Manifesting Money: The Ultimate Guide To Attracting Wealth 

How can the Law Of Attraction bring me more money? That is really the ultimate question that gets asked every day by thousands of people.  If you can really create your own reality, and attract anything you want, how can you manifest unlimited abundance into your life?

The fact of the matter is, we are all naturally abundant.  We are all abundant beings. The only reason we may not feel abundant and not see more money in our lives is because our thoughts are not aligned with what we want. Change your thoughts and you will change your reality.  Eliminate resistance from your life and everything you want will begin to flow to you like water.

I put together an ultimate guide for you to follow in order to manifest all the money in the world if you want! Follow the steps below and you’ll open up the stream of abundance in your life sooner than you can blink!

Change Your Understanding Around Money

The first step in the manifesting all the money in the world (or even just a little extra spending money) is to completely change your understanding and perspective around money.  Most of the world perceives money as this unreachable entity that automatically brings you joy, confidence, and freedom. There is even the old saying that “Money makes the world go round” or “The world revolves around money.” From a very limiting perspective this may sound correct but from a much larger perspective this is really not the case at all. 

What is money when you take away all its meaning? It’s simply a piece of paper with a President’s face on it (or Ben Franklin). In this day and age, it’s hardly even a piece of paper anymore… it’s a piece of plastic that has your name and a bunch of random numbers on it. We place all the meaning on what those things mean to us. We have chosen for the piece of paper or the piece of plastic to mean complete freedom and abundance and the answer to all our problems. 

Lots Of Money

Now that we understand this, we can adopt a new approach to how we look at money. In order to manifest money in your life you need to stop looking at money as the answer to all your problems and come to the realization that all your problems can be solved with a change in your thoughts and beliefs.

The only reason you want money is because you think it will make you feel better once you have it, but the fact is you can actually start to feel good now without the money and that is when you become extremely powerful. When you are no longer a slave to money, you become free and money begins to flow in your life.

When you no longer look at money as some extremely hard entity to attain, money begins to flow in your life. When you no longer crave money, it begins to flow in your life.  The new understanding for you to adopt around money is that it is simply a tool. You do not need money to live a full and joyous life.

There is an unlimited amount of money in the world and you will have all the money you need exactly when you need it. If you adopt this new mindset and understanding around money that is when you allow the money, wealth and abundance to come pouring into your life.

Practice Visualizing Your Abundant Life

Visualization has always been talked about as a powerful exercise when trying to manifest and activate the Law Of Attraction in your life. But why is visualization so powerful? It all has to do with your vibration.  You see, we are all energy, in fact, everything is energy and energy attracts like energy. Are you still with me?

If we are energy and wealth and abundance is energy then we have to match up with the energy of wealth and abundance.  If we line up with that energy we will become a match to it and attract it into our lives. So how do we line up with the energy of wealth and abundance you ask? By imagining as if we already have the wealth and abundance we seek. We use our imagination taking 10-15 minutes out of our day and visualizing. 

Here is a little step by step method I use when I practice visualization:

  1.     Find a nice quiet place and get comfortable
  2.     Close your eyes
  3.     Visualize yourself in the ideal life full of wealth, abundance, and money
  4.     Go into detail in your visual – What do you look like? Where are you? How are you feeling?
  5.     Feel the feelings of having wealth and abundance, amplify those emotions as much as possible
  6.     Continue to visualize and be specific in order to feel as much emotion as possible
  7.     Don’t focus on “how” you get the money and abundance but “why” it feels good to have it

Below is a great video from Law Of Attraction YouTuber Eric Ho which talks about how he visualizes at night.  I recommend checking it out and following along with him.

So as you can see, when you match up to the vibration of abundance, you begin to attract it.  If you can imagine it happening in your mind then it is possible for it to happen in your reality.

Eliminate Resistance

For money to begin pouring into your life like one huge waterfall you are going to have to eliminate resistance.  What is resistance you may ask? Resistance is that voice in your head that tells you that you can’t do it. Resistance are those contradicting thoughts that go against everything that you want. 

