How To Manifest A Text Message From Someone

So you want to manifest a text message from someone huh? I don’t blame you one bit! When I had first met the woman who is now my wife there is one thing I seemed like I desired more than anything… her to text me! I would constantly check my phone what seemed like every 15 seconds to see if I had received any type of text from her.  It wasn’t until I discovered the Law Of Attraction and learned the simple steps to manifest a text that I began manifesting what seemed like hundreds of texts from her daily!

To answer the question, it is possible to manifest a text message from someone. In fact, for many it’s one of the simplest things in life to manifest.  In order to do so effectively, it’s important that you clear your mind and practice feeling the emotions of receiving the text before you actually have!

Before we begin with the text manifesting process I just want you to know that this method will work with any type of text you are wishing to receive.  It could be from an ex, a loved one, something to do with work or a job.  It doesn’t matter what type of message it is or who it’s from, if you follow this method I have seen almost a 100% crazy success rate!

It’s All Energy

To start off it’s important that you wrap your mind around what a text actually is.  Sending and receiving text messages is nothing more than energy.  Sometimes we perceive our world as something much bigger than it actually is when in reality it’s all energy vibrating at different frequencies.  It’s no different than a text message.  A text is just a vibration.

Now if you recall the whole premise behind The Secret/Law Of Attraction/Manifestation is that energy attracts like energy.  So if you put yourself in the same vibration of the text message, you will in fact manifest it.

This might sound confusing at first, I know.  But basically we want to attain the feeling of receiving the text message before we have received it… that will cause us to actually attract and receive the text!

Calm Your Mind

Before we get to the feeling though we need to first calm our mind.  In order for a manifestation to take place quickly and correctly we need to get rid of all that static and noise that is already going on in our head.  Let’s say you want to manifest a text message from your crush.

Your mind might be creating a little havoc for you saying things like:

“I hope he/she texts me!”
“I wonder if they even like me!?”
“Am I even good enough for them!?”
“I don’t think manifestation even works!”
“This is a waste of time!”
“I’m kinda hungry..”
“Oh it’s almost time to watch my favorite TV show!”

Your body sends over 11 million bits per second to your brain to process.  That’s a lot! Now we can’t necessarily stop all those negative/distracting thoughts because we picked those up after years of conditioning.  But what we can do is slow them down a little bit.  When you do that, you lessen resistance and open up more space in your mind in order for manifestation to take place.

So how do we slow down these thoughts you ask? We are going to do a mindful breathing exercise.  For the next 5-10 minutes you need to close your eyes and take a deep breath in for 6 seconds… hold it for 2 seconds… then breathe out for 8 seconds.  When you do this just focus your breath counts and the feeling of the air flowing through your nose, feel all those sensations.

If your mind starts to trail off, that’s ok.. when you realize it has just bring your attention back to counts of your breath. After doing this for the allotted time you are going to find yourself in a nice wonder state.  You might feel a little lighter than usual and more relaxed… that’s good! You have successfully quieted your mind.

Mindful Breathing Exercise Breakdown:

  1. Close your eyes
  2. Deep breath in for 6 seconds
  3. Hold for 2 seconds
  4. Breathe out for 8 seconds
  5. Repeat for 5-10 minutes

Another great way that I remain mindful on a regular basis is by using a Reiki Energy Bracelet. These bracelets have been used for thousands of years, to calm and focus the mind, reduce stress, and foster health and vitality.

If you are wanting to get good at manifesting text messages or anything else in your life, you should without a doubt look into getting one. Use my special link below and get one for Free!

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Visualize The Text and Feel The Text

The next step in the manifesting a text process is to pick up your phone.  Hold your phone in your hand and while you do… close your eyes.  Now that your eyes are closed you are going to start a visualizing process.  Visualize your screen lighting up and you hear the text message alert sound come from your phone.  Imagine looking at the screen and seeing the person’s name you wish it to be.  It’s important to apply emotion and feeling in this process.

Remember EMOTION is Energy-In-Motion. When you feel the emotion it sends a pulse out to the Universe and Law Of Attraction will respond and give you the thing that you feel.  So feel excited you got that message. Smile as if it’s happening now!

Then you can take things a step further while visualizing and imagine clicking on the text message and reading it.  Feel the emotion of what it says and you can even visualize yourself typing back a response.  The most important thing is to amplify your emotions.

The more emotions you feel in this the quicker the Universe is going to respond.  Continue doing this until you feel a complete satisfaction and confidence that the Universe has heard you and the text message will be coming at any moment.

Visualization Exercise Breakdown:

  1. Pick up your phone
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Picture receiving the text message
  4. Feel the positive emotions as if it actually happened
  5. Continue to amplify your emotions and get as much feeling from it as possible

Thought Transference (Alternative Method)

There is another extremely powerful method that you can use as an alternative or in addition to your visualizing practices.  The idea behind this method is you are actually going transfer a positive thought to another person.  So in this case, we are going to transfer the thought of sending a text message to you, to the person you want to receive the text from! This method is known as Thought Transference.

In order to use Thought Transference effectively you’ll need to find what is known as a “point of contact”.  This is some type of object that is directly related to the person you want receive the text from.

It can anything from a photo of the person, a movie ticket stub from a movie you saw together, a note or letter they wrote to you on paper or a school year book, or if you don’t have any of that stuff you can even simply write their name on a piece of paper, or use your phone if you’ve communicated with them before.

