10 Ways To Win The Lottery Using The Law Of Attraction

Winning the lottery is one of the things that’s high up on everyone’s bucket list but is winning the lottery really based all on luck? Some will argue that it definitely is while others truly believe it all has to do with attraction and a lack of resistance.

I had an old friend of mine whose father had won a million dollar lottery jackpot twice in his life. It was such an interesting story and I was always fascinated when he told it.  He only played the lottery 2 times in his life and both times he won. The first time he played it was right after he got married while was on his honeymoon.  He said he was so happy to be with his new wife and he didn’t have a care in the world.  They were traveling out of state and he stopped in at a gas station and felt an urge to buy a $20 scratch off. Low and behold, he won a million dollars.  3 years later, he was so thrilled and happy because him and his wife just had their first daughter.  One morning a few days after her birth he went down to a local convenient store to buy some diapers and other baby products and once again he felt the urge to buy another scratch off.  He bought it and BAM won another million dollars.

How did he win 2 different million dollar jackpots? The key was he had no resistance at all.  He was so thrilled and happy with his life, his vibration was raised, he didn’t need anything more to make him happy.  Then it happened.

So is it possible to win the lottery using the Law Of Attraction… absolutely it is! In this article I’ll go over 10 ways in which you can modify your point of attraction in order to begin attracting more money and lottery winnings right into your life.

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1. Believe You Are Worthy

Winning the lottery all starts with believing you are worthy of winning.  If you buy scratch off tickets and other lottery tickets feeling down about yourself and hoping money is going to turn everything around for you then you simply aren’t going to win.  You have to change the way you see yourself and believe you are worthy of anything you put your mind through.

Think about it this way, you’ve already won one lottery in your life.  You were 1 of 400,000,000 sperm cells that was chosen to take part in this life and that in itself makes you worthy of anything you desire. The fact that you are alive and breathing makes you worthy of things this world has to offer including winning large sums of money in the lottery.  So before you begin buying your lotto tickets and praying that you win, make sure you believe you deserve to win and you are ready for that life on the other side.

2. Make A Game Out Of It

Everyone likes to have fun right? The thing is, you have the power to make anything in life fun! All you have to do is pretend like it’s all a game.  When you make a game out of something you are doing it just for fun and leave all the resistance at the door.  Making a game out of things is the key to simplistic manifestation and a wonderful life as well. When you play the lotto, do it for the fun of it and not to try to win.

You need to take the seriousness out of the entire situation.  Buy a fun scratch off ticket for the joy and thrill of the game and not for the outcome.  When you go at life with this vantage point your resistance begins to fade away and your vibration raises which is going to make your chances of winning the lottery so much better.

3. Decide That You Don’t Need The Money

When you go at anything feeling like you HAVE to have it, you simply won’t get it.  Those are the Laws of the Universe at work.  The fact is, needing nothing manifests everything into your life.  When you play the lottery, don’t do it out of desperation.  Don’t do it because you can’t live without the million dollar jackpot. Come to the conclusion in your mind that you really don’t need the money.  Again, detach yourself from the outcome of needing anything and you’ll find that more and more great things begin flowing into your life.

Just like the story that I told above, my friend’s father didn’t need the money.  He was so happy to be freshly married and later so happy with the birth of his daughter he was already on cloud nine.  That’s when it happened.  You see, nothing new can come into your life unless you are grateful for what you already have.

Some people get so obsessed with money and base their happiness solely around it. They truly believe the world revolves around money and this just isn’t correct.  You have to realize that money is literally a piece of paper.  It has no value other than someone saying that it does.

Start asking yourself what would you trade for money? Would you trade your husband or wife for winning the lotto? Would you trade your kids for winning the lotto? Would you trade your arms or legs for winning the lotto? Would you trade the sun for winning the lotto? Would you trade the ability to breathe for winning the lotto?

Now suddenly you should see how unimportant money is when put against other things in our life.  We can love, breathe, and enjoy the world without any money or lottery winnings at all.  However, you could have all the money in the world but takeaway your ability to love, your ability to breathe, and your ability to enjoy the planet and there would be no way to survive.