Resistance is fear of failure. Resistance is stress, worry, anger, among other negative emotions. The more you worry about money, the more you don’t allow the flow to come to you. So how do you go about removing this from your life? You need to first begin by relaxing your thoughts. Meditation is great in helping us calm or anxiety response to thoughts. 

It allows us to slow life down and become present in the moment. When you become a practicer of meditation you eliminate those anxious responses to thoughts and thus gain the power to choose how you get to respond to things. When you have a choice over how you feel, you create your reality.

Check out the video below of Gary Temple Bodley channeling Joshua and talking about creating whatever you want when you come from a perspective of no resistance.  The message will begin when you click play and concludes in about 20 seconds.

Eliminating resistance is really the main key which will bring all the money and wealth you desire to you.  The remaining paragraphs in this article will be about just how you can do that.

Money Affirmations

I’ve also talked about this in other articles on this site but affirmations were my initial introduction to the Law Of Attraction and I believe are truly life changing.  Affirmations in my mind are truly thought changers. When you hear about deliberately creating thoughts, that is essentially what affirmations are. Affirmations are positive statements that you feed yourself on a regular basis. 

When it comes to money, there are plenty of affirmations that can be used to change your thoughts and beliefs around it so you can begin allowing more of it into your life. I like to recite affirmations in my head as many times throughout the day as I possibly can as I truly believe they are life altering and powerful, however, some people set aside a few minutes out of their day and recite them. There is no right or wrong answer, it is whatever you feel is best suited for you.

Below is a list of my favorite money affirmations.  These are taken from The Teachings Of Joshua Mediation on abundance, which is one of my absolute favorites.

I am worthy of anything I desire

I desire things and experiences because they are interesting and fun 

I wish to experience many things 

I know that money will flow when I need it in the amount that I need 

I do not have to know how the money will come 

I have an attitude of confidence, attitude and appreciation 

I know that everything is always working out for me 

I may not be able to see the how money will come… but I am focused on the why 

I enjoy the feeling of prosperity 

I know that confidence and universal forces allows me to relax around the subject of money 

I am an eternal being whose power to create is absolute 

I create my own reality and I choose to experience an abundant reality 

I am a limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance 

Abundance is my birthright 

I experience abundance in many forms 

I have an abundance of air to breathe 

I have an abundance of water to drink 

I have an abundance of food to eat 

I enjoy an abundance of meaningful relationships 

I am fortunate to be who I am living in this reality in this time in history

I have an abundance of interests to follow 

I enjoy an abundance of things that exist in my reality right now 

I am grateful for the abundance of experiences that are available to me 

I am happy to be alive at this time in history 

This is the most abundant time in the history of this world and I am part of an abundant planet 

I will notice when I receive abundance 

I will act when inspired to act 

I will not feel guilty when I don’t act when I’m not inspired 

There is nothing for me to do than follow my highest excitement in any moment 

I choose to do what I find interesting and enjoyable in the moment and I know that abundance is a side effect to this approach to life 

I do not envy others for the abundance that they have, I am inspired by the abundance that is plain to see around me 

I know there is no such thing as lack unless it is self-imposed 

I choose to allow abundance to flow 

I know that I am already successful and there is no possibility of failure 

I choose to see all things from the higher perspective 

I know that I can be, have or do anything as long as I allow it 

I choose to be an allowed 

I choose to allow abundance to come to me as is needed in the amount that is needed for what I want to do

I am a freedom seeking being and I enjoy the freedom that abundance brings 

I do not worry 

I have faith 

I am a confident and successful person 

I see the world as an abundant place 

I enjoy the world around me 

I know that nothing is wrong, and that everything is right 

I know that everything is happening for me and nothing ever happens to me 

I am complete. 

You can use any of these affirmations to aid you in the allowing more money to flow into your life or you can search Google and find others that resonate with you.  Save them into your phone or write down your favorite ones and read them to yourself throughout your day. The more you read the affirmations, the more you begin to create beliefs around them and the sooner you will see more money appear in your life.

