10 Tips To Reduce Fatigue and Raise Your Vibration

I think we can all agree that sometimes things are easier said than done.  When it comes to the Law Of Attraction, it doesn’t matter how many articles you read, how many coaches you have, how many programs you are enrolled in, if you are feeling tired… it’s hard to stay motivated.  Feeling fatigue and a low vibrational state are the main culprits for manifestations not coming to fruition.  So how do you battle fatigue and raise your vibration in order to truly activate the Law Of Attraction. Keep reading and we’ll discuss the best ways to do so.

Sleep Well

Most of you are probably rolling your eyes and thinking “Well duh! Of course sleeping more will reduce fatigue!” While that is true, I’m not necessarily talking about how long you sleep but instead the quality of your sleep.  You see someone who sleeps 6 hours every night can easily feel more energized than someone who sleeps 8 hours.

The key here is the quality of sleep you are getting.  Little things like small lights, electronics, and the airflow in your room are all keys to a successful nights sleep.  If you have multiple electronics plugged in, your cell phone right by your face and no fan or AC helping circulate the air, odds are you are sucking away your own energy as you sleep instead of gaining it.  My recommendation to you is to make your bedroom the place only where you sleep.

Try not to have TVs and other electronics plugged in.  Have your bed, a closet, and a dresser and keep everything else out! Try this for even one night and watch how the quality of your sleep changes.  You’ll feel so much more rested, clear headed and energized the next morning.

Your Mind Controls Your Body

So many people tend to forget that their mind is truly in control of everything.  People base how they feel off of their body and maybe how heavy their eyes feel.  The truth is, they’ve let their body go on automatic and haven’t taken the time to reel it in with their mind.  Each morning when you wake up take the time to take control of your mind.

Whether that’s meditating, feeding yourself positive statements, or just taking a few moments to plan out your day.  When you begin feeling a state of tiredness come over you, catch yourself in the act and immediately take control of your feelings.  If you don’t take control your body is going to whine and complain and send signals to your mind that it’s feeling tired. Don’t let your body do this.

A powerful mind will always be able to overcome the requests of the body. Whatever, you have to do in order to ensure your mind isn’t going in automatic mode and making your body feel tired on purpose, try to do it! Do this daily and you’ll find that within a week you’ll start feeling more and more powerful.  You’ll begin to realize that you have a true power over yourself that you never thought imaginable.

Talk To Yourself

One of the most important things you can do in order to change your life is to talk to yourself.  Say positive things over and over to yourself.  The fact is, you are in your head and there’s no way for you to get out of it.  Since you are pretty much stuck there, you may as well make it a wonderful place to be.  Feed yourself with positive statements and build yourself up.  If you wake up one day and feel tired, tell yourself that you’re unstoppable! Tell yourself you are going to make it through the day.

Be your own booster. Be your own #1 fan.  You’ll notice your body will begin to respond to these positive statements and you’ll have created your very own energy to make it through the day.  It can take some time for this to really work in your life so don’t give up on it.  On the first few days of consciously and deliberately speaking positive things to yourself you are going to feel a lot of resistance.  Ignore this resistance and just keep feeding yourself positive messages.  Overtime, the resistance is going to fade away and there will nothing blocking the energy and emotions you’ll begin to feel from these positive words.

Check on this video below where Les Brown speaks on the subject of how to talk to yourself:

Feel Gratitude

My favorite quote from Abraham Hicks that I’ve shared many times before on this site is as follows: “The standard of success is the amount of joy that you feel.” For those that don’t quite understand what it means, life is not about money or fame or anything like that, it has everything to do with how happy you feel.  Feeling grateful for your life attracts a powerful energy and if you have that energy harnessed inside you, there’s no possible way you would ever feel tired.

If you could find a way to feel happy and grateful 100% of the time no matter what, you would never even want to sleep at night! You’d just crave more and more of life.  In order to get to this state it takes time and practice but is very achievable.  Take a pencil and paper and start writing down 10 things you are grateful for in your life. After that 10, write more and more.  Compile a huge list of things so anytime you start feeling that cloud of fatigue come over you, you can read your list and power through it all.

This list can range from being grateful for certain family members, your job, your pet, and even things like breathing, and your eye sight, and your hands.  Little things like this we take for granted but some people don’t have them, so take the time to feel grateful for them.

Visualize At Night

The power of visualization cannot be argued or denied as some of the most famous and influential people in this world use it every day.  You can use visualizing as a tactic at night to make yourself feel ready and energized each and every morning.  Before you go to bed, simply close your eyes and imagine waking up in the morning feeling wonderful and refreshed.

Close up of woman visualzing

Imagine yourself with a playful amount of energy the next morning and ready to take on the next day.  When you set your intentions through visualize the universe works to make it became a reality.  Play around and practice with this each night, you’ll find out how simple it is to set an intention and that it works seamlessly every single time.

Fun After Fun After Fun

What is the one state of emotion where there exists no resistance whatsoever? That is the state of FUN! When you are having fun there is no room for negative emotion, there is no room for fear, there is no room for any resistance whatsoever.  So many people take life so seriously that they forget that the whole point of being here is to have fun.

When you deliberately decide that you are going to stop taking life so seriously and just have fun, your entire life changes in the greatest way possible.  You no longer think about being tired or needing rest. You are jumping from activity to activity with the idea of fun in the very front of your mind.  Think about when you were a kid and you could run around everywhere, play with toys, jump on the couch, crawl around and you would never ever get tired.  That is because you allowed the fun to flow through you and there was no resistance connected to anything you did.

