How To Use Water To Manifest Anything You Want

There’s nothing quite like a big drink of water to satisfy your thirst and a nice hot day am I right? Truth be told, water is more than just a simple beverage. Water is actually a living thing and when used correctly can be a very powerful manifestation tool.

How can you use water to manifest anything you want? Make sure you are drinking alkaline water which is proven to be much more beneficial to your body than tap water.  You’ll also want to use some type of ceramic balls in your water bottle to shake and wake up the water to gain its power.  Speaking to your water and showing it gratitude will also give it a powerful positive energy which will allow for simple manifestation when you drink it.

I’ll explain a little more below so if you are interested please read on!

We Are Water

So why is water such an important part of not only your life but also how you manifest? Well, human beings are made up 80% water as it is.  That basically means the quality of water that we drink equals the quality of us and thus determiners the quality of our manifestation.  We are water and we drink water (It’s kinda like we are drinking ourselves..).  So that means if you are drinking water that carries a lot of chemicals and just flat out isn’t good for you, you are going to feel that reflect in your vibration and emotions.

The difference between drinking a dirty water with chemicals and a nice clean alkaline water are night and day and you’ll feel a difference in your attitude and your energy.  Remember our job is to vibrate high as much as possible.  When we are vibrating on a higher frequency and feeling great any chance we get, we can manifest effortlessly.

Water Is Alive

One of the most craziest studies I’ve read this year are those from a Japanese Scientist named Masura Emoto.  Emoto studied water and how human emotion can actually change the molecular structure of water.  In other words, he discovered that water is alive and it has feelings! He ran several tests and studies where he would take 2 glasses of water and place them in different rooms.  In one room he would talk to water and tell it mean and terrible things like “I hate you” and “You are worthless”.  In the other room with the other water, he would show it gratitude and tell it things like “I love you” and “Thank you”. Emoto would then freeze the water and look at the ice crystals that would formulate.  In the water that he showed hate toward, the crystals were all distorted and chaotic while in the water he showed love to, the crystals were beautiful.  Here are some examples below of the results of the experiment.

Emoto also took water that was polluted and toxic and began praying to it and expressing gratitude toward it.  By doing this he was able to restore the crystals from the water back to it’s beautiful form.

Basically the moral of all these studies is water is alive and it has feelings.  Not only does it have feelings but human emotions can actually change the molecular structure of water.

Stay Away From Sink and Shelf Water

Like we talked about above, the more chemicals you have in your water, the more it’s going to negatively affect your emotion and vibration.  So if you are drinking water right from the sink, you are taking in chemicals like chlorine, copper, mercury, and various nitrates just to name a few.  Who knows how this mix of chemicals are distressing the life of the water and the life of you.  The same can be said for bottled shelf water that you buy at the store.  The average amount of time that water stays in the bottle before it’s purchased is a whopping 2 years! You have no idea what factory it came from, how long it has traveled to get to you, how long it sat in the sun before it reached you and what the attitude of the person who bottled it was.

Remember in Emoto’s studies, human emotion affects the quality of water.  If the person who bottled the water was having a bad day, they may have transferred that energy into the water! Maybe several hundred people at the store picked up the bottle of water before you did and looked at it and thus transferred even more energies into it.  All of these factors are going to put more distress on the water and cause it to hold all sorts of different emotions and vibrations before you consume it.

This is why I prefer to drink alkaline water. Alkaline water has a higher pH level than that of water that comes from the sink and normal bottled water.  It also has the power to prevent diseases like heart disease and cancer.  Studies have also shown it can slow bone loss.  It simply is much more cleaner thus has a higher vibration and has much more beneficial effects on your body than tap and bottled water does.

You Need To Wake Up Your Water

In its natural form water is alive and it’s moving.  Therefore, when we are drinking water out of a bottle from the shelf of a store it’s just simply dead water because it’s been sitting there for so long. It sounds freaky but if you are drinking dead water and you are made of water it’s as if you are drinking death! A non-scary way to put it, it is dormant water and it needs to move! So how exactly do we wake the water up? I like to use ceramic balls in my water bottles.  If you’ve never heard of putting ceramic balls in your water you can check this out here. Basically by putting ceramic balls in your water and constantly mixing it up you are going to wake up your water and put life back into it.  That means you are going to be receiving much more energy from it than your simple dead dormant water.

Some people even go as far as to put rose quartz in their water.  Rose quartz represent and tune to the vibration of love. So by putting them in your water, you are essentially drinking the emotion of love which will bring you more love in your own life.

Pay Attention To The Writing On Your Water Bottle

Now that we know that words can speak to your water… you need to be careful what your bottle actually says on it.  The only reason I wanted to include this section in this article is due to the growing popularity of water bottles with curse words on them! Your water is going to taking to heart the things that are written on your bottle so choose wisely what it says.  If your bottle has profanity or negativity written on it, it’s going to dilute the quality of you water. It’s probably best to stick with a word or phrase that is going to bring some positivity to your water experience. On my water bottles I like to have positive affirmations written on them.  Not only are they valuable for me and give me good vibes and energy but they do the same for my water.

Show Gratitude To Your Water

The final step in consuming the best water for manifestation is to issue gratitude to your water before you drink it.  It goes without saying that words and emotions affect the water that we drink so before you take your first gulp, send love to your water! Show gratitude and give thanks to your water.  Some people even go as far as to pray to their water.

If there is something specific you wish to manifest, tell your water!  If you are wanting to manifest more wealth in your life, say to your water “You are wealth!” and then take a drink.  Since your water is listening to you and forming to the things you say you are literally going to drinking wealth.  If you wish for more love in your life then tell your water “You are love!” and then take a drink.  It’s important that whatever positive affirmation you tell your water you really feel it inside of you.  That feeling is what is going to send out the vibration which the water will catch and hang on to.

Wrap Up

Now you should have a pretty good idea as to how water plays a role in that process of manifestation.  When you are drinking water with a lot of chemicals or water that carries a lot of mixed vibrations, you are going to begin to feel those inside of you.  Keep your water clean, alive and constantly send it positive vibes.  I’ll include a short rundown step-by-step rundown of what we talked about above.

Steps to use water for manifestation:

  1. Drink alkaline water or something without a lot of chemicals
  2. Wake up your water using ceramic balls
  3. Get a water bottle with something positive written on it
  4. Talk to your water and show it gratitude

By following these steps you are guaranteeing clean and positive water entering your body each and every time.  You are going to find yourself feeling so much more relaxed yet having so much more energy throughout your day.  This additional energy and relaxation will eliminate resistance and will allow you to manifest effortless each and every time you try.

Happy Drinking!

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