4. Detach From The Outcome

This step is very important and we’ve touched a little bit on it already above but it’s important to detach yourself from the outcome.  You need to not care if you win or lose.  Find stuff in your life you are really grateful for and hone in on those things.  When you focus on the things you already have and feel good about them it takes the resistance off of the things you don’t have.

Now when you play the lottery you aren’t going to be obsessing over the outcome.  If you win you’ll feel amazing… but if you lose you’ll feel just as amazing because of all the wonderful blessings you already have in your life.

5. Follow Your Urges

Little do many know, but throughout your day the Universe is speaking to you.  Through our resistance and our thousands and meaningless and stressful thoughts per second we tend to block it all out and we can’t hear it. It’s important to really take a step back and listen to any urges you may have.  Like I said in the story above, my friend’s father followed a random urge to buy what would be the winning lottery ticket.  Follow your urges and that voice of wisdom inside your head.

If you’re at the store and you feel a little nudge to buy a ticket, I would recommend doing it.  I can’t say you are going to win every time you follow your urges but when you practice and get good at it I think you’ll find yourself winning more times than not.

6. Visualize It Into Existence

If you’ve read any of my other Law Of Attraction articles you’ll notice I always mention the power of visualization.  Visualization has been proven to work by some of the most famous and wealthy people in our world today.  If you set aside a few minutes from every day and really focus and visualize having the thing you want you’ll begin to attract that into your life.  It’s all about how much emotions you put into it. The more emotion you can stir up inside yourself when you visualize the thing you want, the more powerful your request comes and the faster it’ll come to you.

When it comes to the lottery, take some time each day and close your eyes and image buying a scratch off and revealing the winning numbers.  Get as specific as possible about everything in your vision.  Where are you at? What color is the ticket? What were your winning numbers? How much did you win? In your vision, after you’ve won.  How do you feel? Really try to amplify those emotions as much as you can.  What are you going to do now that you’ve won? Are you going to tell your family? Are you going to keep it a secret for now? Go through each and every step in your mind and feel the emotion just like it is really happening.

Remember, the mind doesn’t know what is real and what you’re imagining so the more you play around with your imagination and the more emotion you put into it, the more powerful your point of attraction becomes.

7. Act As If It Has Already Happened

Going off of what we just talked about above, your point of attraction (or how you are feeling and acting right now) is the key to quick manifestation.  Individuals who have mastered the Law Of Attraction understand this enough to the point where if they want something bad enough they act as if they already have it. When you act as if you already have something, that thing that you want must come to you, that is in fact the basis of the Law Of Attraction.  So start playing around with the idea that you’ve already won the lottery.  Would you be traveling a lot if you won? Go on different travel websites and plan out a vacation.  Go to the mall and shop around and write down all the things that you would buy.

Whatever you can do to try and attain that feeling of already having won the lottery is what you need to try and master.  Not only does this alter your point of attraction but remember how we talked about your mind not knowing what is real and what isn’t? If your mind thinks you’ve already won the lottery, it’ll ease up on some of that resistance as well which will allow what you want to come faster and easier.

8. Use Lottery Winning Affirmations

Many of you may not know the power of affirmations.  What you say, you become and what you think, you attract.  Remember, Law Of Attraction is constantly responding to your vibration in the NOW! That means whatever you are feeling right this moment you are going to begin to attract back to yourself.

So it’s time to use some lottery winning affirmations to change your point of attraction to one of prosperity! Even if you don’t believe your affirmations, you still should continually repeat them.  Eventually they will tap into your subconscious mind and you’ll begin to truly believe them.  As soon you as begin to believe them, it will become a reality in your experience.

