New Year, New Vibration – How To Activate The Law Of Attraction For 2020

Hey everyone I just wanted to stop by and wish everybody a very Happy New Year!

I promise this post will be short and sweet.

Today I want to talk about resolutions!

Of course, the common thing to do in the world is when the new year begins we all set New Year’s resolutions.

We all have goals we want to achieve, and there’s no better time to start a new goal than the first of the year.

It’s like putting pushing the reset button on life.  We all get a clean slate for the New Year!

The only problem is most people last about 2 weeks on their resolution until they break it.

The reality sets in for them and they realize that their weight loss goals, their money goals their, life goals are much harder than they expected.

The action that they’ve been taken is causing more angst than pleasure so everyone stops what they’re doing.

Your New Year’s Resolution For 2020

I recommend trying something different this year! Try going into the year 2020 with only making one resolution… that one resolution is to FEEL GOOD no matter what.

It’s time that we change our vibration!

If you look at your life…what do you see?

Do you see a lot of lack of things?

Do you see a lot of things that wish you were different?

Things that make you feel unsatisfied?

Everything that you see is the basis of your vibration and what you’re vibrating you’ve attracted this life.

If you’re feeling unhappy and that you don’t have enough of something then that’s exactly the reality that you’re attracting back to yourself!

It’s Time To Make A Vibrational Shift

So now it’s time to change it up! Now it’s time to find every reason in the world to be happy!

In 2019 you have one and only job and that one and only job is Joy. No matter what, in each and every moment you need to try to find as much joy as possible.

Find something that really makes you feel happy and fixate on that feeling continuously over and over and over again.

When something you label as “bad” or “not good” shows up in your life do not worry about it and continue focusing on something that makes you happy.

Even if that means you have to imagine a perfect future for yourself that has not happened yet, that’s perfectly fine as long as it makes you feel good in the moment.

The idea here is we are changing your vibration completely. When you change your vibration from unsatisfied or unworthy to happiness and joy and excitement, your whole reality is going to change!

If you practice joy and happiness during every single moment possible you’re going to find not only will those feelings attract back to you but also feelings of freedom and abundance will start flooding toward you as well because joy, freedom, and abundance are all the same vibration.

Get Happy!!

All you have to do is get happy!

Get happy!

Get happy!

Get happy!

Get happy!

It feels good when you’re happy right? So isn’t it nice that in this moment right now you get to give yourself permission to be happy every all the time!

In every single moment, no matter what life throws at you, find a way to get happy! Just go with the flow and continue to be happy no matter and watch your whole reality shift!

The fun will come into your life abundantly, the joy will come into your life abundantly, the love will come into your life abundantly, the freedom will come into your life abundantly even the money will come into your life abundantly!

Wrap Up

So before you try to make any resolutions and draw out a huge working plan on how you’re going to achieve these resolutions, just stop where you are!

Make only one resolution and that is to be happy no matter what!

When you vibrate joy and happiness you’ll find that the inspiration, the people, the resources, all the things you’ve ever needed to fulfill your life’s desires will start popping up in your life.

Literally, you don’t have to go anywhere… Everything is coming to you!

So Please! In 2019 Vibrate Happiness No Matter What!!

For a little more on this check out my article on Finding Ways To Feel Good!

Also check out this great soothing video with Abraham Hicks about the importance of being happy!

Happy 2020 Everybody!! Let’s have this year be the best one of our lives!

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