6 Ways To Overcome Shyness Using The Law Of Attraction

Growing up, I struggled a lot with shyness.  It seemed like it was something genetically permanent inside of me and there was never a way for me to overcome it.  This wasn’t until I discovered the Law Of Attraction and really started to understand the power that we possess.  

It is possible to overcome shyness using the Law Of Attraction.  There are many ways you can go about doing this so I listed what I think are some of the best ways below!

1. It’s All Irrational Fear

It’s important to understand that when you are feeling shy or any type of social discomfort that it is a form of irrational fear. What is irrational fear you may ask? Here is a little breakdown for you.  As humans, we have 2 emotions… love and fear. That’s it. All other emotions are just branches of these.

Happiness, excitement, content, and all other positive emotions are forms of love. When it comes to fear, anytime you feel as though you are physically in danger of being killed, you will experience fear.  That’s the adrenaline fight or flight response that is wired within us.

That is the only time in your human experience you should ever be feeling fear. So what about stress, embarrassment, anxiety, sadness, etc? Where do these emotions fall into play? These are all considered irrational fears. In other words, they aren’t real.  They don’t actually exist.


These emotions bring up your fight or flight response, yet you cannot die by feeling them. Therefore, they are simply illusions that you have made up in your mind. Keep this in mind the next time you start feeling shy in a social situation. The emotion you are experiencing is actually just an illusion you have made up in your mind. 

You cannot be physically harmed or killed by speaking with someone, no matter how badly you feel, it’s all an illusion and none of it is real. Don’t get caught up in the illusion and let it control your life. Be free and do and say as you please. Be silly, be loud, be fun. The only difference between being shy and being fun and silly is one feels better than the other!

Choose to be free and don’t let the illusion of irrational fear control who you are.

2. Seek Out Discomfort

Another way to get rid of your shyness is to actually seek it out.  The more you put yourself out there and experience the discomfort of shyness, the faster it will dissipate! You should actually look forward to feeling shy as much as possible. Let shyness be your new comfort. Here is a great tip that author and Law Of Attraction practitioner Neale Donald Walsch uses when it comes to get past his anxieties.

“I always look to see what is making me uncomfortable, and I move into that. Because it is what is making me uncomfortable that will ultimately make me larger and cause me to grow and become a bigger version of myself, a bigger version of Who I Am.

Do you understand the Divine Dichotomy? I find comfort in my discomfort, that feeling of discomfort, that “Uh, uh, I’m not really sure, I’m not really sure,” means I’m absolutely sure. It means that the highest part of myself is speaking to me—in a way that vibrates throughout every cell in my body, that I used to call discomfort, and that I now call a signal from the Divine. 

Move into that, not away from it. Every time I have denied myself the experience of my own greatness, it’s because I’ve moved away from, rather than into, my discomfort—and locked myself out from my place of joy. Not once in a while, not now and then. Every single time.”

I find that these words from Neale Donald Walsch are golden and I use them in my everyday life.  If everytime you feel a discomfort you move toward it instead of running from it you’ll find out 2 things.

One, you’ll find that nothing bad happens to you and you’re still alive when it’s done. And two, you’ll feel an incredible exhilaration for breaking down your discomfort wall.  I really recommend you give this a try.

Every moment you feel shy or socially anxious, let that be a sign that you are doing everything right and you should keep doing exactly what you’re doing. Continue to do this and your shyness will go away and be replaced with an incredible confidence.

3. You Create All Of This

Remember, this is your life and your reality.  You create all of it through the thoughts that you think. If you are feeling shy and you think you aren’t doing well in a social situation, it’s because you are thinking it.  If you think you are being very confident in a social situation, it’s because you are thinking it.

The only difference is your thoughts. Reality is created through your eyes alone.  Choose thoughts that are beneficial to you rather than ones that work against you.

Remember Henry Ford’s famous quote used in the movie The Secret? 

“Whether you think you can or you can’t — either way, you’re right.”

This sums up what we’re talking about here.  You can choose any thought you want. Choose thoughts where you come out of your social situations feeling like you did incredible. 

Choose thoughts that make you feel confident. Choose thoughts that make you remember that this is your reality and nobody else can create it but you.

Here is a great quote from The Teachings Of Joshua on this subject matter:

“All limiting beliefs based in irrational fear are false. When you choose to believe that a limiting belief is a fact, or true, you are simply making that choice. It is always your choice. People may agree or disagree with your choice. People may think it is smart to hold onto or discuss their limiting beliefs, but it is not. It is simply limiting.

You came here to live an unlimited life. You have total and complete freedom to choose your thoughts and your beliefs. The fact that you can choose your thoughts is proof that your life is designed to be limitless. However, you choose to think limiting thoughts.

You make the choice, not anyone else. No one tells you what to think; you allow or resist all thought. You choose to adopt or release your beliefs. You can reduce or increase the intensity of any belief. No one can tell you what to believe. It is all up to you.”

4. Visualize Yourself Confident In Social Situations

According to Abraham Hicks, what-is is not actually reality and what we see in our thoughts is what we should be focused on.  That’s because our desires lie within your mind and thoughts and if we focus on them, they will make their way into our physical reality.

In order to do this and manifest the life you want quicker, visualizing is a great technique to use. When you can match up to the vibrational frequency of the thing that you want, you will attract it into your experience. 

In your case, you’ll want to visualize yourself feeling extremely confident in social situations. The more you do this, the more confident you will become.

Here is a good step-by-step method to follow for visualizing:

Close your eyes and imagine yourself feeling fantastic, wonderful, and exhilarated having just finished a conversation with a group of strangers that you just met.

