Law Of Attraction – The Power Of Relaxing And Allowing

Hey everyone!

Before I begin, I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! We are just a couple days away from my favorite holiday of the year.

Christmas to me is the culmination of all the love and joy I feel in my life all squeezed into one holiday! I love waking up on Christmas morning and feeling so joyful and free!

I hope your holiday season brings you so much happiness and wonderful feelings.

Remember to live in the moment and elevate your emotions as much as possible.

Feel as much joy as possible because as we like to say the standard of success in this life is the amount of joy that you feel.

Relax And Allow

Today I want to talk about relaxing your way to all the you want.

Let Go And Allow

We hear all the time that you have to work hard to get want you want.

You have to make sacrifices to get you want. You have to temporarily be unhappy in order to get what you want.  The truth is… none of this is actually true.

In fact by following these guidelines you are actually working against yourself.

Isn’t it funny how the people who are working the hardest in this world are the ones making the least amount of money? The people who work maybe a few hours a week are the ones that are bringing in the most.

Most people say “Well life’s not fair and that’s just the way it is.” But the truth is it’s really not the way it is.  The people who are making more know something that the others don’t.

Their mindset around money is completely different.  Their mindset around all their desires are different.

Well-Being Is Your Birthright

So what does it mean when you hear someone talk about the power of relaxing and allowing?

Basically this revolves around the idea that well-being is your birthright.  It literally is your right as a human to get everything you ever desired.   Sounds pretty awesome right?

So if well-being is your Birthright that means no matter what, all the things you desire and all the things that will make you super happy are coming to you one way or another.

The only reason the stuff that you desire isn’t getting to you is because you are resisting them to some degree.

When you have resistance around thoughts or resistance around a desire you block that desire from manifesting or happening in your life.

So when we talk above about money, a lot of people want a lot of money, however when the idea of money comes up start feeling resistance to it.

They start offering contradicting thoughts about money into their experience.

This is the perfect example of resisting your desire.  They start feeling a lack of it and they send out negative thought signals about money.

The same can be said for the new house you want, the new car you want, the new relationship that you want, the new job that you want, and anything else that you want.

You want these things but then you start worrying about them.

Worrying about how you’re going to get them.

Worrying that you haven’t got them already.

See the thing is it’s not your job to figure out how you’re going to get something because well-being is your right of birth, so all those things are going to make their way to you… you need to stop those resistant thoughts.

That’s where the idea of relaxing and allowing come into play.

The Path Is Being Shown To You

The universe is choosing the path for you and it’s unfolding right in front of you.

The path that is unfolding is the path to all the things that you want.

It’s the path of least resistance.

The path that is unfolding is the quickest way to everything that you want. All you need to do is follow the path and not resist it in any way shape or form.

You can literally take a big deep breath and relax.

Your biggest wants are making their way into your experience as we speak without you needing to feel even a little bit of angst.

24 Hour Allowing Challenge

So here’s a little challenge for you. Try to go for the next 24 hours and just allow things to come into your experience without any resistance.

What comes into your life as a blessing, since life in itself is a blessing even if you hit every red light on your drive home or accidentally burn the food drink cooking just allow those things into your life without angst or frustration or trying to change them or wishing they were different .

If you can master this you’ll soon find that dozens of amazing things will begin to flow into your experience simply because you stop resisting and begin trusting the process and flow of life.

Practice Gratitude While You Wait

One of my favorite quotes from Abraham Hicks is:

“You’ve got to stop noticing its absence, and start feeling for the satisfaction of its becoming.”

They are spot on in their statement because there is no need to feel anxiety or worries about anything… all the solutions are coming into your life so you can celebrate now and feel satisfied now!

While you wait for your wants to arrive, practice feeling grateful and feeling happy.  In my last post I talked about the importance of being happy and how it sounds out the most powerful signal to the universe and law of attraction sends it right back to you.

You’ll soon find you’ll be feeling so happy and satisfied that you won’t even realize you don’t have the things you thought you wanted, and when you reach that point then everything beings pouring into your experience.  It’s like all your desires were lined up outside your door and you opened it up and they just fall right in on top of you one after another!

Wrap Up

So practice this art of relaxing and allowing!

Find things that make you laugh and smile and put your focus into those things! I promise if you do this even for just a few days… your whole life experience is going to change!

You’re going to be feeling so happy and joyful!

Million dollar thoughts and ideas are going to begin flowing into you like there’s no tomorrow! And you’ll be in that relaxed receptive mode to attain it all!

Thanks for reading!

Happy Holidays!


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