Here are some of my favorite positive affirmations about winning the lottery that I found from PowerMoneyAffirmations.com:

  • I am now manifesting a big lottery win
  • My mind is totally tuned to picking winning lottery numbers
  • I am destined to win lottery for huge amounts of money
  • It is my destiny to win the lottery
  • I am destined to be a lottery winner
  • I am so grateful to Universe for letting me winning the lottery
  • I take charge of my thoughts and feelings to attract good fortune whenever I play a lottery game.
  • I desire to win the lottery. I am sure about winning.
  • I am empowered to win the lottery.
  • I have the belief and luck to consistently win at lottery play.
  • I deserve to win lottery
  • It is my destiny to win millions of dollars in lottery
  • Winning the jackpot is something I just naturally do
  • Picking winning numbers comes easily to me
  • My mind is effortlessly clear, focused, and in-tune with the universal force of luck
  • Others see me as a person who is naturally lucky at winning lottery
  • I am deeply connected to the universal force of luck
  • I will take good care of my family and friends with my lottery earnings
  • I strongly believe that I can win the lottery
  • My mind is in harmony with the power of universal luck
  • My mind vibrates in sync with the universal abundance
  • I now attract the winning lottery numbers
  • I am visualizing to attract a big lottery win
  • I regularly win lottery
  • Sensing the lucky lottery number comes naturally to me
  • I always pick winning numbers effortlessly
  • I strongly believe that I will win the lottery
  • With every passing moment, I am becoming more attuned to the reality of winning the lottery
  • My belief in a big amount lottery win is getting stronger
  • I naturally attract luck and win lottery
  • Being naturally lucky, I attract money and win lottery
  • I am extremely lucky in matters of money and winning lottery
  • I find it easy to visualize myself winning large amounts of lottery money
  • I am the one who is always lucky in winning money on the lottery

Pick a few of your favorites and write them down then receite them to yourself as man times as you want throughout the day. The more you receipt them the more prominent what you say will become in your life.

Below is also a great audio/video of affirmations you can listen to while you relax or meditate.

9. Start Small And Try It Out!

Try out the methods firstly on some cheaper lottery tickets.  Buy little dollar scratch offs and go through the steps you learned above and see how often you get little victories.  The more little wins you get on these smaller games, the more you know you are beginning to master your power of manifestation.

Slowly build up to the larger money games and larger jackpots (being responsible with your money and spending of course) and you’ll find that you’ll start winning more and more and more!

10. Invest In A Money Manifestation Program

If all else fails when it comes to winning the lottery there are countless online programs and courses out there to walk you through the steps in order to manifest money effortlessly and perfectly.  This could be what helps you get over any resistance in your mind around winning the lottery. The program I’ve recommended before is the 15 Minute Manifestation Program.  It’s a program that gets rid of any negative blocks about money and manifestation by using different audio lessons that you can listen to for just 15 minutes a day for 21 days.

It uses theta brainwave technology to bring your brain into the theta state almost instantly. And this is where the magic happens. This is where the subconscious is most receptive to messages. It really is a fun and easy program and comes with a money back guarantee if you don’t get all your desires manifested in the 21 days time!

Even better, once you purchase it’s all available for instant download so you could literally start TODAY! You can click on the link below if you are interested in checking it out!

Official 15 minute manifestation website: www.15minutemanifestation.com (Opens New Tab)

Wrap Up

That completes the list of 10 ways you can use the Law Of Attraction to win the lottery.  I would recommend picking the one that resonated most with you and begin to master it.  If you find it’s not working out well for you then try picking another method. The important thing is to not give up. The more you practice, the more powerful you’ll become and the faster those lottery winnings will come flooding into your life!

Here is quick recap below of the 10 steps we covered:

    1. Believe you are worth
    2. Make a game out of it
    3. Decide you don’t need the money
    4. Detach from the outcome
    5. Follow your urges
    6. Visualize it into existence
    7. Act as if it’s already happened
    8. Use lottery winning affirmations
    9. Start small and try it out
    10. Invest in a money manifestation program like 15 Minute Manifestation

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  1. I have been playing lottery since i was 19 years and now i am 47 meaning i have been playing the lottery for 28 years. The biggest amount i have ever won in my life was 1200 bucks. Thank you for all these tips as I plan on using them.

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