How To Adopt A Positive Mindset For Simplistic Manifestation

Me and family in Disney WorldGood evening to all my amazing readers out there!

For those of you who are new to my site, my name is Matt and this is my site where I share my tips and tricks on how to utilize the Law Of Attraction to the best of your ability.

I am actually lying here in my bed and it’s 11pm at night but before I get some shut eye I really wanted to take a few minutes and write out this post because I feel that it is the most important step to the Law Of Attraction and manifestation.

Really truly, without this you will never get the Law Of Attraction to work for you.

What I’m talking about here is a positive mindset.

The Power Of Positivity

I know a lot of you are probably thinking “But Ayden, I am positive!” and I’m not here saying you’re not. But the fact is in order for the LOA to really work for you, you need to adopt a positive mindset at least 90% of your entire day.

This can be extremely difficult to do, and even I very much have trouble with it at times.

How can we be positive all the time when we turn on the news and see all the sad things happening in the world?  Or when we don’t get the big promotion we were looking forward to at work? Or when we are always getting into disagreements with our spouses?

Again, it’s not an easy task to accomplish but if you really stop and think about it you realize that we really don’t give positivity much of a chance in our lives.

Stay Positive

We could have a million things going right for us yet we pick the one thing that’s not and we give it our undivided attention.

We are all guilty of this.

The problem is when all we do is focus on that one negative thing, it becomes our vibration.

We send out that vibration to the universe and Law Of Attraction responses by giving us more things that will make us feel negative.

It’s time we stopped beating ourselves up on the few negative things that are going on in our lives and begin focusing on the positive.

Find Anything And Everything To Be Thankful For

Start being thankful for all the things that are going right for you.

Take the time right now and say:

“Thank you for this planet,

Thank you for my body,

Thank you for the food I had for dinner,

Thank you for my family,

Thank you for the oxygen I’m breathing,

Thank you for my hands,

Thank you for my eyes,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

You begin to realize that all the “small” things we say thank you to are far bigger than any of the negative things in our lives that we focus on.

Law Of Attraction Daily Routine

We get into this routine where we just expect all those “small” things to be there and we forget how fortunate and wealthy we really are to have them.

I mean really… where would we be without oxygen???

Get in the mindset of appreciation for all the incredible things that are working for you and ignore those negative aspects!

By doing this your vibration changes and you send out a positive vibration to the universe and Law Of Attraction will solve the negative aspects without you even having to do anything!

It’s Time To Laugh Away Worry

Another thing we as humans uncontrollably do is WORRY!

We worry that our job doesn’t pay us enough, that our body isn’t good enough, that our car isn’t new enough, that we don’t have enough money for what we want.

I know I use to worry about anything and everything no matter how big or small and no matter if it was my problem or not.

The thing that I came to realize is WORRY is the reason we are still stuck in the same spot!

Think about it… we want more money but we focus and worry that we don’t have enough of it..


When we go around feeling worried about things Law Of Attraction responses to your feeling of worry and gives back more things for you to worry about.

The solution to this is so simple…

If we would just sit back and trust that well-being is our birthright and everything that we ever wanted or could possibly please us is right in front of our eyes, our lives would change drastically.

Abraham Hicks recommends a fun exercise and they say for one week anytime you feel a worry come up you should laugh it away.

Instead of giving into the worry and digging deeper into it you should just laugh it away and ignore it.  Think of it as silly and not important.

When you do this you are basically taking worrying out of your vibrational equation. So you aren’t putting out that signal to the Universe anymore and therefore all your desires must come to you!

It’s time to stop looking at the negatives in life and stop worrying about things!

Turn your attention to the abundance in your life you already have, turn your attention to the positive aspects of your life, and once you do that you allow for more abundance and more positivity to flow into your experience… it has to… it’s the LAW!

Listen to this audio clip from Abraham Hicks for deeper insight on “Getting Happy”:

Wrap Up

Matt At Epcot

I hope my post tonight resonated with you and will help you along your journey! Remember to simply be happy now!

You are the ultimate controller of your thoughts and vibrations! Get happy and let the Universe fill in the details!!

Much Love!

– Matt

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