Have Fun

In order to manifest more wealth and abundance in your life that is one crucial step that you cannot forget.  That step is…. Have Fun! To me, this is the best part about manifesting money! The more fun you have, the more money you are going to manifest into your experience.  What’s more fun than having fun right? When you are having fun you are in a state of no resistance. You are in a state of freedom. You are in a state of pure joy.

Wait a minute… isn’t this the exact vibration of money and wealth? You got it! When you are having fun, you are vibrating on the same level as that of money.  You are attracting abundance and allowing it into your life 1,000 times faster than when you are stressed, worried or upset. That means it’s important that every single day you find ways to have fun.

You need to find ways to vibrate that feeling of freedom and carefreeness. Stop taking life so serious and just treat as it as big fun game.  A great quote from Abraham Hicks is

“You gotta chill and relax and release, meditate, and breathe and walk, and ski and surf, and bask and sunbathe, and relax and sing, and love and laugh and nurture yourself, and eat good stuff. And find better and better feeling thoughts and practice them until they become the norm. And then EVERYTHING that life has caused you to become must manifest into your experience.”

I think this statement sums up with life is truly meant to be all about and how you can manifest an abundance of wealth anytime you desire.  When you start looking at life way too seriously as if everything is extremely important and you must stop and attempt to control everything, you sink to a very low vibrational state.  You don’t allow wonderful things to come into your experience that way.

Ease up on every aspect of your life and choose to have fun. Choose to laugh. Choose to stop worrying about what others things.  Choose to be you. Life is a game and you are among the greatest players of the game.

Practice Confidence

Demi Lovato asked such a great question in her 2015 hit song.  What’s so wrong with being confident anyway? The fact is, there is nothing wrong with confidence at all. If you’ve never read the lyrics to the song before I am going to leave them below so you can read through them.

“It’s time for me to take it

I’m the boss right now

Not gonna fake it

Not when you go down

‘Cause this is my game

And you better come to play

I used to hold my freak back

Now I’m letting go

I make my own choice

Bitch, I run this show

So leave the lights on

No, you can’t make me behave

So you say I’m complicated

That I must be outta my mind

But you had me underrated

Rated, rated

What’s wrong with being, what’s wrong with being

What’s wrong with being confident?

What’s wrong with being, what’s wrong with being

What’s wrong with being confident?

It’s time to get the chains out

Is your tongue tied up?

‘Cause this is my ground

And I’m dangerous

And you can get out

But it’s all about me tonight

So you say I’m complicated

That I must be outta my mind

But you had me underrated”

Does reading this make a you feel a little more powerful? I know it does for me! Confidence is one of the best vibrations you can emit.  When you are in a confident state, you aren’t worried what people are thinking of you, your mind is sharply tuned to what you want, and you are taking life on with a big smile on your face. 

Confidence is a vibrational match to money and the more you practice it, the more fearless you become, the simpler you life gets, and the more money you begin to attract. So start feeling more confident today but altering your thoughts.  Start talking to yourself and feeding yourself powerful, self-assured thoughts.

As Joshua from The Teachings of Joshua says,

“Don’t tell yourself that confidence is arrogance. It is not. Confidence is simply maintaining thoughts that align with your intentions.”

If you want good examples of confidence words and self-talk, follow some entrepreneurs on Instagram and listen to the way they talk and the things they say. 

Love him, or hate him, Donald Trump is a great example of someone who speaks confidence and that has helped him build a real estate empire and eventually become President of the United States. Check out this video below of Abraham Hicks talking about Donald Trump speaking his confidence into reality.

I’ll wrap up this section with another great quote from The Joshua Diet by Gary Temple Bodley,

“Entertain thoughts of success. Think bigger than you normally allow yourself to think. Start to exercise your imagination. Don’t entertain negative thoughts. Use discipline when thinking. Think thoughts that feel good. When a fearful thought grabs your attention, replace it with a confident thought. Do this often and it will become your habit of thought. Think a confident thought enough times and it will become a belief. Once you’ve created a positive, confident belief, you will have altered the trajectory of your life in an extremely positive manner”

Act On Inspiration

After you’ve practiced everything we’ve talked about above, you are going to start receiving loads of inspiration by the second.  It’s this inspiration that you need to act on. This could be anything from buying a lottery ticket, to asking your boss for a raise, to looking up ideas for your own personal business. 