Now take that object and hold it in your hand and follow the steps below:

  1. Close your eyes and picture whoever it is you’d like to receive the text from in your mind.  Fill yourself with positive emotion when thinking of this person.  Your goal here is to raise your vibration as much as possible while doing this.
  2. With your point of contact item in your hand – really feel the energy flowing from the item.
  3. Repeat out loud or to yourself: “I have a burning, passionate and fulfilling desire to text [your own name]”.  The reason you are stating your own name in this part of the exercise is because you are creating that thought and sending it to that person.  You want to use your own name so they receive the thought and recognize that it is YOU that they want to text.
  4. Really feel the emotion of the idea that they’ve received that thought and they have a burning desire to send you a text. This should feel really good! Play around with this feeling for a couple minutes.
  5. Now take 3 more slow deep breaths… in and out…
  6. The exercise is now complete!

Again, you can do this Thought Transference exercise along with the visualization exercises if you’d like.  By doing them together, you’ll increase the chances of your text message arriving even faster because your vibration will be extremely on point!

Put Your Phone Down And Move On

After the visualizing and feeling step is completed it’s time to put the phone down and move on! Detach yourself from the outcome all together.  You can’t continue on with your day constantly stressed and checking your phone for the message because that’s not how manifestation works.

You have to relax and trust.  So go on with your day in confidence and detachment knowing that your text message is coming.

The sooner you can master this art, the sooner the manifestation will unfold. When the time is right and you really feel a jolt of excitement, pick up your phone.  I bet you’ll see the text message that you desired right on your screen. Many people ask in this step… well how will I know when the time is right to check my phone?  The answer is if you did everything above correctly… you’ll just know!

Another Great Text Manifesting Exercise

A few months back while talking with a friend of mine I actually found out a great exercise you can do when it comes to manifesting a text.  The key here again is feeling the emotion of receiving the text before you’ve even received it.

Here is what you do.  You go into the Address Book of your phone and add YOUR OWN NUMBER as one of your contacts.  However, under the name you put the name of the person you wish to receive the text message from.  So if you wanted to receive a text from your ex named Tom… you would put your own phone number but under the name you would put Tom.

Now you go into you text messaging app and select to send a message to the name you just created.  Type out the message you wish to receive from that person and then send it.  Depending on your phone and settings what should you happen is you should receive a notification from what looks like to be the person you want to text you.  You can open up the message and read the message that you are wishing to receive.

Even though you sent it yourself, you can almost trick your mind into thinking this actually came from the person. You can then go back to amplifying your emotions and feel the feelings of receiving the message.  This should be easier now since you actually have physical evidence in front of you to practice.  It sounds silly but it’s a very powerful exercise when done correctly.

Text Yourself Exercise Breakdown:

  1. Go into your Address Book in your phone
  2. Add your own phone number as a contact
  3. Under “Name” type in the person’s name you wish to receive the message from
  4. Open your texting app and write out the message word for word you wish to receive
  5. Send the message to yourself
  6. You should see the person’s name you wish to manifest the text from pop up on your phone as well as the message you were hoping to receive
  7. Feel the positive feelings associated with receiving the message and amplify them as much as possible

Check out the video below of this person texting themselves so you get the idea of how it works!

Text Manifesting Exercise [Update]

A few readers have reported that with some of the newer versions of IOS that his method no longer works! Oh no! Do not fret though.  Please give it a try and if it works… then perfect! If it does not, or you do not have an iPhone or IOS device you can also use another route.

Instead of adding your own number to your address book and changing your name is someone else’s, you are going to find a friend of yours that you text quite frequently and you are going to temporarily change their name to the person’s name you desire to receive the text from!

We can use the example from above with the name Tom.  Let’s say your best friend’s name is Jessica who you text many times a day and Tom is your EX who you want to receive the text from.  Simply go into your address book and select Jessica’s name.  You will then change Jessica’s name to “Tom”.

You can ask your friend (Jessica) to help play along with you and have a conversation with them as if it’s the person you wish to be speaking to (Tom). Or you don’t have to involve them at all and you can just feel the feelings and the emotion of that person’s name coming across the you screen whenever you receive a text message from your friend.  Either way works incredibly well!

Just remember that the whole point of this exercise is to see the person’s name come across your phone and really feel the emotion behind it.  That emotion is energy that shoots up into the universe and attracts back the text that you want to receive!

Wrap Up

So you now have all the knowledge and tools necessary to manifest a text from anybody you wish! Again it doesn’t matter who… it can be from a crush, an ex, a family member or even something along the lines of a business deal.

The important steps that you need to accomplish are clearing your mind of all that chatter and negative talk, and then visualize the text message being received and feel the emotion behind it.  In final, you can detach yourself from the outcome and expect a text to be coming at any time.

Most individuals I’ve seen do this properly have manifested a text within the next few hours, however, so I’ve seen it take a day or so.  Everybody will have different results depending on how well they utilized the above steps.

So the important thing is to not give up and keep trying.  Have fun with it and I can assure you before you’ll even realize it you will have manifested that text you’ve been waiting for!

[Quick Recap] How To Manifest A Text Message From Some Step-By-Step:

1. Calm your mind with breathing techniques
2. Visualize and feel the text happening in the present
3. Do the Thought Transference Method
4. Text yourself with the name of the person you wish to receive the text from or change a friend’s name that you speak to a lot to the person you wish to receive the text from.  Feel the emotion every time you receive a message and see their name come across your screen.
5. Put the phone down, let go, and move on! Your text is on it’s way to you as long as you don’t worry about it and disrupt your vibration.
6. Jump for joy! You received the text you desire!

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