How To Wake Up Early Using The Law Of Attraction

You always hear that the early bird gets the worm… That the earlier the wake up, the more successful you will become.  Is all of this actually true?

The fact is, waking up early doesn’t necessarily make you more successful, it’s that the people that do it are in fact high on life, do not succumb to a lot of resistance, and therefore are able to massively benefit from being awake early. They get much more done in their lives and they credit most of that to having more hours in the day. 

So if you want to be one of these early risers, can the Law Of Attraction help you achieve that? Absolutely it can!

Keep reading and we’ll discuss exactly what you can do in order to wake up early feeling amazing, refreshed and ready to take on the day!

Set Your Intentions To Feel Awake

Setting intentions is a powerful exercise because it aligns your thoughts with exactly what you want to happen.  When all your thoughts and energy are all in check for a certain outcome, that outcome will take place. That’s why it’s important that the night before you plan to wake up early, you set your intention to wake up feeling amazing and freshed the next morning. 

Even though it’s going to be earlier than usual, you are going to feel more awake and more refreshed than ever. If you set this intention and think about it right before going to sleep, you’ll actually fall asleep with these thoughts on your mind and they will click into your subconscious.

Your subconscious is 1,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind so with all that extra energy and power you’ll begin to see it come true in your reality. In the book, Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, Elrod offers to repeat this statement to yourself as part of setting your intention the night before:

 “Thank you for giving me these five hours of sleep tonight. Five hours is exactly what I need to feel rested and energized in the morning. My body is capable of miraculous things, the least of which is generating an abundance of energy from five restful hours of sleep. I believe that I create my experience of reality, and I choose to create waking up tomorrow feeling energized and excited to take on my day, and I’m grateful for that.”

Try saying this before you go to bed, and see how you feel the next morning. I bet you’ll be surprised!

Don’t Read Sleep Studies

This whole idea of waking up early and feeling refreshed, even off of less hours of sleep is possible because your brain believes it is possible.  You can’t have any doubts in your mind or else it simply won’t work. That’s why we recommend staying off the internet! Well, not the whole internet… but try to avoid sleep studies or articles about needing X amount of hours of sleep. 

All of these articles might go and tell you that “8 hours of sleep is required” or “if you sleep less than X amount of hours, you will live less years”. When you read these, you are going to start feeling resistance toward the idea of waking up early.

Part of you is going to believe them and because of that, you are going to start to feel groggy and tired and the days you wake up early.  The problem with these studies is they took random people who are not in alignment with their thoughts. You ask anybody who understands the power of their thoughts and the Law Of Attraction and they can report back much different results.

So it’s important to stay away from these articles and studies and focus only on your thoughts and the things you tell yourself.

Much like the statement from Miracle Morning, tell yourself that all you need is 5 or 6 hours of sleep, tell yourself that’s all your body needs to feel wonderful and refreshed every single day. 

Remember, a belief is only a thought that you keep thinking, so once you tell yourself that enough, you will begin to believe it with everything you have and it will without a doubt reflect in your reality.

Early Riser Affirmations

In order to “affirm” your beliefs that you can wake up early using the Law Of Attraction, it’s time to add some positive affirmations into your daily practice.

Affirmations are positive statements that you say to yourself either verbally or nonverbally that help you keep a positive, successful mindset and overcome any negative thoughts about yourself and your sleepy situation. In your case, the affirmations would focus on waking up early and feeling refreshed.

When you continually repeat your affirmations, you start to believe them and you’ll see these positive changes take place in your life.

Below are some amazing affirmations that promote waking up early each and every day. These affirmations are shared from

I am an early riser

Every day I wake up feeling fresh and restored

I always wake up early and take full advantage of every day

I wake up early and go to bed when I am tired

I always get a head start

I am in control of my sleeping and waking habits

I always get out of bed as soon as my alarm goes off

I have limitless drive and energy because I wake up early every day

I wake up on time every day

I am awake and being productive while other people are still sleeping

Each day I gain more control over my sleeping habits

I am finding it easier and easier to wake up early

I will wake up on time every day no matter how hard it is

I will wake up full of energy and purpose as soon as I hear the sound of my alarm

I am starting to feel increased energy the more I wake up early

Being an early riser is feeling more effortless and natural to me every day

I am noticing that waking up early is taking less and less effort

I am turning into someone who immediately wakes up as soon as my alarm goes off

I will take full advantage of every day by waking up early

Waking up early feels effortless and natural

I find that waking up early just feels right

Getting out of bed on time every morning is the reason I accomplish so much with each day

I find it easy to listen to my body and go to sleep when I’m tired

When my alarm goes off I feel myself filling with energy and anticipation for the day ahead

I love the feeling of waking up early and getting a head start

Rising early and feeling refreshed is a normal part of my life

Being in control of my sleeping and waking habits is easy for me

Waking up when my alarm goes off is just what I do every morning

Waking up early and getting out of bed with enthusiasm is something I just do naturally

I would recommend going through the list and choosing 5 of your favorites, write them down and recite them at least 3 times a day.

If you can do it more, then do it more. The more you recite them the quicker you will begin to believe them and the faster the Law Of Attraction will start working in your life.

Wrap Up

With that, you now have everything you need to in order to get the Law Of Attraction to aid you in waking up early each day.  Practice doing each step we spoke about and I promise you, you’ll be amazed at the results.

Remember, it can take some shift of thought momentum to really get the Law Of Attraction to produce results in your reality so keep trying day after day and you’ll start to see it getting easier and easier.  Whatever you do, do not give up the first few mornings just because you are still feeling a little tired.

If you keep following the steps above and using your affirmations, all that is going to pass right before you know it. Before long, you’ll be waking up early, feeling vibrant, and ready to kick some butt each and every day that comes at you.

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