Whatever inspirational thought comes to you, push passed the fear, gain some confident thoughts, remember it’s all for fun… and then take action! When you take action with no resistance in your vibration, you become the most powerful person in the entire world.  You become unstoppable. You reach a state where all of your dreams begin manifesting one after another.

Allow Wealth Into Your Life

The final and most difficult step of them all… you must detach yourself from the outcome and let go! Yes, that’s right! You must not care if you get the money or not, you must not care if all the practice you put into this works or not. You have to let go of it all. That is the only way you can truly allow wealth to come into your life.

This is where people get turned off to the whole idea of manifestation entirely, mostly because they cannot grasp or understand this part. For me, this was by far the most difficult when I first started practicing the Law Of Attraction.  When I started learning about letting go I couldn’t understand at all. I needed this money so bad! I had so much debt, I had so many late bills, I didn’t even have a car to use. I was obsessed with getting this money so how can I possibly not care if I get it or not!? And that was my problem!

When you are holding on so tightly to an outcome… you are not open to receiving anything. It’s like if you clinch your fist like you are holding onto something tight and then someone comes up to you and is trying to give you something… are you able to receive it? No… because your hand is closed.  You must let go of clinching your fist and open up your hand to receive.

Let Go And Allow

So here is what really brought me into prospective. We all have wants and desires and can do our best to try and manifest them but at the end of the day, the Universe makes the final decision. The Universe is the one that decides if we get the money or the house or the car that we want. If you are so latched on to an outcome and obsessed with it, you are putting out to the Universe an anxious, worried, and stressed energy and obviously that’s the type of energy you are going to receive back. So instead, do all the steps we talked about above and then take a deep breath and just let go and allow the Universe to do all the work.

Eric Ho, has a great affirmation for letting go, this is what he says to the universe:

“Universe, I’ve done everything I can do.  You got my back and you are the greater power. Whatever is supposed to happen will happen.”

Another great quote that sums the whole idea of letting go is from Joshua and is as follows:

“Try simply handing the keys over to the universe and get in the back seat and enjoy the ride”

Reading that should give you some instant relief.  There is nothing you need to stress over, nothing you need to worry about. Just hop in the backseat, have fun, and enjoy the ride.

Once you say this and detach yourself from any and all results, you open yourself up to receiving so much more than what you are asking. You are putting your full trust into the Universe to create incredible things for you, far bigger than money!

This definitely will take a little practice especially if you are extremely desperate for the money now. But I can promise you, the sooner you can master this, the sooner you can let go, the sooner you’ll be holding all the money you desire.

Wrap Up

You now have all the information you need to attract the most abundant life imaginable.  It all comes down to eliminating resistance and living a fully joyful life. When you live a life based in ease and joy you vibrate at incredible strengths and that’s when the attraction process begins to work magic. 

I will leave you with one more quote from The Teachings Of Joshua. If you can wrap your head around this quote and truly understand its meaning, its all you will need to manifest the life of your dreams…

“There is a life for you beyond your wildest imagination and that you can get there. You will enjoy this process of transformation. Everything is working out for you. An easing of resistance will allow you to create the life of your dreams. You have the power to create your own reality. All is well. You cannot fail. Things will get better. It’s all in your hands. It’s all up to you. It’s all in your power. Decide what you want to do next. Release the fear and choose to move toward that which you have always wanted. Make a commitment now. Do it for you, for your loved ones and for the shared consciousness of the planet. Make the decision now.” 


  1. Change Your Understand Around Money
  2. Practice Visualizing Your Abundant Life
  3. Eliminate Resistance
  4. Money Affirmations
  5. Have Fun
  6. Practice Confidence
  7. Act On Inspiration
  8. Allow Wealth Into Your Life

Credits: For more information on The Teachings Of Joshua check out or visit to check out the Joshua Books

For more information on The Teachings Of Abraham check out or visit to check out the Abraham Books

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