8 Law Of Attraction Words You Should NEVER Use!

It is pretty habitual in our nature to use negative words and phrases, but many do not know that they actually interrupt the manifestation process and cause the Law Of Attraction to work in ways you probably don’t want it to you in your life. 

Words are extremely powerful and have the ability to control the spirit of our day and all the days to come so it’s important to choose your words very wisely. Your words create your reality because they are all based on your vibration.

Here is a list of 8 words you should avoid saying if you truly want the Law Of Attraction to work wonders in your life.

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1. I Can

The phrase “I can” makes our list because it completely alters our vibration and halts the Law Of Attraction from benefiting us.  Remember, to really let the Law Of Attraction work, we need to act as if the thing we want or the thing we want to do is already done. 

When we use the words “I can” it insinuates that we are considering doing something but maybe haven’t done it yet. If we haven’t done something yet, the Law Of Attraction is going to bring us more unfinished things.  Instead of stating to yourself that you can do something, state to yourself that you already have done that something. Instead of “I can do that”, say “I’ve already done that.”.

This is a huge shift in your vibration because now the Law Of Attraction is responding to the vibration of “it’s already been done” and so you’ll start attracting all the benefits of it having taken place.

2. I Will

“I Will” is another phrase that goes against the vibration of receiving everything that you want.  When you say that you will do something, you are speaking as if it hasn’t happened yet and are going to do it at some point in the future. 

Again, the problem is, according to the Law Of Attraction, you are going to keep attracting more of the “will” to do something but not the actual thing being accomplished.  If you seek money and you state that “I will be a millionaire someday”, you aren’t giving the Universe much to work with. That vibration isn’t going to get you the results you want anytime soon.

As soon you change “I will” to “I am” or “I have”, that is when your whole life will drastically change. Now instead of “I will be a millionaire someday”, it’s “I am a millionaire”. Instead of “I will break my personal record in a half marathon” you’d say “I have broken my personal record in the half marathon”.  The vibration of already having done it will attract to you. Act as if it’s already happened and it will.

3. I Don’t Have/I Don’t Want

Another set of words that holds you in a vibration of lacking are “I don’t have” and “I don’t want”. Again, your words create your reality because the Law Of Attraction is constantly responding to what you say. The Law Of Attraction is not biased in any way so if you walk around saying you don’t have something, you will never get it.

If you walk around saying that you don’t want a certain event to happen, your focus is on the actual event, so it’s going to happen.  You need to change your attention to outcomes that you want to happen and stop talking about the rest. Avoid the word “don’t” all together and focus on what you “do” want in every scenario.

Soon you’ll gain a lot of momentum and the result of every situation in your life will be what you do want to happen.

4. I Hope

The words “I Hope” are another combination you should avoid because it once again is putting you in a vibration of not having something.  “I hope I get this new car”. “I hope I get this job promotion”. “I hope I get a Christmas bonus”. With all these statements, you are attaching yourself to an outcome in a way that will not benefit you in the least bit.

When you are hoping for something you are encountering a lot of resistance around it.  It’s as if you are reaching for something but just can’t quite reach it. Again, take the words “I hope” out of your vocabulary all together and replace them with words stating that what you have is already done. “I have my car”, “I have my dream job”, “I got my amazing Christmas bonus and it was better than anything I’ve ever expected.”

Just by writing out those statements I felt myself having a shift in vibration! As you can see, your statements are 10000% more powerful when you simply alter your words and begin speaking as if you already have the thing you want.

5. I Should

“I should start my online business”, “I should learn a new language”, “I should spend more time with my kids”.  I think you can already see where this is going. The words “I should” once again hold you in a place of thinking about doing something but completely something. 

Change the words, and change your vibration entirely. Instead of the statements above, here are some better ones that are going to work with the Law Of Attraction: “I am the owner of a fantastic online business”, “I am fluent in Spanish”, “I am the greatest father and husband on the planet.”  Remember, act as if it’s already happened, and it must. That’s the law!

6.That’s Impossible

The words “That’s Impossible” are truly dangerous to your life because you are limiting your entire experience by not just saying them, but thinking about them!  The truth is, nothing is impossible in this Universe. Just look around you! Look how incredible and beautiful our Universe is. Look at all the abundance that exists for us.  The only reason you might believe something is impossible is because you think it is. That’s it.

If you eliminate the word “impossible” from your vocabulary, you would become the most powerful person on the planet.  That’s not an exaggeration either. If you believed nothing was impossible you would try everything and you’ll succeed a majority of the time especially with the Universe having your back in the process.

7. This Is Happening To Me

When you use the phrase “Why does this always happen to me?” or something similar, you are living life as a victim.  You are basically saying “The world isn’t fair… poor me… I am the victim…what am I going to do” Thinking thoughts like this puts you in an incredibly low vibrational state and makes it very hard for you to attract the things that you want. 

Living life like a victim will only keep you attracting more of that. That is why we suggest changing the word “to” to the word “for”. Now you are saying “Everything is happening FOR me”. This is a complete 360 degree change in your vibration because now you are living life as an allower.  You understand that everything going on in your life is taking place for your benefit in some way.

It is leading you to your highest good and your greatest life. Even if something comes up and you perceive it as bad, that is simply your personal judgement that you’ve placed on it. Nothing is wrong anywhere in the Universe and you’ll be able to see this too by just changing some words around and avoiding living life like a victim.

8. That’s Not My Fault

It’s time to stop blaming others. It’s time to take full responsibility for everything happening in your life.  As soon as you take full responsibility for everything, you realize you can start changing things. When you start saying things like “It’s not my fault” you are putting the blame off of yourself and onto something else, it’s only creating more problems for you. 

You are now giving up all the control and power you have in your life. Did you lose money because of a bad business deal? Well you were the one that decided to go for the deal! Did you catch a cold and are now feeling sick? Well you were the one that went on that 300 passenger airplane with a bunch of sneezing/coughing people! See how everything is always traced back to your own choices? 

I am not saying this in a negative light, I wanted to bring it to your attention so you could see how beneficial this can be to you. Now when you wake up in the morning and you might not be feeling your best, that’s because you are choosing to feel that way!

It’s time to stop blaming others for how your life is going to take it over for yourself! The moment you take control of your life is the moment incredible things begin to happen!

Wrap Up

You now have a list of 8 words/statements that you should avoid in your life at all times.  If can truly take the time and practice cutting these words out and replacing them with much more affirmative statements, you’ll be amazed at your results. 

It will definitely take some practice, but over time you’ll see your life unfold in ways you could have never imagined.

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