magic program!

I am someone who has been practicing the Law Of Attraction and manifestation for quite awhile but I didn’t discover it until my life was really in ruins.

It was around 3 years ago I found out my husband of 6 years had been cheating on me with a younger woman he worked with.

Through our separation I became very emotional and sad and put my happiness on the complete back burner.

I ended up becoming very depressed, so much in fact that I lost my job at a marketing firm that I had for close to 4 years.

I also saw many changes in my attitude and found myself always becoming angry with my daughters even if they didn’t even do anything wrong.

My breaking point came when I couldn’t pay my bills on time and I began worrying each week as to how I was going to feed my kids.

My Manifestation Magic Review

My daughters and I had planned a trip to Disney World.  This was something I had been saving for over 2 years.  They were so excited all year long they could hardly contain themselves!

It was just a couple weeks before the trip when I realized we just couldn’t do it.  The stacks of bills piling up and the debt collectors constantly calling me on the phone wouldn’t stop, and I knew this trip was only going to add to the problems I was having. 

Telling my daughters that I had to cancel the trip was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

The look on their faces of total sadness and absolute defeat will be something I will never forget. After I told them about our situation they both understood and gave me a big hug. 

I remember my oldest saying to me, “Mom, if anybody can get through this.. You can!”

It was those words that would really push me to transform myself.  I knew there was a better way to live, I could really feel it. I just didn’t know it yet.

The one thing that I did know…. I was not going to let my life slip away!

How I Discovered Manifestation Magic

The next morning I woke up early and started searching online how I could turn my life around.  That is when I discovered the movie THE SECRET!

The Secret Logo

I watched the entire thing from start to finish without even blinking.  The stories of each person resonated with me so much. For once I really felt like I could use the powers of the universe to totally change my situation. 

Instead of focusing on all the bad things that were happening to me, I could start changing my thoughts and focusing on abundance to get me out of debt and get back to the life I want for me and my daughters.

After the movie was finished I started searching for the best manifestation programs out there so I could better my understanding of everything and have a great step by step guide.

That is when I came across Manifestation Magic!

The program actually guaranteed to start manifesting spendable cash in the next 24 hours or they would give me my money back!

Now that’s a serious claim if you ask me.

The program looks like it came with a bunch of different audio tracks and once you listen to them you start attracting more and more wealth and money into your life.

I was already hooked at that point. I could have spendable cash in 24 hours and I didn’t even have to do anything except listen to some audio tracks?

Count me in!

Manifestation Magic Coupons and Discounts

Save Money Coupon

I went back to see if I could find the link to the discount I used and I did! Thankfully it looks like it is still valid and working too.

Here is the link of the coupon in case you want to use it:

Since I really had nothing to lose I went ahead and purchased Manifestation Magic with the little money I had. 

The total cost of the program was $47 after I used a discount code. At first I was skeptical of the price point, but after I saw everything that it came with (and the fact I could get my money back anytime I wanted) I felt much better about it.

The coolest thing was, within seconds of making the purchase, I checked my email and there sitting in my inbox was Manifestation Magic!

I thought that was super awesome right there!

I didn’t have to wait for the mailman to bring me anything… Manifestation Magic was ready for me!

I couldn’t wait to open everything up and get started ASAP!

I was so excited in fact that I read the entire Quick Start Manifestation Guide in one sitting! I was ready to turn my life around and start manifesting the wealth I knew I deserved.

What’s Included With Manifestation Magic

The program is broken down into 4 main pieces.

Quick Start Manifestation Guide

The Quick Start guide is what explains what the whole Manifestation Magic program is about.

It will tell you exactly how to get started listening to all of the audios and explains exactly what happens and how your life will reap all the benefits.

The Quick Start Manifestation Guide will also explain what is called the 5-step manifestation process and helps you get clear on exactly what you want in life so you can think about it while you listen to the audios.

Energy Orbiting Audio Sessions

This is where the power of Manifestation Magic comes into play.  These tracks are everything! There are tracks for you to listen to at night, during the day and just at your own leisure.

