How To Cure Tinnitus Using The Law Of Attraction

Have you ever heard a ringing, buzzing or hissing sound in your ears? If you’re like me, chances are you might hear it every now and then and a few seconds later it goes away.  Sadly, there are some people out there that have to live with that ringing sound for the majority of their life and it does not go away so easily.  The name for this is tinnitus.

There’s been many questions being asked about how someone can use the Law Of Attraction to cure their tinnitus so I wanted to try my best at helping them out.  Most of what you are going to read comes from the Teachings Of Abraham Hicks along with a little bit of my own Law Of Attraction knowledge.

The first and most important thing to understand is it is possible to cure your tinnitus using the Law Of Attraction.  The key is to focus on your point of attraction, or how you are feeling right now in this minute because that is what is going to shape and create your future. 

Keep reading and we’ll dive a little more in depth into the subject of tinnitus and the Law Of Attraction.

Embrace It, Adore It, Appreciate It

Abraham Hicks has spoken about tinnitus in many of their teachings and the one thing they always talk about is to not fight against it.  When you fight against something you are creating a lot of resistance around it and attracting more and more of what you don’t want into your life.  The best way to counteract this resistance is to embrace your tinnitus, adore your tinnitus and appreciate your tinnitus. 

Don’t get caught up in the reason you have tinnitus as that part is really irrelevant at this point, but how you feel about it is what is most important. If the ringing and buzzing in your ears is something you continually fight against and continually wish the situation would be different, that probably isn’t making you feel very good.  You probably are feeling a brick wall inside of you that you are attempting to push against but just isn’t budging. 

Instead, try to be “one” with your tinnitus.  Close your eyes and really listen for it and feel it but don’t label it as bad or place a negative judgment on it.  Just feel it, hear it, and try to put a smile on your face.  I know this can be tough especially if the momentum of your thoughts around tinnitus have been on the negative side of things but just try it.

When you embrace it, enjoy it, and become one with it, then what’s the most logical thing that is going to happen? Yup, you guessed it, it’s not going to have control over you anymore, your point of attraction is going to change, your vibration will be raised, and your tinnitus will start to disappear. 

Here is Abraham’s step by step method that they laid out when embracing and your tinnitus:

“Sit with that and rest with that for a little while, make it something that you are not pushing against. Something that you are accepting as logical and therefore alright. As you relax into it, what you begin to notice, the frequency of it changes and you’ll start to feel better.. In the okness of it, you raised your vibration to match it. Now it doesn’t feel like discord, it feels like accord.”

The Noise Doesn’t Actually Bother You

As we touched on a little before, it’s not the ringing or buzzing noise that is actually bothering you, it’s the idea that you think something is wrong that is bothering you.  When you think something is wrong with you it puts you in a very low vibrational state and to put simply.. That just doesn’t feel good! Once again though, when you don’t feel good, you are attracting more thoughts and situations that don’t feel good. 

Think of this situation, if everybody in the whole world heard ringing/buzzing in their ears, you probably wouldn’t be bothered by yours.  Tinnitus would be completely natural to everyone so you wouldn’t have a problem with it.  If you stopped hearing ringing in your ears, then you would start thinking something is wrong!

When you are constantly putting out anxious thoughts like “Why do I have this?”, “What is the cause of this?”, “Where did it come from?” it’s because you are standing in a place where you think you don’t want to be and feel like you have to justify exactly why and how you got there. The problem once again is this isn’t a good thing for you to do because that holds you in a place of receiving more unwanted things due to your low vibration.

The more you try to “figure out” or explain the situation, the more you get tangled in your negative thoughts, the more anxious you feel, and the more low vibrational experiences you attract.  So it’s important to understand that it’s not the actual sound that is causing you not to feel good, but the whole idea that something is wrong with you and that you need to figure it out. 

If you give up the urge and desire to know all the answers, and just start focusing on feeling good in the now… you are going to see favorable results very quickly!

It’s Energy You Are Hearing

What if the noise you were hearing was not something “bad” but actually quite good.  What if you were doing something that most people are unable to do?  What if you are actually hearing energy.  According to Abraham Hicks, if you really understood that all you were hearing is energy then you would probably feel much better about the situation. 

Everything is energy and everything is energy remember.  Everything we see, touch, taste, smell, etc is all energy.  People who suffer from tinnitus are simply hearing a vibration or energy.  This may be a vibration that you are particularly sensitive to for one reason or another but it’s really nothing more than that.

It’s nothing permanent as you can easily tune in and out of different energy frequencies once you have a greater control over your thoughts and emotions.

Go General With Your Thoughts Around Tinnitus

Keeping in mind the idea that our whole life is shaped around our point of attraction and how we are feeling right “now”, it’s time to reshape your thoughts around tinnitus to make you feel better about it.  Abraham suggests “going general”.  This is something Abraham talks about a lot not just when it comes to tinnitus but anything you want in life.

When you are so fixed on very specific events and happenings in your life, we tend to pick them apart and see them for their negative aspects.  However, if you look at your life in a broader, more general sense, you can actually see that things are working out really well for you and always have.  So in order to raise your vibration to make you feel better about tinnitus, Abraham suggests you practice this general statement:

“I’m hearing a sound and I’m going to call it a vibration. I’m sensing a vibration and translating it through sound and I don’t know what to do with it but I want to relax into it. If there is something that I am reaching for that I want to know, then I want to know what it is. if it’s something that is not beneficial to me, then I want to release it. But in any case, I like that I am sensitive to vibration. I like the idea that I’m sensitive to vibration and I don’t even mind that I can translate the vibration that I am sensitive to through sound. In fact I think it’s a logical thing that I would translate a vibration through sound.”

If you say this enough and practice it, you should start to feel a little relief and a little better about things.  That is the feeling of your vibration being raised.  That is the feeling of your point of attraction shooting up toward the stars.  That is the feeling of your tinnitus going away once and for all.

Wrap Up

I hope with this article you were able to understand tinnitus a little bit more and look at it for a stance of a little more ease.  As we all know, nothing is permanent.  It all comes down to the thoughts we think and thus what we attract. You don’t need to understand how you got your tinnitus in the first place, but you do need to understand that you can cure it by using the power of your thoughts. 

As Abraham teaches, start relaxing into your tinnitus a little more instead of fighting it.  Listen to it without the judgement of thinking something is wrong with you because nothing is wrong with you.  You are an absolute perfect being of pure positive love and acceptance, there has never been anybody like you in this world, nor will there ever be anybody else like you in this world.

You are special, wonderful and unique.  Keep feeding yourself thoughts that make you feel wonderful as this was always what you intended to do prior to your birth and watch as amazing shifts begin to happen in your world.

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