Any positive emotion that you feel is wonderful because that means you are matching up to the frequency of what you want. Remember, if you can see it in your mind’s eye, that means it can exist in this reality. 

Play around with the idea of feeling wonderful with a new sense of confidence and no longer feeling shy anymore. See yourself feeling wonderful, excited, and eager to meet and talk to people everywhere you go. You are so confident that people even turn and look at you on the street and wish they had the confidence that you do!

Now that you are no longer shy and are oozing with confidence, what are you going to do next? Are you going to go out and celebrate? Are you going to meet up with friends? Maybe try your hand at a new career? Start dating?

Keep asking yourself questions and amplifying your emotions each and every single time.  Again, the more emotion you invoke from this process, the better the Law Of Attraction is going to work for you.

Play around with what you visualize based on your own situation but hopefully that helps you get the idea.  You want to invoke as much emotion as possible when you visualize.

Remember, emotion is energy in motion. The emotion attracts the desire that you want.  So in a way you are visualizing not to “see” but to “feel”. The more you can feel the confidence, the faster it is going to come to you since you’ve matched up to its vibrational frequency.

You can visualize as much as you want throughout the day and wherever you’d like to do it, however, my favorite time to do it is right before I go to sleep at night.

What you think about right before bed, carries on into your subconscious mind during your sleep. The fascinating thing about that is our life is governed 95% of our subconscious mind. It is literally 20,000 times more powerful than our conscious mind.

So if you are thinking about being confident and getting rid of your shyness right before you go to sleep, you’ll literally fall asleep while doing it and all those thoughts and desires will shift immediately into your subconscious. The power of your subconscious mind will literally begin to start making this your reality. 

Every time you visualize you are literally one step closer to matching the vibration of your desire and manifesting it right into your existence.

5. Affirmations

Again, in order to make your desire into a reality, you need to match up to the vibration of already having it.  Another way to do this is through the practice of affirmations.  

Affirmations are positive statements that you say to yourself either verbally or nonverbally that help you keep a positive, successful mindset and overcome any negative thoughts about yourself or your situation. In your case, they are going to help you overcome shyness and help you keep your mindset positive during this time.

When you continually repeat your affirmations, you start to believe them and you’ll see these positive changes take place in your life.

When you continually affirm this each and every day it becomes natural to you and you begin to truly believe it without any resistance attached to it at all. 

Here are some great affirmations around overcoming jealousy shared from our friends at TrinityAffirmations.com.

I would recommend going through the list and choosing 5 of your favorites, write them down and recite them at least 3 times a day. Morning, Noon and Night! If you can do it more, then do it more. The more you recite them the quicker you will begin to believe them and the faster the Law Of Attraction will start working in your life.

  • I am outgoing
  • I am overcoming shyness
  • I am relaxed, easygoing and social
  • I am confident when meeting new people
  • I take the lead in large groups
  • I speak my mind with confidence
  • I always share my thoughts and feelings
  • I am confident and relaxed when talking to the opposite sex
  • I am comfortable socializing with strangers
  • I am confident, positive and friendly
  • Being outgoing is normal
  • Being confident is my natural right
  • I am naturally social, friendly and warm
  • I enjoy meeting new people
  • Others love my outgoing personality
  • I give off positive energy to others
  • It is normal for me to be completely relaxed and confident in social situations
  • Socializing and meeting new people makes me happy
  • Speaking confidently to the opposite sex is something I just do naturally
  • Sharing my thoughts and feelings is easy for me

6. Just Have Some Fun

At the end of the day there is only one goal in life… have fun! You didn’t come into this physical reality to experience shyness or social anxieties.  You came here to feel overcome with joy and exhilaration. You came here to laugh and play and be silly. You came here to have fun.

As Abraham Hicks likes to say:

“We want you to know, finding fun is the most responsible thing that you can do.  Find as much fun as you can find in a day, and do anything else you have time for. Find as much fun as you can.”

When you are just having fun and playing the game of life, you live a life free of resistance, stress and anxiety. That’s because you aren’t trying to do anything else but have fun.  If you succeed at something great, if you fail at it, even better. It really doesn’t matter as long as you are experiencing joy.


Stop taking your life so seriously and have fun in your social interactions.  There is no need to feel shy because it does not benefit your game in the least bit. Choose a fun and exciting perspective on life and continue to live it that way until it ends. If you can adopt this strategy you will attract more than just confidence, but more love, abundance, and great health as well.

Wrap Up

You now have all the information you need in order to overcome shyness in your life using the powerful Law Of Attraction.  Pick which ones really resonate with you and use them. Not all of these are for everyone.

Pick what works for you and continue to practice it until it becomes a habit.  When you reach that point, you will start attracting more confidence and the shyness will leave your body forever.

BONUS INFO – Step By Step Program

If you want some help getting started with overcoming shyness, I found a great program online that can assist you. It’s called the Shyness and Social Anxiety System and it’s taught by Sean Cooper who is a Best Selling Author and a big time sufferer of shyness in the past. 

According to the site, The Shyness and Social Anxiety System is: 

“A step-by-step system anybody can use to overcome their nervousness, insecurities or quietness around people. The practical and concrete directions in this program tell you exactly what to do and when. This is what makes this program so much different in a sea of books that talk too much about what shyness or social anxiety are, but talk too little about HOW to actually overcome it.”

The program guarantees results or they’ll give you your money back which is pretty nice! It has some really great testimonials from people who used to suffer from shyness but were able to overcome it by using the program. This is definitely worth a try if you want a little jumpstart in overcoming your jealousy. 

You can use this program along with some of the steps above and I’m sure you’ll be amazed with your results.

 If you want to learn more about the program click here to be taken to the main site!

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