Overcome Laziness Using The Law Of Attraction

Could there possibly be anything better than laying on the couch all day with a bag of chips binge watching your favorite Netflix show for the entire day? While this does have some appeal to it, it’s not everyone’s ideal situation.  In fact, too much action like this will keep the Law Of Attraction from working in your life.  This is known as laziness.

Laziness is essentially disinclination to exert energy even though you are more than capable of doing so. It is an emotion that is based entirely in fear. I know when I was able to overcome daily laziness my life changed in incredible ways and allowed me to create websites like the one you’re on now! 

But are their steps to do so? And can we actually use the Law Of Attraction to gain a little momentum in our thoughts to overcome laziness and tackle our dreams? Keep reading and we’ll do a deep dive into laziness and the Law Of Attraction.

What Really Is Laziness In LOA Terms?

According to Abraham Hicks, when you feel lazy or are being lazy, you are not in connection with the vitality which is really you.  In other words, you are not allowing the energy that gives you life to flow within you.  No one ever intends to be lazy, it is simply another form of resistance.  You simply don’t want to do anything because you aren’t in alignment. 

So how can we get in alignment and overcome our lazy habits? Start practicing thoughts that feel good to you, more importantly ones that give you some motivation or confidence.  Motivational Speaker Les Brown says every morning right when you wake up you should listen to at least 5-10 minutes of some sort of motivational video or podcast because that is when your subconscious mind is the most alert to retaining information. 

Basically, you can control the entire spirit of your day by listening to something motivating in the morning.  It will help fight out spells of laziness that might try to hit you throughout the day.  For me, this has always worked really well.  First thing I do when I wake up is always listen to Abraham Hicks on YouTube or the LOA Joshua Live Podcasts, or Les Brown himself. 

Feeding my mind these positive words right when I wake up gives me a jolt of motivation and allows me to start my day on the right track so I don’t dip into a lower vibrational frequency (one of laziness) at the start of my day.  I’ll include below a great motivational speech from Les Brown that hopefully will get you pumped up a little bit!


Use Lazy Busting Affirmations

So now that we’ve figured out that you need to start rewiring your brain a little bit to start feeling a little more motivated, you can get a nice jump start on this by using positive affirmations.  Affirmations are positive statements that you say to yourself either verbally and non-verbally that actually begin to rewire your brain into believing that they are actually true.  

When your mind believes completely that something is true, it will become true! Here is a list of some affirmations on not allow laziness take over your life and staying focus on what you want to get done:

I focus on my reality   

I listen to my conscientious thought

I take action in my life

I accept new opportunities

I allow myself to think creatively

I am a logical thinker

I get things done on time

I am a hard worker

I concentrate on real life

I accomplish anything I set my mind to          

Being distracted isn’t a problem for me

I naturally control my wandering mind

I keep my traveling thoughts at bay

I simply know when to return to real life

I am naturally awake and alert

I have a strong sense of reality

Others see me as a well-organized individual

When lazy thoughts arise, I naturally pull myself back into focus

I would choose 3-5 of your favorites and recite them as much as you want throughout your day.  The more you recite your affirmations the faster they will begin to work amazing wonders in your life.

Set Your Intention The Night Before

One of the worst things you can do is not have a plan, especially if you want to get a lot done and not be lazy.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt extremely motivated to get a lot done in a day but since I don’t have a plan of action, I end up on the couch playing video games.  Not only is it important to have an attack plan but it’s also necessary to set your intentions on that plan. 

At night before bed, I always create a plan of attack for the next day.  I might need to write an article, make a YouTube video, go for a run, meditate, etc but I also know I have to meet a relative for lunch, go to the grocery store, clean the house, etc. 

Since there is so much to do it allows me to break everything down and fit it all into my schedule.  Once I’ve created my schedule, I will take a couple minutes and set my intention that I will complete all of it and I will feel wonderful while doing each activity.  Intention setting is powerful because when you intend for something to go your way without doubt or concern, the Universe bends over backwards for you to make it happen.  It doesn’t have to be fancy and there is no special way of doing it. 

I simply look at my schedule or attack plan and I tell myself in my head, “I intend to complete each activity on this list with joy, fun and ease… tomorrow is going to be a wonderful day!”.  With that simple sentence, my intentions are set, the Universe has heard, and I’m ready to face the next day head on!

Seek Out Discomfort

Alright so I’ll be honest… sometimes you wake up in the morning… you have a ton of stuff to do… and no matter what… you just can’t find the motivation to do it.  I get it.  No matter what, you’ll always face some days like this.  However, these days are the most crucial in your journey, because if you don’t act and get stuff done on these days, you feed more power to your laziness.  Motivational speaker and businessman Grant Cardone says “If you only grind on the days that you feel good, you’ll never get anything done.”  This quote has really stuck with me because it’s so true. 

Yes, Law Of Attraction works incredibly and yes there is huge power in creating your own thoughts, but no matter what you are still going to have those days where you’re just full of resistance.  Try to act despite all of this.  Once you start acting regardless of how you feel, you’ll start gaining a ton of momentum and the confident thoughts will begin to follow. 

Pretty soon you won’t even remember why you were feeling lazy in the first place.  So I always try to live by the idea that we should actually seek out discomfort.  Any situation that makes you feel uneasy we should move into it, not away from it.  When you do this on a daily basis you tell your brain that you are in control and it’s not in control over you.  You begin to overcome fears, self doubts, anxieties, and yes even laziness. 

Author and speaker Neale Donald Walsh talks about discomfort like this:

“In the moment I start feeling uncomfortable I go yes! There’s the feeling of discomfort again.. bring it on! I am comfortable with my discomfort 

I find comfort in my discomfort. That “uhh I’m not really sure” feeling means I am absolutely sure! It means that the highest part of myself is speaking to me in a way that vibrates throughout every cell of my body that I used to call discomfort and that I now call a signal from the divine. Move into that.. not away from it.

Every time I denied myself the experience of my own greatness is because I moved away from it rather than move into my discomfort and locked myself out of my place of joy. Not every once in a while… every single time!”

So try taking Neale’s advice and moving into that discomfort feeling as much as you can and watch how your life transforms.  Everytime you feel lazy and don’t want to do something, that’s your sign that you should absolutely 100% do it, no questions asked. 

Try it for a few days and see how it works for you… at first it may be difficult but again the more you do it, the more momentum you’ll gain and the easier it becomes.  Pretty soon you’ll be so productive that the idea of being lazy won’t even enter into your thoughts.

Wrap Up

Hopefully by reading this it gives you a better understanding of what laziness is and how it the Law Of Attraction can be used to overcome.  Again, it does sometimes take some willpower on your end to push through, especially on the days where you just don’t feel like doing anything. 

I can promise you though, the more you push through your laziness and continue to think confident thoughts, the sooner it will become your habit or thought.   Once you reach that point there won’t be anything that you can’t do.  You’ll truly be unstoppable!

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