My favorite is the nighttime ones called Twilight Transformation Track.  I would listen to them right before going to bed and would fall asleep while listening.  In the morning I would wake up feeling absolutely incredible and watched as my life slowly started to transform right before my eyes.

Chakra Power System

If you are a fan of Chakra, then these audio sessions are for you!

They are going to help you clear wealth and abundance blocks you may have in your subconscious that are associated with your 7 energetic chakra points.

360 Transformation System

These are even more audio tracks, each designed to awaken one of your hidden superpowers. These audios are fun to listen to during the day when you are cleaning or doing other chores.

Just having them on in the background helps clear out any subconscious blocks that might be taking place during the day when you aren’t even aware.

Manifestation Magic Results – It All Happened On Day 1!

That night I went to bed and I turned on the Twilight Transformation audio track. The audio is so nice and soothing.  It uses special tones and frequencies to penetrate your subconscious mind which allows you to start attracting money while you sleep!

I went to sleep within 5 minutes of putting it on and I know this sounds silly but I actually dreamed about money! I dreamed that I woke up and walked into my kitchen and there were stacks of cash on my table.

Call me crazy… but it happened!

I woke up the next morning feeling so excited to start the day. It’s hard to explain the feeling really but felt like something big was going to happen. I don’t know what it was… but I felt it lol.

It was around 4pm that day and nothing had happened yet.  Just when I was becoming content with nothing “big” happening to me, I received a call from my old employer telling me I had an account still open with them worth $2,127 ! 

Manifested Money Raining

Honestly, I never ever remember opening a savings account with a prior company nor do I remember putting money in it…. but it was no joke!

I about fell out of my chair!

The person on the phone said they were transferring the money to my account as we spoke.

It was just like the program said… I manifested spendable cash in less than 24 hours!

Manifestation Magic Continues To Work!

With my success in the first 24 hours, I set out to make Manifestation Magic part of my daily routine. I have since fallen in love with the program.  

No, I don’t manifest money every single day but that’s not the idea. Manifestation Magic is set to work for you in the long run… it’s a complete life transformation.

I use it in the morning, afternoon, and night and make sure I never miss a day of listening to the audios. Not only does it make me feel like a magnet but it makes my whole mind feel so much clarity!

Since I’ve been using the program I’ve manifested a new job as a freelance marketer, and have been more successful than I could have ever imagined.

Check out some of my income results from this last month:

Compared to where my life was less than a year ago when I could barely afford clothes for my kids until now, its a complete 360 change!

No more debt, no more ducking the calls from collections, no more having to worry about how I am going to afford a roof over our heads.  I feel so incredibly blessed now!

Manifestation Magic – My Final Thoughts

I can’t say enough great things about Manifestation Magic. It has truly helped me turn my life around and shown me how powerful our minds really are.

While I do believe you can manifest money and change your life without taking any action, I’ll be honest with you guys, I think Manifestation Magic works the best when you take some action along with it, but that’s just my opinion.

I did manifest quite a bit of money here and there without taking any action, but once I decided to start as a freelancer, I started seeing amazing results and I owe it to Manifestation Magic!

If you have had a dream job or situation you’ve always wanted I recommend working towards that goal along with using the powers of the Manifestation Magic program. I’m pretty sure you’ll start seeing incredible results in your life in no time.

And yes, for those of you wondering… I did finally get to take my daughters on the Disney World Trip that had been dreaming of!

Manifestation Magic Was Life Changing And I Highly Recommend It

To be honest I would say I feel like the old me, before my divorce took place… but I don’t…I feel like a brand new me! Better than I’ve ever been!

I would recommend Manifestation Magic to anybody looking to take back control of their mind and their life.  Anybody looking to change from a life full of debt to one full of abundance… this program is for you!

If you’re on the fence about it… just give it a shot!

It’s a 60 day money back guarantee and there’s a discount available as well found here:

If you have any questions about Manifestation Magic, please ask below and if you do try Manifestation Magic, please share your results with us below!

Thank you for reading!

Until Next Time,


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