How To Vanish Stretch Marks Using The Law Of Attraction

There was a point in my life about 4 years ago where lost a tremendous amount of weight in a very short period of time. About 30 pounds in a matter of 45 days to be completely honest.  I used the Law Of Attraction to help me during this amazing transformation but the one thing I couldn’t keep from appearing were stretch marks! I had them up and down the sides of my body and I hated the way they looked.  Thankfully after some time they actually went away and I didn’t have to use any medication or topical ointments.  All it took was for me just to alter my thoughts just a little bit in order to attract my original skin back.

To make your stretch marks disappear by using the Law Of Attraction it’s important that you either accept them or ignore them. The choice is yours but you have to stop focusing on them.  When you focus on something negative, your vibration changes to one of a low negative frequency so you attract negative things in your life.  Once you focus on more positive things and raise your vibration, your stretch marks will cease to exist!

I’ll explain a little more below so keep reading…

Accept Your Stretch Marks

It’s time that you take ownership of your body. Take ownership of all the good things and the bad things you feel about yourself and understand it is what makes special and unique.  The only problems that you have with yourself and your body are only what you perceive to be a problem… and that can be changed by changing your attitude to your body.  Your stretch marks (or any skin/body flaws for that matter) are vibrational indicators of who you are physically and who you are vibrationally.

In order to get rid of your stretch marks you need to accept them as being a part of you.  You need to change your thoughts and vibrations around them to a more positive light.  How is this possible if you just down right don’t like them? You have to slowly change the moment of your thoughts toward them.  This isn’t something that will change overnight and it does take time and practice.  Slowly begin looking at some positive aspects of your stretch marks.  Why do you have them in the first place? Did you lose weight? Have a baby? These are all great things that happened to you and you have to think about would you trade those things for in return for your stretch marks? Would you give back your child if it meant no stretch marks? Would you gain all your weight back if it meant no stretch marks?

Hopefully you can start to feel a little bit of a shift in your attitude toward your stretch marks just by thinking about that.  Start to try to find little things that you can appreciate about having your stretch marks and focus on those things.  By doing this you are going to alter your vibration and emotions around your stretch marks and begin manifesting much clearer skin.

Ignore Your Stretch Marks

If you really can’t find any reason to feel good about your stretch marks… you can always ignore them! That’s right! Don’t pay any attention to them whatsoever.  Use the “out of sight, out of mind” policy when it comes to this.  A lot of people don’t understand how you can just ignore something and it goes away, but the key here again is changing your vibration. If all you do is focus on your stretch marks and how much you dislike them you are going to be vibrating at a very low frequency and therefore Law Of Attraction is responding to this frequency and giving you more thoughts and ideas about your stretch marks that aren’t going to make you feel very good.  But if you ignore your stretch marks and change your focus to something else, now suddenly you don’t have that negative vibration radiating off of you.

Basically you need to stop looking your stretch marks, stop talking about your stretch marks, stop focusing on your stretch marks, and by doing all of this you stop keeping your stretch marks alive! You are no longer giving them any power of you and your life.  Law Of Attraction is responding to how you are feeling NOW! This is called your point of attraction.  If NOW you are feeling bad about some perceived negative aspects of your skin then you are going to attract more of that back to you.

But if NOW you are feeling great, positive and happy about anything, Law of Attraction is going to respond to that and you will begin attracting more great, positive, and happy things into your life.  Since the Universe knows your stretch marks aren’t something that truly make you happy, they will begin to fade away as long as you find a way to keep your vibration high.  All it takes is for you to find somethings that makes you happy and then fixate and those things.  Continue feeling good as much and as long as possible and then watch as your stretch marks begin to magically vanish!

Feel Good And Have Fun

Abraham Hicks says “We want you to know that finding fun is the most responsible thing you can do.  Find as much fun as you can in one day, and do anything else you have time for.”  This quote summarizes a lot of what this article already talked about.  Abraham is saying to have as much fun as possible because people like to have fun! When you are having fun, you are happy! When you are having fun, you are in a good mood! When you are having fun, you are vibrating at an extremely high frequency.

It’s when you are high up in this vibrational spiral that you will begin to attract more amazing, positive and fun things in your life.  In case of you wanting to get rid of your stretch marks, you simply need to make it a priority to have fun and feel good.  Change your focus away from anything negative and focus on the fun and happy parts of your life.  Not only will your stretch marks begin to disappear but your entire life will begin to transform for the better as well!

Check out this video with Abraham Hicks about having more fun in your life to alter your vibration!

Clear Skin Affirmations

Many of you who have read some of my other articles know that I believe wholeheartedly in th power of positive affirmations.  Positives affirmations are statements of positivity that you say to yourself throughout the day to rewire your brain and actually have you become and believe what you say. When you believe something with so much power, it will attract to you.  I have put together a list of affirmations about stretch marks! I suggest picking some of your favorite and reciting them to yourself as much as you can throughout your day.  Here is the list I got from :

I have beautiful skin

My skin re-absorbs scars and stretchmarks, remaining unblemished

My skin is smooth and clear

I take good care of my skin and it responds by remaining youthful, clear and radiant

I am truly thankful my scars have faded so rapidly, I now have a fair, even clear skin all over

My skin is fair, even and flawless

I have smooth, unblemished, unwrinkled skin

My skin is light, even and flawless

I am so blessed to have such tight, glowing, perfect skin. This is amazing!!

My skin is soft and youthful and rosy and gorgeous.

My skin is as smooth as silk

My skin is glowing and perfect.

My complexion is clear and radiant.

I naturally have a beautiful, even lightly tanned skin tone

I have naturally healthy,beautiful and clear skin

I absolutely love my beautiful skin!

I have very youthful skin

Again, take a few of your favorites and write them down or put them in your phone so you have them for your close for your convenience.  Recite them when you wake up in the morning, in the shower, on your way to work, during your lunch break, before bed at night, or simply whenever you have a spare few moments to do so.  The more you recite the quicker you begin to attract the clear skin you want.

Wrap Up

So as you can see, getting rid of your stretch marks by using the Law Of Attraction is less about actually using topical ointments and medications and more of changing your thoughts and attracting the skin you desire.  If you make it a habit to practice better and better thoughts each day you will be amazed at how fast you achieve the results you desire.

Again, make it your #1 priority to have fun and feel good.  Be mindful about your feelings.  If you realize you are thinking negatively or just have a general negative vibe in the moment, do your best to change it! Think of something that pleases you or go do something fun! By constantly ensuring you are vibrating high, you will be amazed out how quickly your stretch marks vanish thanks to that amazing Universe and Law Of Attraction.

Bonus Info

If all else fails and you are still struggling with the steps above it might be worth it for you to invest in a manifestation program.  Not only is this good for those who are struggling with manifestation but also for those of you looking to go beyond manifesting clearer skin and want to master how to manifest the life of dreams.

The program I’ve recommended before on is the 15 Minute Manifestation Program.  It’s a program that gets rid of any negative blocks about money and manifestation by using different audio lessons that you can listen to for just 15 minutes. Thats right, you can literally begin manifesting the life you’ve always wanted in just 15 minutes.

It uses theta brainwave technology to bring your brain into the theta state almost instantly. And this is where the magic happens. This is where the subconscious is most receptive to messages. It really is a fun and easy program and comes with a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee if you don’t get all your desires manifested.

Even better, once you purchase it’s all available for instant download so you could literally start TODAY! You can click on the link below if you are interested in checking it out! There’s a quick video on the homepage that you can watch that describes the program a little better.

Official 15 minute manifestation website: (Opens New Tab)

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