As you got older you began taking life more seriously and adopted resistance to many things.  My advice to you is go back to acting like a child! Go back to treating everything as fun! Go back to treating life like one big game.  By doing this you are going to eliminate all the resistance you have and gain a world creating amount of energy.  You will stop feeling tired, your vibration will be raised to incredible heights and you will begin manifesting all your dreams one after another.

Check on this video where Abraham Hicks talks about the importance of FUN in your life:

Remember Who You Are

Joshua from The Teachings Of Joshua, loves to remind us that we are all limitless beings of pure positive love and acceptance.  However, through all of our fears and resistance, we quickly bury that idea into the ground.  It’s important that we take several moments throughout every day and remind ourselves of who we truly are. We are all limitless beings who set forth with the idea to come into this world for the joy of expansion.

Because we are limitless beings of pure love, we can be, do or have anything we want.  The only reason we aren’t receiving all that we want is because of our resistance.  This again goes back to taking life too seriously.  To not trusting the Universe. To trying to control our lives instead allowing things to flow to us.  It’s important to remind yourself of who you are as much as possible throughout the day.  Reflect on that idea that you truly are limitless.  Reflect on the idea that you are love.  Reflect on the idea that life is meant to be fun and joyful and filled with love.

Each moment you are in, practice feeling love and joy, even if it isn’t easy.  Every moment is perfect, it is only our judgements and perspectives that make us feel like some moments aren’t.  When we come to that realization that we truly are limitless in every way your body doesn’t need to slow down or feel tired.  You can push on and continue your day in a natural high vibrational state.

Live Life In The Moment

Most of the time when we are feeling tired it’s because we are focused too far ahead into the future and not enough in the moment.  Haven’t you ever woken up during your weekend morning and felt super energized and excited to embrace the day? What about when you sleep the same exact amount but you wake up and have to go to work.  You don’t feel as energized and excited do you? You’ve let your mind think into the future to determine how you feel in the present.  You might wake up feeling very joyful and energized but then remember you have a million things to do that day and some things are very stressful and your day suddenly gets flipped upset down.

When you live life in the moment, you no longer fear for the future but the future doesn’t even cross your mind.  You are only honed in and focused on the present moment.  Living life in the present takes a lot of time and effort to master but when it’s done, your entire life changes in unbelievable ways.  Eckhart Tolle the author of The Power Of Now, recommends you simply focus on your breathing.

Every time your mind begins to wonder, you put your focus back on your breath.  Focus on the feeling of the air going in and out of your nose.  Keep doing this every second of every day and watch as your life transforms.  This is the true sense of living in the present moment because take away all your thoughts and the only thing that is truly happening right now is that you are breathing. The stress goes away, the anxiety goes away, the lack of energy goes away.  You begin feeling a state of bliss and happiness and this is your true natural state.  You can begin this exercise right now and for the first few weeks set reminders on your phone to remind yourself to keep focusing on your breath.

Take Naps

Want to know the best way to reset your vibration to a clean slate? Take a nap! Napping is one of the most powerful tools in the human arsenal as it really does act like a reset button.  If you’re feeling tired, if you’re feeling anxious, if you’re getting all tied up in your thoughts, there might be no better cure than a nice quick nap.  The length of the nap is not important by any means as long as you do fall asleep for at least a few minutes.

The nap turns your mind off and gives you that instant recharge you are seeking.  Once you wake up from your nap take a moment to stretch out and remind yourself that you can deliberately create a new vibration right now. What a freeing experience. You get to choose whatever you want to feel. Isn’t that great? Even Abraham Hicks says “Think as long as it’s fun. And try as long as it’s easy. And speak as long as it feels good. Otherwise, take a nap.”  In this quote they are speaking on the importance of nap taking and how it really truly is a complete reset of your vibration. So what are you waiting for? Get to napping!


This falls into the same category as nap taking.  When you don’t have time for a nap or you prefer are more awaken experience, try your hand at meditation when your feeling fatigue.  Meditation is another one of those “factory reset” buttons on your bodies and our mind.  When you meditate, you essentially stop thought.  When you stop thought you do not encounter any more resistance.  Without resistance there will be no fatigue and your vibration is going to shoot sky high.

When it comes to meditation there are many of us that do not how to do it or where to begin.  The nice thing about mediation is there is no right or wrong way to do it.  You can simply sit or lie down and focus only on your breathing.  Even if you can’t find a quiet place, you can even meditate in noisy places simply by picking one noise trying to listen and focus only on that noise.  You’ll notice when you immediately try this you’ll feel instant relief.  You can also find a lot of free mediations online.  Some of my favorites are from the Teachings of Joshua! You can check them out here…

Wrap Up

To conclude everything we talked about, the ability to reduce fatigue and raise your vibration is already within you.  All you have to do is find the best way to activate it.  This can be different for everybody but at least one of these methods above is worth trying because you will be amazed with the results.  Give one or two a try and let us know how you are feeling by commenting below.  Here is a little recap of everything we went over in this article.  Let’s wake up! Feel good! Have fun! And live life to our fullest!

Reduce Fatigue and Raise Your Vibration Recap

  1. Sleep well
  2. Your mind controls your body
  3. Talk to yourself
  4. Feel gratitude
  5. Visualize at night
  6. Fun after fun!
  7. Remember who you are
  8. Live life in the moment
  9. Take naps
  10. Meditate


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