How To Stop Snoring Using The Law Of Attraction

Do you have a partner or significant other that snores the night away? They may even cost you hours worth of precious sleep but you feel as though there is nothing you can do.  The thing is, that mindset that you have is what is keeping the snoring from taking place!

Remember you create your own reality by the thoughts that you think. You attract all instances in your life, including your snoring partner.

It is possible to stop snoring using the Law Of Attraction. Once you change up your thoughts around the snoring, the snoring will stop! 

Keep reading and we’ll dive a little bit deeper on the subject.

Not Wanting The Snoring Attracts The Snoring

The key to remember here is the Universe is not biased in any way.  According to the Universe, everything is right and there is no wrong.  Therefore it doesn’t matter if you are thinking positively about snoring or negatively about snoring, you are attracting snoring. 

Chances are, when your partner begins to snore at night, all you can think about is how loud it is and how frustrated you are that you can’t have a great night’s sleep.  It’s this frustrated feeling that is attracting more and more snoring. Once you can grasp that you are the one that is causing the snoring, you begin to take responsibility for your own thoughts. 

Try to monitor your thoughts when the snoring begins and if you feel yourself starting to feel negative emotion around it, use willpower to redirect your mind and thoughts elsewhere. A good tip is to start focusing on your breathing, anytime your mind starts focusing again on the snoring, go right back to focusing on breathing.

Continue to do this and you’ll notice the snoring begin to go away since that is no longer your focus. It doesn’t have to be focusing on breathing, you can really choose anything, as long as you get the thought of snoring out of your mind long enough for the Law Of Attraction got start working it’s magic.

Watch Your Inner Dialogue

Piggy backing off of what we just talked about, you need to watch your inner dialogue when it comes to your partner’s snoring.  When they begin snoring, if you start feeling upset or frustrated you’ll notice that you are saying to yourself things like “Ugh! I can’t believe they are snoring again!” “It is so loud!” “I wish they would stop!”. 

Notice all of this dialogue has to do with snoring. Again, it doesn’t matter if your thoughts of snoring are good or bad, since you are thinking it, you are attracting it. Try catching yourself next time you feel this dialogue taking place and immediately put an end to it.  Change the directions of your thoughts to something entirely different.

I personally enjoy using positive affirmations at nighttime.

Here is a list below of some affirmations on sleep that you can use that will redirect your thoughts away from your partner’s snoring and onto you getting a wonderful night’s sleep.

I sleep deeply

I fall asleep easily

I am a good sleeper

I release today

I am refreshed and energized every day

I now enter a place of deep and restful sleep

I am in harmony with the universe

The affirmations don’t need to be based on sleep, they can be focused at building your confidence, or other things you may want to work on in your life, however, the idea is to direct your thoughts and inner dialogue away from the snoring so the Law Of Attraction can respond and you’ll start to see your partner’s snoring fade away.

Feel Gratitude

Next time you are laying in bed and your partner begins to snore, think about how grateful you are! Change up your vibration and make it rise instantly by taking control of the situation before it begins to control you. 

You might hear their snoring and it may be distracting, but not everyone has the ability to hear. Someone who doesn’t have the ability to hear would probably trade for your ability in a heartbeat, even if it met listening to snoring every night.

A nice testimonial from The Secret official website talks about a female who wasn’t happy listening to her boyfriend snore every night until she saw the movie The Secret.  She learned in the movie that the more you practice feeling gratitude, the more the Law Of Attraction will work wonders in your life.

Now, every time her boyfriend began to snore, she would think about how much she loved him and how grateful she was to have him a part of her life. The first time she did this simple thing, her boyfriend immediately stopped snoring! She said she was shocked and ecstatic that it actually worked and she went to bed feeling absolutely wonderful.

It feels good to feel good right? So why not try this out next time when the snoring begins and watch how amazing it actually works.

Let Go

As we’ve talked about above, the main reason the snoring continues to take place is because you are attached to it.  You are putting a lot of your focus on it, which explains why you are reading this article to begin with! It’s time to simply let go and detach. 

You need to stop caring so much about the snoring. The more you put care and effort into something, the more resistance you begin creating on the subject. 

The next time the snoring begins, practice what we talked about but when it’s all said and done, give it up to the Universe to make the final decision.

Remember, everything happening to you is for your benefit and for your highest good.  If the snoring doesn’t serve you, it will slowly cease. If there is a lesson to be learned from it (like maybe you need to practice being more grateful) then it will continue.

Remember, the Universe has your back in every instance. Let go and put your trust in it fully and watch what happens.

Wrap Up

You now have all the info to put your partner’s snoring to rest! The more you can practice these things, the better the Universe will start responding to you.

Again, the key is to get the thought of snoring, whether it be positive or negative off your mind and shift your focus elsewhere. 

Gratitude is wonderful to practice at a time like this because not only will it change the direction of your thoughts but it will raise your vibration as well so you’ll start hearing less snoring and start seeing many more incredible miracles in your life.

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